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First Look at Medieval

Medieval is a castle defense game that features a choice of 8 weapons from multiple arrows to boulders and bomb arrows.  It also has 6 types of troops from cavalry to catapults.  It looks quite decent and very polished, but does it have what it takes to become a winner?

Gameplay is a castle defense game where you defend your flag against the incoming onrush of enemy soldiers.  You have a ballistae/crossbow you use to shoot down the enemy before they reach your castle.  Other obstacles like enemy catapults attack your castle, and your castle gets broken/rundown after a certain amount of hits taken from either the archers or the catapult.  Once you gather enough money by killing the troops, you can upgrade your arrows and train troops to battle the opponent.  I’m not sure how many levels this game includes, but I do know that even 4 levels takes a very long time to beat.  Each level takes around 15-30 minutes to complete even with the strongest of weapons, and sometimes you may not even win.  Medieval offers 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard; but I found that even easy was quite difficult.

Graphics are absolutely gorgeous in this game.  Although it can clearly be seen that it’s pre-rendered, they are very crisp looking nonetheless.  The loading screen in the beginning of the game is very nicely designed and the quality is absolutely wonderful.  These graphics are probably the best available for a castle defense game, and the design is very well done.

All in all, this game delivers some entertaining castle defense, but it is very difficult.  I found the controls to be ok, but some people have complained that they are a little too small for big fingers.  The levels themselves are very difficult, even on easy mode, and this game may not be appealing to casual gamers.  The graphics are very nicely done, and the variation of arrows are nice, but the game is, again, very difficult.  Of course updates can fix this, but the current version is just a little difficult to complete.  I also found the game to be a tad bit repetitive, but not enough to actually make this game become a burden.  For me, this game seems to have a lot of potential, and it does deliver a somewhat addictive gameplay.  I can’t say I recommend it, but I can say that if you have $2.99 to spend, this game is worth a look.

The price is $2.99, and the creators are Brisk Mobile Inc.