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‘Golden Axe 3’ and ‘Streets of Rage 3’ Coming to App Store Next Week

It was just last week since Golden Axe 2 and Streets of Rage 2 were released, but that doesn’t stop Sega from releasing the classic sequels to each of the games.

According to SEGA’s Facebook post and blog post (scroll to the bottom), the third installment of both the Golden Axe and Streets of Rage franchises will be coming to the App Store in the coming days.  Streets of Rage 3 will be coming later this week, while Golden Axe 3 arriving sometime next week.

There is no specified date for each launch, but each game should be arriving anytime soon.  They look to utilize Sega’s emulator that has been used on all of their classic games, and while I’m not a huge fan of the whole emulator business, it’s a nice way for App Store gamers to relive their past.

If the price is consistent with their previous launches, look for Golden Axe 3 and Streets of Rage 3 to land somewhere around the $2.99 price range.

‘Sonic 4’ Coming to App Store October 7th

SEGA has announced that they’ll be releasing Sonic 4 for the App Store on October 7th, earlier than the release date on other devices: October 11th for the Wii, October 12th for the PlayStation Network, and October 13th for Xbox Live Arcade.

SEGA has also decided upon accelerometer or d-pad control methods, along with two additional levels having to do with the accelerometer.  The whole point of Sonic 4 was to return to the roots of the 2.5D, side-scrolling, platform action.

This rendition will be Episode 1, with more coming in following episodes.

Super Monkey Ball 2 Rolls to App Store

What a morning!  Super Monkey Ball 2 has been released from SEGA, and is said to be much better than the first one.  Personally, I absolutely loved the first Super Monkey Ball (after a few updates of course), and would find myself competing against my brother to see how far we could actually get into the game.

Unfortunately, I never beat the first one for the iPhone.  Sad, yes we know, but Super Monkey Ball 2 is already here.  SEGA has been very mediocre on the App Store lately, releasing buggy and laggy ports of Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Sonic the Hedgehog.  This half-hearted effort disappointed many fans, including me, and I can only hope they redeem themselves with this release.

Among the features for Super Monkey Ball 2 include full 3D graphics, 115 levels, and WiFi multiplayer against your friends.  Online or just local multiplayer is not specified, but I’m going to guess that it will be local.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is priced competitively at $9.99.

Three Notable Sales: SMB, Boulder Dash Rocks, and Rolando

Sales are very common in the App Store, and some of them just happen to be some high profile games.  Today, 3 games went on sale, and each one is very much worth their sale price in my opinion.  Let’s take a closer look at these games to see which one is for you.

Super Monkey Ball:  The game is now $3.99 from the initial $5.99, and it’s probably the only game SEGA has made right on the iPhone.  $3.99 is still a bit high, but the game includes 100s of levels, and the controls aren’t as bad as everyone says they are.

Boulder Dash Rocks:  Following the release of the classic Boulder Dash on the iPhone, First Star Software has released a completely re-skinned game on the iPhone.  Consumer reports have been overwhelmingly positive, and for $0.99, it’s definitely a steal.  Note: It seems like the price change has not taken full effect yet, please wait a few until the price change shows up.

Rolando:  One of the most original titles in the App Store, Rolando is definitely a must have at the $2.99 sale price.  Originally released for $9.99, the game was praised for its multitouch controls and great puzzle elements.  There’s also a lite version to try out, but personally, just go ahead and buy the full version.

Each of the games mentioned is worth the sale price, but if you’re on a tight budget, I suggest you get Rolando and Boulder Dash Rocks.  Both have proven to be great titles on the iPhone, and while Super Monkey Ball is still a great title, the $3.99 price tag may be a little high for some people.

SEGA Releases Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage, an old game on the SEGA Genesis, has been ported to the iPhone.  It seems like the game uses the same emulators used to emulate Sonic and Golden Axe, and those emulators weren’t received as adequate by the consumers because of the sluggish reactions.  If you’re a fan of Streets of Rage, the iPhone version will probably remind you of the olden days.


  • Choose either Axel, Adam or Blaze as you battle through 8 fist-pounding levels!
  • Over 40 different attacks.
  • Use a variety of weapons such as lead pipes, baseball bats, and even swords.

The price is $4.99, and the creators are SEGA.

Gameplay video of the SEGA Genesis version: