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Join Gameloft’s Twitter League, Win Two Tickets to Pro Bowl

Football is one of my favorite sports of all time, and NFL 2010 just happens to be my favorite football game on the App Store.  Gameloft has been working with god status linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens to create the NFL 2010 Twitter League.

In this Twitter League, the official Twitter feed for NFL 2010 will post questions about football everyday, and all you have to do is reply to those questions.  There is a website to track all your stats and see all the current leaders.  This contest will end January 12, 2010, and while that seems like a long time away, the stakes are very, VERY high.

The first place winner will win (2) tickets to the Pro Bowl with all expenses paid.  The second to fifth place winners will win an autographed football from Ray Lewis, and the sixth to tenth place winners will all win $15 iTunes gift cards.

The full contest rules can be read here, and may the best man win.  If you’re willing to compete with me, I’m currently #9 in the leaderboards (@theone1007).

Madden NFL 10 From EA Out Now

EA’s latest sports offering, Madden NFL 10, has launched at a sale price of $7.99. It’s appropriate to see such a large franchise as Madden NFL to come to the iPhone, and it brings real players and NFL teams to the playing field. If you’ve been waiting for an authentic football experience on the app store, this may be what you’re looking for.

Some highlights from the overview of the app are almost 300 available plays, and managing rosters for teams with a total of almost 2000 players available.  We’ll have full details about NFL 10 in our review shortly.

This sale ends today at 8:30 pm EST, so if you’re planning on picking it up with a discount you’ll need to be quick.  It will be bumped up to $9.99 at that time.

Football fans may also want to take note in Gameloft trying to steal EA Mobile’s thunder with their football game.  NFL 2010 is on sale now for only $2.99.  We gave it a buy recommendation and think it’s a worthy purchase at the sale price.



Gameloft Sells Over 6 Million Games on the App Store

Gameloft announced today that they have sold over 6 million games on the app store.  This is quite an achievement especially when considering the fact that the app store has only been in existence for just over one year!  Gameloft has consistently delivered quality, polished games at an affordable price.  They are also currently working on implementing an online system for their games (Gameloft Live!).  Gameloft provided us with a list of their top selling games in 2009:

· Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (App Store) – A thrilling 3D open-world crime epic that lets players live the life of an L.A. gangster by taking on missions, exploring the city, escaping from police and challenging rival gang members.

· NFL 2010 (US and Canada App Stores)– A 100% authentic NFL experience with real teams, real players and real action that lets players lead their team through an entire season and battle to win The Super Bowl.

· Guitar Rock Tour 2 (App Store) – A rhythm-based game that immerses players into the rock n’ roll world of stardom with the  choice to play with guitar or drum instruments Features an explosive licensed track list of songs such as “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”, “Call Me” and “Paranoid.”

· The Oregon Trail (App Store)– The classic re-make of the popular Apple II game that captures the youthful hearts of gamers and allows players to embark on the most exciting journey in American history!

· Real Tennis 2009 (App Store) – A realistic simulation game that allows players to live the life of a tennis pro and play on famous courts around the world.

· Let’s Golf! (App Store) – The best 3D family golf game that lets you discover a fun and colorful atmosphere. The intuitive gameplay makes it accessible to everyone. .

· Assassin’s Creed: Atlair’s Chronicles (App Store) – The prequel to the critically acclaimed console title that captivate players with intense adventures and takes place during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land.

· UNO (App Store) The world famous card game is faithfully reproduced for iPhone and features exciting new rules. In single or multiplayer mode, playing UNO™ with friends has never been so fun and easy.

· Terminator Salvation (App Store) – A 3D third person shooting game that plunges players into an action packed sci-fi world where you play as Resistance leader, John Connor and take out hordes of enemies to defend the human race.

Please join us in congratulating Gameloft on a job well done thus far!  We look forward to many more great titles in the future and are excitedly awaiting Modern Combat: Sandstorm which should be arriving soon.

NFL 2010 Getting Update Treatment

Gameloft promised to update their game NFL 2010, but Gameloft is usually known for never updating their games.  They promised a multiplayer update for Ferrarri GT Evolution, but we have yet to see that update surface.  Well good news folks, Gameloft has just announced on their Twitter that the first update for NFL 2010 will arrive in a week.

NFL 2010 Game Update in 1 week includes: Vick, Favre, NFL RSS Feed, improved offense/defense AI, more plays, players headshots, & much more!

This is definitely good news since a lot of people did have issues with the game.  While we thought the game was a solid football experience, others had problems with the controls and some camera angle problems.  With Madden on its way, NFL 2010 is definitely in for some competition, and it’s good to see that Gameloft is actually updating their games with worthy updates for once.  Expect the update in about 1-2 weeks.

First Screens of Madden 2010

UPDATE: EA Mobile has just released some information regarding Madden.  The iPhone version will include trading to make your own team along with stats and other cool features.  A new feature that sounds very cool is making your own play by drawing receiver routes; a feature we have never seen before even on the console version (Madden ’09).

EA Mobile has just released screenshots of Madden for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and while they are only screenshots, there’s a lot that can be deducted from them.  Personally, I think that NFL 2010 looks a lot better graphics-wise, and Madden does need some improvement in that department.

Control scheme looks very similar to that of NFL 2010, but instead of the game pausing and waiting for you to chose an action, the game seems to be all real-time.  The 6 control buttons on the right while running looks like they are buttons for spinning, juking right, juking left, etc.  Passing seems to work by tapping the receiver; red meaning not likely to catch and green meaning very likely to catch.  There should be very minimal differences between controls.

The roster for Madden seems to be very updated seeing that Michael Vick is playing for the Eagles and Brett Favre is playing for the Minnesota Vikings.  Of course, Gameloft has promised to update the rosters in their game NFL 2010, and if they do, Madden doesn’t really stand out in terms of players and updated rosters.

Graphics for Madden seem to be a lot worse than NFL, and it definitely needs some polish and some shine to it.  Right now, the screenshots look very dull and for lack of a better word ugly.  Sure it’s 3D and all, but the colors for the game definitely need to be improved in terms of brightness.  It’s a little disappointing to see the graphics in this shape, but of course, the game is always subject to change.

From the screenshots, it doesn’t look like Madden offers anything different or better than NFL 2010.  Of course, we’ll have to see how the game plays out, but the screenshots were a little disappointing for me.  Madden is rumored to be released in September, and a month is definitely a long time to improve the graphics and brighten up the atmosphere.  If the game is released for more than $4.99, it’s going to be hard to see which one rises to the top: the classic or the copy.