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‘Cro-Mag Rally’ GameCenter Impressions

GameCenter has finally made its debut onto the beloved iPhones and iPod touches around the world.  The wait wasn’t as long as everyone thought, atleast for me anyways.

And since I’m such a sucker when it comes to new and shiny things, it only made sense to try out GameCenter and see what it’s really like: is it everything we hoped for?  And to that I say only one answer: yes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some large flaws in GameCenter and its implementation.  In Cro-Mag Rally, for example, you can’t add friends within Cro-Mag and must exit out and go into the actual GameCenter app to add friends.  I also noticed crashes after receiving a phone call; the reason being GameCenter is unknown.

But other than that, everything else seemed to run quite smoothly.  My brother and I played an online multiplayer match via GameCenter, and to the surprise of both my brother and myself, seamless voice chat has been implemented alongside the online multiplayer.

The multiplayer itself was also very smooth with no lag or stutter, but I must say that the voice chat is the most surprising feature.  And if you don’t like people hearing you curse in frustration or do the sexy dance after winning first place, you can turn off the microphone with the touch of a button.

The most disappointing thing for me though would have to be the UI.  Apple is usually numero uno when it comes to the user interface; in my opinion, the iPhone has the best user interface among all smart phones.

But GameCenter’s UI is quite old-school and the font doesn’t seem quite right… along with the fact that the whole thing seems quite bare with little to no color; it feels like I’m staring at a wall of text.

Overall, I would say that GameCenter is the best, but not what it could be.  The UI needs a major overhaul, the features implemented into apps need to be more abundant, and bugs still need to be worked out.  I really like the online multiplayer with voice chat though, and hats off to Apple for creating the next step for iPhone gaming.

If you’re interested in picking up Cro-Mag Rally from the App Store, it’s available now for $2.99 with iPhone 4-optimized graphics and iPad support.