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Namco Holds Thanksgiving Sale

Namco, the developers and publishers of games such as Pac-Man and Galaga, have put on sale some of their most popular games for Thanksgiving.  The sale prices range anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99, and I’ve bolded the games that I personally recommend above the others (please note I haven’t played all of the games mentioned, so there may be some hidden gems that I just haven’t tried out yet).

The sale starts today and will end on November 28th 11:59 PM PST, so be sure to pick them up anything you’re interested in before time runs out.

All of the Real Racing Games on Sale, Drive as Crazily as You Want for Less Money

The sheer sound of the name Real Racing gets me creating all types of images and words in my mind: awesome, realistic, graphically ground-breaking… the list can go on and on and on.

And if you haven’t been a part of this ground-breaking experience yet, Firemint has made it a little less of a pop to your wallet by putting its Real Racing games on a sale of up to 80%.

The original Real Racing is $0.99, the HD version is $1.99; Real Racing 2 is put at $4.99, and Real Racing 2 HD at $5.99.  In my personal opinion, if you have an iPad, I suggest just picking up Real Racing 2 HD, as it’s one of the most technologically-advanced game out so far, along with the fact that it will support the mirror display feature once iOS 5 is released.

And if you own an iPhone, you really cannot go wrong with Real Racing 2, although the original Real Racing is still quite a steal at $0.99.

And if you’re still not convinced, be sure to check out our reviews on the Real Racing titles.


EA Holding Massive $0.99 Sale for this Weekend Only

Electronic Arts have continued to have sales within their App Store games, but this one is probably one of the largest I’ve ever seen.

Included in the $0.99 deals are iPad games such as Scrabble HD, Dead Space HD, Madden NFL HD, and much more.  The entire list have been compiled below, with a star denoting a high recommendation from us.

iPad Games

iPhone Games

Bug Heroes Receives Massive 2.0 Update; Goes Free to Celebrate

Bug Heroes is easily one of my favorite iOS games of this year so far (click here for my previous review). The game is a clever, inventive, and just plain fun blend of dual-stick shooters, tower-defense games, and action-RPG character enhancement, in which you play as a group of bugs trying to defend its stash of food from the endlessly intensifying attacks of wave after wave of enemy creepy-crawlies. And it just got even better, with a massive version 2.0 update, which adds a new map in coliseum mode for free, as well as new abilities for the game’s original three heroes. Additionally, the game now features three new content packs, available as $0.99 in-app purchases. Each new content pack unlocks two new heroes, a new map for adventure mode, and six new types of enemies that go along with the map.

Also, the game is currently free in celebration of the 2.0 update. If you’ve been on the fence about the game, missed out on hearing about it when it came out, or just plain want a free game (and a very high quality one at that) — there really is no good excuse not to download it.

As far as the in-app purchase content packs, I found them to be well worth my own personal hard-earned $2.97. The new characters are all a blast. They are, in no particular order, a fly bandito, a ladybug fencer, a grasshopper fighting monk, a stick-bug wizard, an inchworm with a long-range rifle, and a termite who has a variety of turret skills. The new maps are also a blast, providing unique spins on the gameplay by offering creative enemy designs. All of the new characters have a lot of creativity which is evident in their overall design and especially their unique attacks.

Also, Foursaken Media, the game’s developers, have promised to unlock an exclusive preying mantis hero for free, once they receive 500,000 votes for the game. There are several ways to vote, all of them free, such as liking Foursaken Media’s profile on Facebook, liking their Facebook posts, following them on Twitter, and Tweeting about them… whatever that means 😉

You really, really should download this game and give it a try. And if you already own the game and enjoy it, I would recommend purchasing some or all of the unlockable content packs. I’ve been having a lot of fun with them for the past few days, for less than the price of a latte.

‘Real Racing’ Titles On Sale

Firemint has put its flagship racing titles on sale, with Real Racing 2 leading the list at only $4.99.  Real Racing 1 is on sale for $1.99, while Real Racing HD is $4.99.

While all are very good games, I can’t help but suggest Real Racing 2 over any of the other ones.  It contains real, licensed cars, GameCenter achievements, and online multiplayer.  The graphics are by and far superb compared to its predecessor, and it’s a complete racing experience that just cannot be duplicated.  Real Racing 1 is a solid game as well, and for only $1.99—even though it’s over a year old now—is a great steal.

The sale will run until February 14th, so I suggest you get buying before it ends.