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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review: The Best First-Person Shooter on the App Store

The first-person shooter genre has, for the most part, been solely owned by Gameloft on the App Store.  With their Halo-clone series NOVA and their Call of Duty-clone series, Gameloft has continually shown that even though they tend to rip off a lot of ideas, their games are enjoyable and have a lot of depth to them.

The trend continues with Modern Combat 3, a fully functional first-person shooter with online multiplayer and a pretty lengthy campaign mode.

Modern Combat 3 contains 12 total singe player missions, each taking around 20 minutes to complete.  The online multiplayer features a ton of different weapons, skills, attachments, accessories (grenades, sticky grenades, mines, etc.), and weapon kits, all alongside the new military support such as bomber, airstrike, radar, and nuke.

There are a total of seven different online multiplayer modes and six maps, and quite honestly, they’ve improved the multiplayer maps a lot from the maps in Modern Combat 2.  They’re a lot larger and have a lot more hiding spots, making it much more suspenseful than the previous game in the series.

All in all, Modern Combat 3 is one fantastic game.


Graphics: The graphics in Modern Combat 3 are insane.  I never knew my iPad 2 could handle this detail, let alone have that detail transfer into a 12-player online multiplayer mode.  The work they’ve done in the graphical department is absolutely fantastic, and even though I thought that Gameloft would not be able to improve the graphics of Modern Combat 2, they’ve proven me wrong yet again.

Online multiplayer: I love how they added new things into the online multiplayer such as military support and new weapons and such, making this the most addictive online multiplayer experience on the App Store.  It comes very close to console quality in terms of how much variety there is to the multiplayer, and I’m in utter awe at how well of a job Gameloft has done with the multiplayer.  It’s extremely fun, well-balanced, well-varied, and overall just a blast to play for hours at a time.  There are a few gripes I have with it though, but I’ll get to that later.

Universal: I love Gameloft’s decision to make all of their future games universal, and I’m really enjoying the online multiplayer on both my iPad and my iPhone.


Bugs, Disconnections, etc.: The thing about the online multiplayer is that it doesn’t work all the time, and there are some times when you’re sitting at your desk continually trying to connect to the server with no avail.  It does get frustrating sometimes, and while the multiplayer is brilliant for most of the time, there are those few times when it refuses to budge.

Lag: For some reason, the game lags heavily on my iPhone 4, both online and off.  I don’t think the iPhone 4 is THAT old of a device, and it should be running quite smoothly.  But alas, Modern Combat 3 seems to be just too much for my “old” device, and for those of you out there with an iPhone 4, here’s a word of warning for you.

File size: The game is slightly over 1 GB of memory, and it takes quite a long time to download.  Just keep in mind that you’ll need to clear up some space for an app this size, and be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes for it to fully download and install.

Modern Combat 3 is absolutely brilliant, and I find myself continually playing the online multiplayer everyday.  The single player is also quite robust and diverse, giving Modern Combat 3 a well-balanced gameplay between shooting bad guys and mini-games, such as shooting soldiers on an AC-130.  Anyhow, if you haven’t picked this game up yet, I suggest you to do so right away no matter the price.  This is one you shouldn’t miss.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2.  The price is $6.99.

Gameloft Releases New ‘Six Guns’ Screenshots

Gameloft‘s new game Red Dead Redemption Six Guns has just gotten the screenshot treatment, with six tantalizing images for your viewing pleasure.

Taking place in a western world, you’re in control of a cowboy on a quest, shooting down what appears to be mutants along the way.  Graphically, Six Guns seems to be on par with most of Gameloft’s recent offerings, and I would expect the game to be released as a universal app.

There hasn’t been any announcement on the release date, but I assume it should come around soon.  For now, be sure to check out the screenshots below, with more on Gameloft’s Facebook page.

New Interactive Trailer for ‘Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard’ Released

Gameloft has released some new goodies for its upcoming first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, one of the first squad-based FPSs I have seen on the App Store.

There will be five death match maps, including Brazil, Construction Site, Ship, Dam, and Embassy, and the game is slated for a March 17th release.  They’ve also uploaded an interactive trailer, if you wish to partake, in which you travel through a Rainbow Six level based on the decisions you make.  We’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this one, and we’ll post more information as they become available.

For now, why don’t you try out that interactive trailer?

‘Age of Zombies’ Out on App Store Now

Dual-stick shooter Age of Zombies is prepping up for it’s Oct. 28 release date as a universal app with a new trailer.

The trailer shows Barry Steakfries, main protagonists at the player’s disposal, in action trying to survive hordes of zombies and other enemies unleashed at him.

Halfbrick Studios originally released Age of Zombies as a PSP Mini Feb. 25 of this year, and since have decided to port the title for the iDevices. The developer is responsible for App Store titles such as Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash, and promises new features in the iDevice version of Age of Zombies.

The game will have players trying to fight off enemy onslaughts with various weapons such as a flamethrowers and rocket launchers. Beside zombie attacks — humans, caveman, mummies, ninjas, and the T-Rex — will make their presence felt as well in a variety of environments.

According to Halfbrick’s website, at least one new level and weapons will be features in the iDevice version. And, an abominable snowman called Yeti Heights will also show up Oct. 28.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Review: The Most Complete Experience on the App Store

Gameloft, I now salute you.

In their most blatant copy yet, Gameloft has proved that they have enough resources and financials to create one of the most complete first-person shooters on the App Store; heck, the most complete experience on the iPhone period.  While the multiplayer, font, and single-player campaign almost feel like I’m playing Modern Warfare 2 (not ignoring the name either Modern Combat 2), the graphics, controls, and multiplayer experience made me overlook the unoriginality and enjoy the game as a whole.

With four different multiplayer modes: capture the flag, battle, team battle, and defuse the bomb, the multiplayer experience is much more robust than the freemium Eliminate, and definitely more complete than Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Gameloft’s Halo clone NOVA.

The single player campaign is also quite complete, and while it’s nothing wow-some and worthy of extremely high praise, it provides enough content and game time for those not connected to the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong: even with all its wonders it still has some flaws that bother me, mainly pertaining to the multiplayer.  An overpowered pistol, problems with rankings, and a buggy server all add up to some annoying problems; but overall, I can’t help but bring on a ton of praise for Gameloft.


Graphics: I can’t tell if Modern Combat 2 is better in terms of graphics than Modern Combat, but it sure does look pretty.  The Retina-ized graphics look absolutely beautiful, and while previous Gameloft offerings had only some parts as Retina and other as normal, I can’t seem to find any pixelized parts in any part of Modern Combat 2.

Multiplayer experience: I’ve found myself rarely playing the single player campaign and instead playing the online multiplayer for more than an hour straight.  The only time I don’t play multiplayer would be outside when WiFi is not nearby.  While it is almost exactly like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, it’s too gripping to stay away from.

The multiplayer mode alone would actually warrant this game the Must Have award; the experience is beyond NOVA, Modern Combat Sandstorm, Archetype, and Eliminate; this is the online multiplayer experience that I have been waiting for ever since the App Store opened doors.

Controls: Customizable controls and three different options allow you to pick and choose whatever way you think is the most comfortable.  There should be no problems here.


Server problems: I’ve come across some server problems with Gameloft Live, including the fact that quick matches never work and you must almost always have to search for a match.  Also, I’ve found myself being disconnected at times and the game freezing, causing me to having to restart the device to play the game again.  While Black Pegasus doesn’t stutter while playing an online match, before is quite a hassle with the cumbersome and sluggish online menu.

Along with that, I have found my ranking go down atleast 3-4 times; after achieving rank 9 in a 30-minute match, my rank went up to atleast 9 then when I logged into Gameloft Live again, all my rankings were gone.  I’ve only had this problem in the beginning of my online multiplayer ventures, but it is annoying when almost an hour of play goes to waste.

Lack of checkpoints: The single player campaign needs some more checkpoints, and I’ve noticed this problem throughout many of Gameloft’s games.  Because of the quick nature of iPhone gamers, there is no time to play 10 minutes just to get to the next checkpoint.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is one of the most complete and best games I have ever played on my device, and with such a complete online multiplayer experience and a solid single player mode, I can’t see any other game really topping this, atleast for a while.  If you haven’t picked it up yet, you’re missing out.  Big time.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $6.99.