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First Look at Volcano Planet

So the story goes that the carbon emission was so great that volcanic activity started to happen more and more frequently.  You must delay the blowing up of the planet by stopping the volcanoes from emitting their fumes.  Volcano Planet is similar to Whack-a-Mole except the fumes never go back in, they just keep emitting fumes until your planet explodes into tiny particles.

Gameplay is very similar to Whack-a-mole in the way that you have to extinguish the fumes as fast as possible… in 3D.  The planet is a in 3D of course and you flick your finger searching for volcanic activity found across the planet.  Your job is to find all the erupting volcanoes and stop them from emitting fumes before it’s too late.  The longer the volcanoes fume, the more they emit.  You have two types of fumes, and a bar representing how much of each is in the air.  If even one of the bars gets to full, your planet goes bye bye.  Once your planet blows up, there are local and global highscores to compete in.  I found this game really hectic and addictive.

Graphics… can’t say much about them.  The fumes, volcanoes, planet design, and everything is nicely done.  Menu designs are quite simple, yet appealing, and the highscore boards are adequate enough.  I found the “connecting to server” message when submitting a highscore a little bothersome and awkward, but it doesn’t ruin the gameplay of course.

All in all, Volcano Planet offers some hectic Whack-a-mole fun.  It takes the Whack-a-mole formula and multiplies it by 50 to offer a simple, yet addictive gameplay that’s actually really fun.  I was never a huge whack-a-mole on iPhone fan, but this gives a feeling of wanting to play over and over.  The 3D aspect adds to the craziness since you have to keep spinning your planet (via finger) to stop those fumes.  I would have liked it if your highscore was submitted automatically to the global highscores, but for now, I guess the manual submitting works just fine.  Another addition should be that you should be able to find yourself on the highscores without scrolling through the highscore table searching for your own score.  For $0.99, I think I can fully recommend this to anyone looking for something simple.  The gameplay is quite addictive for hardcore gamers and casual gamers a like, and the addition of the global highscores makes it even better.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are Jelly Biscuits.