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Lite Versions For Parachute Panic and Kryzer Prologue

FDG Entertainment, the creators of Bobby Carrot Forever, have released a lite version for both Parachute Panic and Kryzer Prologue.  Both are very simple, yet addictive games that are similar to many other simple games in the App Store.  Some may enjoy it, but some may not so why not try out these lite versions?

In Parachute Panic, you must guide the parachuters onto the boat to gain some points.  Design is similar to that of a drawing, and this type of graphics has become more and more common in the App Store.  I personally thought Parachute Panic was okay but not great, and that’s where the lite version plays in for most of you.

Kryzer Prologue is a different story.  This is a circular shooter or a rotational shooter; whatever you want to call it.  Controls are precise and design is impeccable, and I enjoyed this game a lot.  There are online highscores and many different enemies, and bosses aren’t too easy either.  This game requires some getting used to, but I thought Kryzer Prologue was a pretty solid shooter.  But again, not everyone likes the same games and you can try out the lite version here.