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Scribble Show Review: Interesting Concept Wasted by Lack of Content

The iPhone’s touchscreen is so unique in that it’s capable of doing so many things, especially when it comes to games.

And Phenom Studio’s Scribble Show aims to do just that by creating quite a unique experience on the iPhone, albeit nothing new in terms of the whole drawing concept.

In the one game mode that’s involved, you have to draw the falling shapes as fast as possible and not let them hit the ground.  There are many power ups including Blow Up, Freeze, and Slow Down, along with some others that will aid in helping you get to the highest level possible.

Of course, more and more drawings and more and more complex drawings appear as the levels go on, and once enough of the drawings have fallen, it’s game over.  The game is equipped with GameCenter leaderboards, and the gameplay itself is a lot of fun.  But it could have been so much more; for now, it’s something that’s intriguing but may not be enough to keep one busy for long.


Drawing: The drawing recognition in this game is pretty accurate, and it allows you to draw complex figures with ease.  It allows enough margin for error for you to not become too frustrated with the game, and the developers definitely got the most important piece of the game right.

Balance: The balance of the game is good enough so that you learn through the first few levels of the game, then start to use those talents and ultimately fight for the highest score.  The game balance isn’t perfect by any means, but it should allow first-time players to ease into the gameplay without feeling too pressured in the beginning.


Only one game mode: The fact that the game only carries one game mode seriously limits the game’s replay value, as you can only play one game mode of this sort for so long.

GameCenter achievements: The decision to add GameCenter leaderboards but not achievements is always mind-boggling to me; take a few minutes, create some achievements, and voila: your app is that much more tempting to buy.  Put the work in, add some achievements, and everyone will be happy.

Scribble Show is extremely limited in terms of replay value and gameplay, but the interesting drawing concept of the game is enough for me to not totally write this off as horrible.  It has a lot of potential, and I’ve had a lot of fun with the given mode.  It just needs a little bit more to compete with the likes of Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds, or even smaller game studios such as Andreas Illiger’s Tiny Wings.

Scribble Show was developed by Phenom Studios, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $0.99.