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‘Pocket Legends’ Updated with PvP, Trading, and more

Pocket Legends is becoming more and more like a real MMORPG.  With the 1.2 update, Pocket Legends has added player vs. player matches, trading between individuals, and new elixirs to temporarily boost the stats of your character.  This is definitely one of the largest updates so far, and it brings Pocket Legends to the next level.

Along with PvP and secure trading, Pocket Legends is now a universal app.  This means that there is one app for both the iPhone and iPad clients, and you won’t need to search for different applications for both devices.  This is definitely much more convenient for everyone across the board, and it’s a move that was necessary.

I haven’t had a chance to play the PvP yet, but here’s a developer video of the PvP in action.  For more information about the update, be sure to check out their website.

‘Pocket Legend MMO’ for iPad, What We were Waiting for?

I’ll admit it right here and right now: the iPad games haven’t wowed me one bit.  They really haven’t.  The apps seem to be the ones that have taken the spotlight, and the games are definitely slacking; most of them are just running at a higher resolution with little or no changes to the gameplay.  There are some games like Mirror’s Edge that have got me saying,”Cool”, but again, nothing has wowed me until now.

And this game may just be what separates iPad gaming from iPhone gaming.  Let’s face this fact: MMOs don’t work on the iPhone.  Text-based are ok, but I’m talking about fully 3D MMOs, fighting with a party, leveling up your stats, and all the glory that comes with a MMORPG found on the Internet.

The MMORPGs I’ve tried on the iPhone just don’t work; I don’t want to play an MMO on my iPhone.  I’m going to say this again: MMOs don’t work on the iPhone.

And I say this again: the iPad may be the answer to MMOs on Apple’s devices.  Pocket Legends for iPad definitely proves that the iPad can handle much higher graphics and animations, and the screenshots alone had me wowing and my eyes popping.

But it seems like iPhone versions are coming for Pocket Legends, so we know that when you’re outside you can still level up your character.  But when it comes to sitting down at home, I would definitely prefer the iPad over the iPhone.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but MMOs (real ones) may just be the reason iPad gaming is better than the iPhone.

Pocket Legends for iPad is priced at free, so for those planning on waking up early for one tomorrow, this is definitely one you should check out.  Like right now.

GraalOnline Classic, PC Port to the iPhone and Free

GraalOnline Classic has made its pathway to the App Store, and best of all, it’s free.  The game is published by Eurocenter, the makers of great online games like Ace Tennis and DinoSmash Online.  GraalOnline Classic is a full featured, retro MMO that isn’t text-based like the others.

For anyone looking for MMO on the iPhone, this is definitely worth a download for free.  PC fans should be quite happy with its release, and while there are some small bugs, they have all been fixed in the version 1.1 update.  The game requires an Internet connection as with all MMOs, and the game supports 3G along with WiFi.

Fans of the PC game and even fans of RPGs should feel at home with this.  Here’s a hands-on video from the developer embedded below to see how the game looks and feels.

Outer Empires MMO Now Soaring On iPhones

We reported of this cross-platform MMO quite a while ago, including a hands-on preview around 3-4 months ago.  For those who have waited, your wait was definitely worth it as an open world MMO has arrived for only $1.99.  It’s definitely a lot cheaper than I expected, and you have the ability to play for free at any time.

The online, computer version of the game can be found here, and if you chose to subscribe, you will receive double the experience and gold.  It’s definitely a good deal for all iPhone gamers, but the original subscription plan was still a lot cheaper than most MMOs.

You can check out our preview of the game here, and if you can’t wait at all, you can check out the game here.  Outer Empires MMO is available for $1.99.

Hands-On With Outer Empires for iPhone

Paul Hutson and his team of absolute geniuses have been working hard to bring their new MMO (massive multiplayer online) game Outer Empires.  While I’ve never played an online game like this, it’s definitely a new experience that I quite enjoy.  It’s hard to believe when people promise an MMO on the iPhone that’s not text-based, but I am here to assure you that this is a non-text based MMO.

In Outer Empires, you have the ability to do almost anything.  At first, you will find a jobs screen where you will chose which jobs to accomplish and whatnot.  Most of the jobs are just delivering some items from one station to another, and this can be accomplished by tapping on the location you want to go.  Once you progress through the game, there are other things you can do like mine, form guilds/factions, and other little things.  While I haven’t quite yet reached the mining/guild state, it’s definitely something that sounds fantastic.

The controls for the game work pretty well as there aren’t many complicated movements or gestures that need to be executed.  Simply tap the screen and press a big button to move, or you can just press on a designated location and your ship will go on “autopilot” to the designated location.  The iPhone version has translated the computer controls very well, and it doesn’t even feel different at all.

Outer Empires has some pretty hefty graphics, and while they aren’t as detailed as Assassin’s Creed or other high-end 3D games, it’s definitely more than adequate.  I would rather have a full MMO with okay graphics than a text-based MMO with beautiful menu designs.  On the browser, graphics are a little bit more detailed and stand out a little bit more, but other than that, the iPhone and web versions are about the same.  It never ceases to amaze me how an iPhone version of this MMO came to be, scaling down every planet to fit the iPhone’s screen is a feat that is unimaginable in my mind.

All in all, Outer Empires is definitely something you should look out for.  I believe the iPhone version will be free for users, and you will be able to level up to level 10 without paying a single penny.  Once you reach level 10, you will still be able to play and whatnot, but your level will not rise any more until you pay the meager $3.99 a month.  Personally, $3.99 a month is definitely one of the cheapest monthly prices I have ever encountered with an MMO, most go from $10-$13 a month.  Anywho, Outer Empires has been submitted to the App Store, and while you’re waiting, check out the browser version and make an account.

The browser version can be found here, and you will be able to create an account and start playing.  Also, check out the iPhone trailer below to get a feel for the game and how it will play.