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BREAKING NEWS: Disney Acquires Tapulous

Hmmm… didn’t see this one coming.  Tapulous, the developer of the mostly despised rhythm game series Tap Tap Revenge, have been bought out by Disney for an undisclosed price (so far).  I personally didn’t enjoy much of their rhythm games, but almost all of them have soared to the #1 free spot within a matter of hours.

Along with the Tap Tap Revenge series, they have released the likes of Riddim Ribbon, which was suppose to augment an Audiosurf type of gameplay.  With that said, here’s the pecking order:

Founders Bart Decrem and Andrew Lacy will become Senior Vice Presidents, reporting directly to Steve Wadsworth, President of Disney Interactive (Mashable).

This is definitely some large news though, as it seems like Disney is taking large steps to get into the gaming market.  They’ve already released Jelly Car 2 along with Breakspin, both of which were actual games that have nothing to do with movies or TV shows.

We’re looking forward to what this buyout means, and hopefully Disney will make Tapulous produce some better rhythm games.

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‘Tap Tap Radiaton’, Rhythm Game for your iPad

Tapulous is the mastermind behind Tap Tap Revenge for the iPhone,  a game that was released even before iPhone OS 2.0 was released, and it was one of the most popular games on the iPhone during the first days of the App Store.  So it would make sense for Tapulous to jump the gun on Apple’s next platform, the iPad, with its release of Tap Tap Radiation for iPad.

But Tap Tap Radiation isn’t just another Tap Tap enlarged; it’s all about free movement, a freestyle mode, and a sense of openness on the large screen.  With the iPad comes a larger area to touch, making for many a lot more possibilities than on the iPhone.  Tap Tap Radiation seems to be the first of Tapulous’s entrance into the iPad market, and it definitely looks quite nice.

While I’m not a big fan of the song selection, here’s a list of features:

  • 33 awesome free tracks adapted especially for the app, including 12 Wives in Tehran by Serge Devant; I Like That by Richard Vission; Quiet Dog by Mos Def; and Lions by The Features.
  • Premium content: Lady Gaga 6-pack featuring Telephone, Poker Face, Love Game, Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Speechless.
  • Premium content: Pink 2-pack featuring So What and Get The Party Started
  • Premium content: Ultra Records 6-pack featuring Imagination by Jes (Kaskade Remix), Love is Gone by David Guetta (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit Remix), Satisfaction by Benny Benassi, Sorry by Kaskade (Dirty South Remix), Elements of Life by Tiesto, and Duck, You Sucker by Sharam
  • Additional free and premium content will be added to the app on an ongoing basis.

I would assume that Tap Tap Radiation will be updated as time passes by, and like all Tapulous games, new music will be added every week or so.  And if you didn’t catch it already, Tap Tap Radiation is free on the App Store.

Images scaled to fit screen. Click image for full resolution picture.

‘Justin Bieber Revenge’ Hits a High note, Lands in App Store

I think we all need a laugh every day, whether it be a stress-filled day or an uninteresting, somewhat dull type of day.  So I thought I’d like to chime in and hopefully have some people break a few smiles, along with the occasional disgusted look on this whole deal.  And while I’m with you when I say, “What has this world come to?”, it’s always a knee slapper to see the unknown take on the paparazzi.

Now we all know that Justin Bieber is a singer, who unfortunately, sounds like a girl.  The first time I ever heard one of his songs, I thought to myself, “Wow, what a nice lady singer.”  Of course, it turned out to be the one and only, infamously notorious, Justin Bieber.  And with that, the humorous company known as Tapulous has decided to bring him to the App Store spotlight via rhythm game.

But with all that aside, for those who want Justin Bieber Tap Tap, you can get it now.  It’s $4.99, and it’s basically the same thing as other band revenges: a career mode, chat room, and battle mode via bluetooth.

Riddim Ribbon Review: I Gotta Feeling

I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night.  Well too bad Riddim Ribbon, you just crashed my hopes.  I was hoping for a good game, a relaxing rhythm game, but alas, that seems to not be the case.  Unfortunately, following the hype of Riddim Ribbon, Tapulous has failed to deliver once again.

Tapulous seems to have this track record of releasing unfinished games, then updating them almost immediately once it hits the App Store.  This has happened with the once buggy Tap Tap Revenge 2 and the laggy Tap Tap Revenge 3, all of which were fixed within 3 or 4 updates.

Sadly, Riddim Ribbon goes right along with Tapulous’s reputation, offering poor controls along with poor music choice.  But then again, it’s all about the money these days right?


Visuals: You have to give credit where credit is due: visuals are superb.  The vibrant backgrounds were very appealing, and this is definitely one of the best-looking rhythm games on the App Store.  The user interface is also very clean and very well-laid out, making for an overall good looking game.  The colors are vibrant and active, creating a very upbeat atmosphere.

Unique: There’s nothing like it in the App Store thus far.  Sure there is Rhythm Racer, but that doesn’t exactly come close to the quality of Riddim Ribbon.  We’ll have to wait until a good AudioSurfer clone appears, but Riddim Ribbon is definitely unique in the App Store.


Difficulty: I swear, some Tapulous updates claim to do things that really don’t happen.  The game is punishingly difficult, and one missed jump means game over.  Even when you’re so close to the finish line, one missed jump means the end.  I wish there were some life system in which you have two or three tries to finish the level.  The songs being long doesn’t help either, which means even more of a chance to become frustrated with losing.

Controls: Controls still suck.  It’s almost as if the accelerometer refuses to respond, and it’s so choppy that it’s hard to believe that Tapulous actually tested the game.  If I was a beta tester for this game, I would have noticed right off the bat on how horrible the controls are.  Sensitivity options don’t seem to help much, and the rolling ball moves so… un-smoothly that nothing feels natural at all.  Accelerometer controls still need a lot of work and are far from being perfect.

Song Selection: Now this is just sad.  What are there, three songs?  Why don’t you go cash out a couple more bucks and buy Rock Band; now that is a true rhythm game.  The song selection for Riddim Ribbon is so poor right now, and while I’m not sure about them adding free songs, I’m so far disappointed.  Sure they have some good songs such as I Gotta Feeling and Boom Boom Pow, but that’s it.  No substance at all.

Riddim Ribbon is just an attempt to make money with no real substance to back it up.  I’m heartily disappointed with Tapulous’s release of Riddim Ribbon, and it really shows how lethargic some large companies can really get.  Heck, if Gameloft was like this, the App Store wouldn’t be where it is today.  Tapulous, freaking wake up.  This isn’t the first day of the App Store when crashes were common in games and controls were wonky; this is almost year 2 of the App Store.

Riddim Ribbon was developed by Tapulous, and I played through version 1.0.3 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99.

‘Tap Tap Revenge 3’ Now Free for All

I honestly regret purchasing TTR3 as it’s a lot worse than TTR2, and the $0.99 price wasn’t exactly justifiable with full page ads in the way.  While I’m still not sure about the download, Tap Tap Revenge 3 has finally gone free, just like the previous versions.  After Apple announced free games with DLC, I was waiting for the game to go free and it finally has.

For those looking forward to downloading it, I would say go for it.  It’s ok for free, but not exactly the rhythm game experience I was looking for.  Personally, I thought TTR2 was a lot better due to better track selection, a better theme, and an overall better game design.  Either way, I think it’s worth a download and just to try out.

It seems like TTR3 will be free for the remainder of time, and I don’t think there’s really any rush to download.  But just for security precautions, I suggest you download it now if you want.