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Konami and IUGO Year-End Sale

The following list of games are on sale from Konami for Christmas until the year ends.  I would probably pick up Krazy Kart and Metal Gear Solid Touch from the list along with Tomena Sanner, all three being great deals for only $0.99.

IUGO’s list is compiled with many of our reviewed titles, and most are worth getting at the dropped price.

Of the list, I would have to say Cliffed, Implode, and Zombie Attack! Second Wave.  All three are very well done in IUGO’s recent lineup, and all received a Buy rating from us.

Dance Dance Revolution S Drops to the Bargain Bin

Konami originally brought Dance Dance Revolution S to the iPhone back in March at the price of $6.99.  If you’ve held off buying until now, the price has dropped to only $0.99.

Dance Dance Revolution S features gameplay that’s very similar to the arcade and console versions of the popular music series.  As arrows come down the screen, you need to tap them in time with the rhythm of the music to score points and create streaks.

For $0.99, this may be a good break for those looking to take some time off from Tap Tap Revenge.  Check out Dance Dance Revolution S on the app store now, before the price rises back up.