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Hands-on Preview of ‘Legendary Wars’, Releasing Soon

Legendary Wars by Liv Games is one of those games that is a long time in the making. The game has come a long way since its conception in a garage, the development team toiled for months, but in the end, the wait for the consumer will be most definitely worth it. A castle defense hybrid that brings in RPG elements to the lane tower defense style made infamous by Plants vs Zombies, throw in some real-time strategy for good measure and Legendary Wars will hook you from the start.

Once you pick up your jaw from the popping graphics, you will find a very polished game. After you send your miner to collect gems for you to buy troops you are in business. To make things interesting and different, the miner somehow has access to different colored gems in every world. It’s a little touch, but one that shows the creativeness of the developers. It reaps polish and charm. And it is those little touches that has this game standing head and shoulders above the crowd.

Goals of each level are different, whether you need to just sit and defend the onslaught of enemies that include everything from zombies to vampires and everything in between, storm the enemy castle, or even protect one leader or another from harm. Mixed in with these levels are short quests that amount to a running with a purpose mini-game. Make your way through these levels by jumping obstacles, slaying enemies, tag teaming with your allies and more. They serve as an excellent change of pace. Another way Liv Games attempts to keep the game constantly fresh and new.

Be sure to visit the armory in between levels to upgrade your units, upgrade your castle and when the time comes, equip your heroes with armor. Lots goes on in the well planned and laid out armory so be sure to explore every nook and cranny. Use your hard earned gems here and if you find yourself outmatched, replay a level to earn more coins (at a reduced rate from your first playthrough however).

Impressive are the types of allies you will have access to as you move along in the game. One of my favorite moments was having my unicorn spew rainbows to defeat bats and vampires. But you will also collect wizards and more. Though I have not finished the first playthrough, I am told there are surprises to be found on a second and third time around, making this game have an incredible amount of content.

The time that it has taken Liv Games to perfect this game is evident. Almost a year in the making, the development team is still open to improvements and tweaks. Listening to the feedback from testers they have recently implemented many changes even at this late stage to create the perfect experience for the user. Never is a question too inconsequential for them to take the time to return an email promptly. Very impressive is this endeavor. And if the care and love that is being shown during development is any indication of the maintenance after release, the game will continue to grow and blossom.

Look for the release of Legendary Wars by Liv Games on the AppStore soon!

Pro Zombie Soccer Hands-on Preview

Pro Zombie Soccer is a zombie exterminating game with a twist. Instead of using any explosive, weapons, or firearms, you kick your soccer ball to stop the incoming hordes of bloodthirsty zombies.  Our main character has already been bitten, but is fighting to survive as long as possible.  Pro Zombie Soccer is being developed by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, which includes people who have worked on games such as Plants Vs Zombies, Worms, Wheelman, and Eyetoy Play, just to name a few.  The price has yet to be determined, but I can tell you that you will want to own this game.  Watch for the release within the coming months, but pray for it to be tomorrow.

Killing zombies hasn’t ever been this fun or creative.  With a whole new spin on the genre, the ball hurtles through the air blasting their bodies… if you aim correctly.  Your character is positioned on the left side of the screen, while many different types of zombies walk and run towards you.  Some of them are quite large, and that’s when charging your kick comes into play.  If you wait for your kick, it’ll get more powerful, and will stop the enemies who are too tough to be destroyed by one small kick.  Often they will lose an arm, and you’ll just have to kick it again to finish them off.  Another fun part of this game is that when you get combos or headshots, or just kill lots of zombies, you can unlock temporary powerups.  One makes the ball move faster for a short period of time, the next pierces through multiple enemies, and the last lets your target them with a rogue satellite, disintegrating each corpse by aiming with your accelerometer.

Graphically PZS is quite pleasing, with a nice spurt of blood emanating from each dismembered zombie.  Limbs fly off, heads burst, and other body parts disintegrate, leaving severed corpses still wandering towards you with hungry determination.  Each zombie sprite is very creative, and some can be quite amusing.  The cartoony and stylized graphics leave nothing to be desired.

The controls are quite simple, requiring only one finger and rarely using the accelerometer. All you do is simply slide your finger up and down to aim, and hold a bit longer to charge up the ball. I found this to be very easy and fast to pick up. Along with the great controls, the soundtrack to this game is killer. Driving drums, overdriven guitars, and intense string sounds deliver the perfect mood setting for destroying zombies.

Pro Zombie Soccer is an intense and fun game with lots of enjoyment to be had. Kicking a soccer ball to kill a zombie is an unbelievably creative idea, which has evolved into an amazing piece of work. A well-written storyline accompanies this great game, which will have players feeling even more immersed in their zombie killing fun. Here’s a hands-on preview video I’ve recorded.