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AppleMagazine Launches on Apple Newsstand, Now Called TechLife News

A growing startup digital publication, AppleMagazine, has been available on Zinio since late 2011. However, just a few days ago the publication has finally hit the Apple Newsstand and is available to download form the App Store as TechLife News. Each issue will set you back $3.99/$4.99, but you can subscribe from within the app if you want additional cost savings.

What makes AppleMagazine or TechLife News stand out is it is really the only publication that focuses on Apple without specifying either iOS devices or Mac products. This means, you will be able to read technical articles explaining Mac or iOS functionality, industry news about Apple in general, and features based on particular products coming from Apple or Apple’s rivals (with comparisons). The other thing that makes it stand out is that it is a current magazine published weekly.

Most other publications only publish once per month, so the news may not be so current anymore by the time the edition hits print shelves or the digital landscape. However, there is a new issue of AppleMagazine every week with up-to-date news and behind-the-scenes info about Apple.

The digital publication started its life in Brazil, but now has a team of graphic designers and writers from all over the world. Each issue is packed with unique content and digital graphic design that is second to none. AppleMagazine/TechLife News is also a publication, like The Daily, that was designed with the iPad in mind as the future device of content consumption and journalism.

You can grab TechLife News here from the App Store for free.