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New Trailer for ‘Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise’

Bounce On, the first edition, was one of the first and most successful platformer on the iPhone, and it was definitely a blockbuster in terms of sales.  I would have to say that it was a good Mario clone, but it had enough differentiations to be called an original title.  Either way, I absolutely enjoyed the first edition of Bounce On, which has been updated quite heavily since its release with new worlds and Plus+ integration.

Here’s an excerpt from the game description:

Roll your way through the Floating Ruins, explore space on the Orbital Platform, and finally finish the fight in Drallo’s Fortress. With over 100 keys to collect, Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise will keep you playing and playing. Find hidden secrets, fight against unique bosses, collect gems, get best times and track them on Plus+ leaderboards, earn Plus+ Awards, and more!

It seems like Bounce On 2 will be released this month, as the trailer makes the game look quite complete to me.  Of course, don’t quote me on that as it’s all speculation.

If you want to try Bounce On for free, there is a lite version available.  This should give you a slight taste for how the second one will play like.

Worms and Bounce On Admitted to Plus+ Network

The Plus+ network has proven itself to be the premier social networking experience on the iPhone with OpenFeint coming in a close second, and it seems to be getting even better with two very notable games adding this social platform into their games.  First off, it’s Bounce On, the Mario platformer that has stolen the hearts of many.  And lastly, is Team17’s Worms, an although lousy port of their PS3 version of the game.

Bounce On is basically Mario on the iPhone.  You can tell Mario played a huge part in the inspiration for this game, and we’ve seen this title grow immensely since it’s release back during the year of 2008.  Since then, the game has been updated a numerous number of times with the inclusion of new worlds, etc.; adding tons and tons of free content to their already expansive game.  It doesn’t stop there though, and with the inclusion of Plus+, the best just got better.

Worms is yet another game that has added the Plus+ network.  While we had some major problems with Worms, Team17 seems to be slowly driving toward the right direction with slow but efficient updates.  The latest update adds a ton of new stuff, including Bluetooth multiplayer and 3GS specific graphics.  And underneath all that is the inclusion of the Plus+ network.  It’s definitely a huge update for Worms users, and while online multiplayer is still not included, it’s heading towards the right direction.