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Hands-on Preview of ‘Legendary Wars’, Releasing Soon

Legendary Wars by Liv Games is one of those games that is a long time in the making. The game has come a long way since its conception in a garage, the development team toiled for months, but in the end, the wait for the consumer will be most definitely worth it. A castle defense hybrid that brings in RPG elements to the lane tower defense style made infamous by Plants vs Zombies, throw in some real-time strategy for good measure and Legendary Wars will hook you from the start.

Once you pick up your jaw from the popping graphics, you will find a very polished game. After you send your miner to collect gems for you to buy troops you are in business. To make things interesting and different, the miner somehow has access to different colored gems in every world. It’s a little touch, but one that shows the creativeness of the developers. It reaps polish and charm. And it is those little touches that has this game standing head and shoulders above the crowd.

Goals of each level are different, whether you need to just sit and defend the onslaught of enemies that include everything from zombies to vampires and everything in between, storm the enemy castle, or even protect one leader or another from harm. Mixed in with these levels are short quests that amount to a running with a purpose mini-game. Make your way through these levels by jumping obstacles, slaying enemies, tag teaming with your allies and more. They serve as an excellent change of pace. Another way Liv Games attempts to keep the game constantly fresh and new.

Be sure to visit the armory in between levels to upgrade your units, upgrade your castle and when the time comes, equip your heroes with armor. Lots goes on in the well planned and laid out armory so be sure to explore every nook and cranny. Use your hard earned gems here and if you find yourself outmatched, replay a level to earn more coins (at a reduced rate from your first playthrough however).

Impressive are the types of allies you will have access to as you move along in the game. One of my favorite moments was having my unicorn spew rainbows to defeat bats and vampires. But you will also collect wizards and more. Though I have not finished the first playthrough, I am told there are surprises to be found on a second and third time around, making this game have an incredible amount of content.

The time that it has taken Liv Games to perfect this game is evident. Almost a year in the making, the development team is still open to improvements and tweaks. Listening to the feedback from testers they have recently implemented many changes even at this late stage to create the perfect experience for the user. Never is a question too inconsequential for them to take the time to return an email promptly. Very impressive is this endeavor. And if the care and love that is being shown during development is any indication of the maintenance after release, the game will continue to grow and blossom.

Look for the release of Legendary Wars by Liv Games on the AppStore soon!

Plants Vs. Zombies Review: Muster Your Salads To Arms!

Most people assume that when — not if — the zombie apocalypse finally befalls us, those with the largest caches of ammunition and nonperishable foods will be the most likely to survive. According to PopCap, however, those people have got it all wrong. It’s the gardeners and the greenhouse keepers who will survive, not by strength of arms and plentiful canned goods, but with fertile lawns, thriving flora and lots of sunshine.

Plants Vs. Zombies is a variant on the tower defense game, originally released in May 2009 for the Mac and PC computing platforms. The game met with nearly universal acclaim, received several gaming awards and nominations, and is the fastest-selling video game in PopCap Games’ history. With so much success at its back, it should come as no surprise that PopCap should choose to extend that success by bringing the title to the app store.

Plants Vs. Zombies sees players placing different types of plants, each with unique offensive or defensive capabilities, in defensive formations on their front lawn, back lawn and the roof of the house in order to prevent the zombie hoard from eating the residents’ brains. The playing field is divided into a number of horizontal tracks. In general, zombies will move toward the player’s house along a single track, and plants can only attack or defend against zombies in the track they are planted in.

Early in the game, players have only a limited selection of seed packs, affecting the different types of plants they can grow. As the game progresses, players will earn new seed pack types, enabling them to deploy a greater number and variety of defensive plants. During levels, players must gather sunlight in order to grow new plants. Sunlight falls from the sky or can be produced by planting sunflowers in your lawn; the player collects the sunlight by tapping on it. Before each stage, the player will be shown the types of zombies amassing in the street for the assault, and will be able to choose which seed packets to deploy for that stage.

Between the standard levels, players will purchase new seed packs and bonuses from their neighbor, Crazy Dave, and engage in mini-game levels like zombie bowling.


Visual Presentation: The art direction in Plants Vs. Zombies is top-tier stuff. The plants are adorable, and the zombies are comedic in the extreme. The artists obviously had a good time with this one, and you will too.

Touch Controls: Touch controls are a natural fit for Plants Vs. Zombies. If anything, the game has improved in its transition from mouse-input to touch-input. Gathering sunshine was fairly tedious in the original game, forcing you to click all over the screen; now it’s a breeze. Placing plants is equally breezy. You can either tap a plant in your seed palette then tap the field to plant it, or tap and drag it into place. I prefer the second method as the it lights the tracks to indicate placement, and to prevent you planting in the wrong location.

The Zombies: The zombies are varied and hilarious. They will often wear traffic cones or buckets as protective gear, defend themselves with screen doors, or dress up as track stars and football players. Pole-vaulting zombies and leap over your first line of defenses, Michael Jackson zombies can dance other zombies up from their graves and dolphin zombies will invade your swimming pool. This stuff is classic!

The Humor: As if the zombies weren’t funny enough on their own, humor reigns throughout the package. Whether it’s your lunatic neighbor Crazy Dave, the puns (wall-nuts?) or the Help note from the zombies — “Help for Plants and Zombies Game: When the Zombies show up, just sit there and dont do anything. You win the game when the Zombies get to your houze.” — the game will have you laughing.

And the zombies must have had mummies who taught them to eat their vegetables before they could have dessert, because they’ll be munching their way through your plants before they can get at your brains.

The Music: Laura Shigihara’s soundtrack is brilliant, perfectly suited to the game. Combining elements of pop music and old console chiptunes, blending the macabre with goofiness, full of melodic hooks and musical complexity. Shigihara says she was inspired by the original Mega Man games in creating the music for Plants Vs. Zombies, and anyone familiar with the NES classics should be able to trace that influence throughout her work here.

Wanting to create a theme for the game, she even went so far as creating a separate and hilarious pop song. Honestly, how could you possibly not want to play the game after seeing this?

I dare you to get that song out of your head.


No Bonus Modes: The bonus game modes from the original PC and Mac versions of the game have been excluded from the iPhone release. This includes the endless survival mode, the puzzle mode and several others. Hopefully we’ll see these modes added later in updates or as DLC; no official word yet. It’s shame not to have them in the game.

Lacking Difficulty: Plants Vs. Zombie is definitely a casual game, and not aimed at the hardcore tower defense gamers. Most players should be able to finish the game with little difficulty.

Slowdown: Playing on an iPhone 3G, Plants Vs. Zombies suffers from slowdown when there are a lot of plants and zombies on screen. It’s not enough to break the game or kill the fun, but it does hamper the experience. The game reportedly runs well on the 3GS model phones, but those owner older devices should take this issue into consideration.

Long Initial Load: If it’s what it takes to play the game, then so be it. But that first load when you start the game up seems to last forever. Beyond that, loads aren’t too bad, but this is probably not a game you’re going to fire up when short on time and just looking to kill a few minutes.

I was already a fan of Plants Vs. Zombies, having purchased it day-of-release for my Mac back in May. Despite having already played the game on my desktop, I was still overjoyed to get my hands on the iPhone version. Popular contemporary games tend to push drama over characteristics such as charm, humor and pure fun, and so Plants Vs. Zombies is something of a throwback to older paradigms, combining all three into a unique and whimsical title not to be missed. If you like games even a little bit, then you owe it to yourself to play Plants Vs. Zombies.

If your remain somehow unconvinced, give the free Flash demo a try. Also, be sure to check out some of the ridiculous Zombie Temp Worker videos on YouTube that PopCap used as market for the desktop version of the game. With all this, Plants Vs. Zombies goes beyond the game, becoming something more like a phenomenon.

Plants Vs. Zombies is published by PopCap Games, and costs $2.99. Reviewed on an iPhone 3G.

‘Plants vs. Zombies’ Shines into App Store

The first time I’ve ever played Plants vs. Zombies was on a PC I found at Best Buy.  Of course, I didn’t buy the PC, but I was more than intrigued with the sun-gathering tower defense game.  Voted as one of the best PC games, Plants vs. Zombies has a good reason to expand onto the iPhone, having the name and the company to spread onto tons of iPhones in a matter of hours.

Plants vs. Zombies may as well be one of the most popular games to date and is available on the App Store for only $2.99, a huge cut from the $19.99 price tag for the PC version.  From early impressions and reviews, the game is basically the same thing as the PC version, except with touch controls and the exclusion of a couple of game modes.

If you haven’t tried the game out yet, there is a free flash version of the game to try before you buy.  But in all honesty, just buy it.

We should have a review up soon.  For now, check out the iPhone trailer.

iPhone Footage of ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’

PopCap Games have been one of the most successful developers on the iPhone, receiving tons of awards for its marble popper Peggle and sustaining a top 10 spot for Bejeweled 2.  They’ve also released a Bejeweled Blitz update to Bejeweled 2, adding a lot replay value to the game.  Because of their success, they are planning to bring Plants vs. Zombies to the iPhone by December.

In an interview with Fox, Ben Ahroni talks about Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone along with the PC version.  It has been one of the best-selling games according to PopCap, and we can oddly estimate that it will be a huge hit on the iPhone.

The game is described as a tower defense game in which you set you plants to fend off the zombies from getting to your house.  There is sun that you collect, also known as currency, to buy new towers and other goodies.  It seems as if there will be powerups, and the experience seems to be almost the same as the PC version.

According to Fox, the Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone looks “exactly like the big screen”.  There should be more information about the game on their website, and the PC version will cost you $19.99.  We should also have more news when it becomes available, but check out this short footage on the interview with Ben Ahroni.

Plants vs Zombies Will Be Infecting iPhones This Year

PopCap’s successful digital download game Plants vs Zombies will be coming to other systems, including the iPhone and iPod Touch, by the end of 2009.  Plants vs Zombies is a playful variation on the tower defense genre.  The PC version of the game has already been very well received by the public and gaming press.

With the attention to detail and quality that was put into the port of Peggle, everyone’s expectations are understandably high for this next release from PopCap.  There’s no official word on release date or price, other than the assurance that it will come before the year ends.

You can find the official trailer of the PC version below, to help give you an idea of how the game looks and it’s personality.