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Swords And Soldiers Review: Vikings, Aztecs, and Chinese; What More Could you Ask For?

Two Tribes’s all new castle defense game Swords and Soldiers comes into the App Store after being mysteriously shrouded in secrecy; from what I can remember, most of the pre-release information were teasers.

But after playing around with the final release, I can’t say I’m not happy.

With some great, cartoon artwork and an addictive gameplay, Swords and Soldiers should keep you busy for quite a while.

But one aspect of the game really keeps me from giving this a perfect score, and that’s the gameplay balancing.  While the beginning of the game is more or less pretty easy, as the levels progress, the difficulty becomes way too much for gamers such as myself to handle.

It has led to a sense of frustration at times, and if I didn’t want to review the game, I would have quit playing a long time ago.

The gameplay is great for a while, but when it gets difficult, it’s hard to stay happy.


Artwork: The cartoony artwork is very well done, and I have to commend Two Tribes’s artist(s) for this artistic marvel.  I am in love with the artwork, and again, props to the artists.

Attitude/Atmosphere: The whole atmosphere of Swords and Soldiers is somewhat ridiculous — in a good way — along with being just plain silly.  There’s enough serious in here though, so you won’t exactly be laughing your head off.  Still, it’s silly enough so that you’ll actually feel a lot more laid back playing this rather than a lot of other games out there.


Gameplay balancing: I somewhat ranted about this in the beginning, and this is really my only dislike for the game.  Everything else is great; this part of the game, though, really cripples a lot of the game experience.  It looks great, plays great for the first few levels, and it feels just so enlightening.  But once those difficult levels set in, there’s really nothing but frustration awaiting. 

Swords and Soldiers could just be the next best castle defense game on the App Store.  But the gameplay balancing really needs some tweaking as does some of the difficulty; with those fixed, I would be more than happy to slap a Must Have rating on Swords and Soldiers.  But still, it’s a solid game for those looking for something new to play.

Swords and Soldiers was developed by Two Tribes and published by Chillingo, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $2.99.

‘Swords and Soldiers’ Coming to App Store, Published by Two Tribes

Two Tribes, the creators of the popular Toki Tori for the iPhone, has announced that they will be publishing Swords and Soldiers, an original WiiWare title that will be ported over to the iPhone and iPad.

The game looks similar to Battle of Puppets, in which you deploy characters to attack the enemy base.  They will then walk in a straight line until they meet a foe, attacking until either the foe or the character is dead.  From the looks of the WiiWare trailer, there looks to be a ton of powerups, cartoony and colorful graphics, and a type of gameplay that’s perfect for the App Store.

In other news, Two Tribes has also announced that it will be bringing two of the most beloved App Store titles to other platforms: Edge will be available on Steam, while Frenzic will be released on DSiWare.

We’ll post more information as it becomes available.

Development Disrupted at Two Tribes… By What?

The people over at Two Tribes, the developers of Toki Tori, have been disrupted by an unknown phenomena.  They do describe it as a game with some level of addiction, and their developers and employees seem to have a heavy case of this said addiction.

While details are quite scarce, the video does show that Two Tribes is making yet another iPhone game.

Designers, programmers, game testers and even producers have been caught frantically switching items around. Office supplies, i-devices and even Toki Tori’s eggs have been lost and subsequently found at the most unusual places.

Anyone want to guess what type of iPhone game this is?  We’ll have more information as it becomes available.  You can also check out their blog post to try and salvage the little details I didn’t catch.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Out Now

Two Tribes and Chillingo have teamed up yet again to bring us another title to the iPhone, and this time it’s covered with Blue Sky Studios’s movie Ice Age.  While I was an absolute sucker for the Ice Age movies, movie game tie-ins haven’t exactly been my favorite.

But then again, the iPhone seems to be full of great movie tie-ins including Terminator Salvation and more indirectly in Toy Story Mania.  According to user feedback, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs seems to be another great movie tie-in, and the gameplay mechanics seem to very similar to that of Toki Tori.

You control Scrat by tapping on the location you want to go, and you must get to the end of the levels by solving each puzzle.  Being true to the movie, your goal is to recover the sacred acorn that Scrat would sacrifice his life for.  It’s not easy though as there are many obstacles in your way including dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers, and more.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is available now for $4.99, and fans of Toki Tori should enjoy this title.  While it is a movie tie-in, it seems as if it’s a movie tie-in made well.