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MiniSquadron Special Edition now available, and it’s free?!

The sequel to last year’s surprise hit “MiniSquadron” has just been released on the app store and it’s available for free.  That’s right, no strings attached folks.  Here’s a listing of MiniSquadron Special Edition’s features:

  • 8 brand new levels, beautifully drawn and each accompanied with a track by more dead composers
  • Helicopters which hover – providing new gameplay opportunities
  • Over 50 more planes to unlock
  • 2 new power ups: “Rapid Fire” and “Freeze”
  • A new weapon – Fireballs!
  • More animals to shoot down – including Jellyfish, Vampires, and Hamsters!
  • OpenFeint Achievements!

While the core game itself is indeed free, it appears the developer MrFungFung has chosen to go the “Freemium” route by offering additional level packs for the modest price of $0.99 each.  If you enjoy the game, as many of you no doubt will, why not support this critically acclaimed developer with an in-app purchase?

Fox vs. Duck: An Interview with Tak Fung

This interview was made possible by Tyler, the lead of our forums.  You can find her as DGH94 on the forums, and you can also contact her at tyler@nodpad.com.

Fox vs. Duck is the latest creation from the developer of Mini Squadron, so we decided to try and catch up with Tak Fung and see what his new title was all about.

NoDPad: Where did you come up with the idea for MiniSquadron and FoxVsDuck?

Tak Fung: I had the idea for MiniSquadron a long time ago, mainly taking inspiration from old shoot-em-up games on the Amiga such as Bip, Jetstrike and similar games. I wanted to take that and combine it with a Pokemon style “Collect-em-all” feeling to get people excited about all these little planes they could have on their iPod/iPhone!

Fox Vs Duck was a completely different beast, and it was a simple idea suggested by a friend and from a really old mathematical puzzle. The idea with Fox Vs Duck was to make a super simple game mechanic, and with a really distinctive style to push the boundaries of what I can do. We really want to distinguish this from the crowd and thats why we went for the super minimalistic approach.

NP: Any possibilities of updates to either of them?

TF: Fox Vs Duck will be receiving future updates with extra bits and pieces. Its such a small game that it’s really easy and fun to keep adding to it.

NP: Before the iPhone, what other platforms/languages did you code for?

TF: Before iPhone I coded games for XBox360, PS3 and PC. They all use C/C++ as the main language for coding, although I’ve used Python, melscript and various other languages for building tools.

NP: Any thoughts on the iPad? Followup: Are you thinking of creating any iPad specific games?

TF: I don’t actually have an iPad as I live in the UK, but my thoughts on it generally is that it appears to be a super nice “eBook Reader Plus”, and it will compete with devices in that sector, not with Netbooks. I may think of actually making some specific games once I get my hands on one to play with to get inspiration!

NP: With OS 4.0 just recently announced, what features are you hoping for?

TF: I’m fairly happy with my lot, I really dig the SDK as it is and to be honest apart form some general speed ups and optimisations I don’t really have that much to push for.

NP: Any closing thoughts?

TF: Just want to thank the guys who have helped support me so far, and that I will hope to continue to make even greater games and fun things! One thing is for sure – the iPod/iPhone will be my primary platform to develop for!

Thank you Tak Fung for your time!  If you’re interested in picking up Fox vs. Duck, you can find it on the App Store for only $0.99.

‘MiniSquadron’ from MrFungFung Free Today

The Appvent Calendar reveals a free iPhone game everyday, yesterday’s game being Imp or Oaf and today’s being MiniSquadron.  You can find out about new free games through their website, and each game will only be free for one day.  There will be a free game everyday until Christmas, which is just around the corner.

We wrote about the release of the free lite version yesterday, but we never thought of the full version going free.  When we reviewed MiniSquadron, the rating came out to be a Must Have as one heck of a casual game.  While I have yet to try out the game myself, it looks to be a solid game for free.  If you haven’t already, I suggest you download the full version before the price changes back.

Check back at the Appvent Calendar tomorrow for tomorrow’s free iPhone game of the day.

Lite Version Roundup: iBlast Moki, The Settlers, and More

Lite versions are definitely beneficial as seen from the success of iShoot and Assassin’s Creed; both of which boosted considerably in sales in correspondence with the lite version gaining popularity.  And with that said, Gameloft has been releasing lite free versions of all their games while other developers have been following the demo model.

Here’s a small roundup of the recently released lite versions, and almost all are worth a download.  If you’re too lazy (like me) to download the lite versions, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy all of these games.


Most should be worth your time and download.  If you don’t like it, there’s nothing really other than to delete it; and if you do, support the developer and buy the game.  Most of the games listed above are less than or equal to $4.99, a quite reasonable price.

MiniSquadron Review: A Fun, Hectic Dogfighting Game

Indie developers never cease to amaze me with what they manage to create, and Tak Fung’s game MiniSquadron easily falls into that category. This aerial combat game may have cutesy, unimpressive graphics, but once you get into the game the art style feels very natural. There are planes of all shapes, colors, sizes, and all of them have in-depth, detailed statistics about their speed, turning, armor, weapon type, and more. If you’re looking for an epic aerial battle I suggest you look no further, as MiniSquadron will definitely satisfy your craving for blasting planes out of the sky.


Craft Selection: There are so many planes you can unlock and play with that it’s insane. There are eight different types of planes, and seven different planes of each type. If you do the math, that’s fifty-six planes you can unlock. Each type of plane has a different maximum speed, aerodynamic speed, armor rating, size, turning rate, reload time, and weapon type.

Weapons Variety: The seven weapons in the game are the cannon, double cannon, triple cannon, homing missile, cluster bomb, drop bomb, and laser. Each plane has its own set weapon, so you cannot customize your planes – you must pick one that you have unlocked. However, in my opinion seven weapons in a game is a nice amount – not too much that you’ll get swamped with choices, and not too much that you’ll feel it has no variety. The weapons all shoot and affect enemies differently too, so weapons can also be used based on the player’s style of fighting.

Power-Ups: There are numerous power-ups in the game, and they help when your little plane is in dire need of support. Each of them is a differently colored star, so you are supposed to memorize their effects. I would have liked some type of image indicator of what power-up I was picking up, but they work fine as they are. I

In addition, more lives can be gained by picking up a red heart that floats around the screen. Sometimes I get frustrated, as it seems the heart is purposely flying away for me, which is the effect that I think the developers wanted to give. Enemies can also use power-ups, so if you see one it’s best to get it ASAP, or you may find yourself in deep trouble.

Controls: The controls are simple and I love them. A virtual joystick controls your plane on the left, and your move it around to fly, loop, and dodge. On the right, a fire button well… makes your plane shoot. Very self-explanatory, very simple, and very easy to use.


Enemy AI: It seems that the enemies in the game are either really stupid or insanely smart. On some levels I would completely decimate a ton of planes, and then a plane of the same type would be smarter and evade all of my shots while hitting my plane accurately with his shots. It’s not a big problem, but the unstable AI sometimes gets on my nerves.

Once again, I must reiterate that if you like dogfighting or aerial combat games at all, MiniSquadron is the game for you. It’s a polished, high-quality game that will last you a good length of time. If the developer has any updates planned in the future, that would make this fun game even better.


MiniSquadron was developed by Tak Fung, and I played through version 1.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $2.99.