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Chillingo Starting ’12 Days of Christmas’ Celebration with iBomber Defense Sale

Chillingo—now a subsidiary of EA and publishers of popular iDevice games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Helsing’s Fire and Predators—is set to start Christmas early for gamers with a celebration. The celebration has already kicked off with iBomber Defense going on sale for a $.99, and today’s surprise is a Christmas update for Billabong Surf Trip, presumably adding a Secret Santa surfer for you to discover.  And as it gets closer to Christmas Day, more collaborations between Chillingo and developers should take place with more sales as a result. There will also be some announcements made and giveaways.

Chillingo has a list of updates in regards to this celebration on their 12 days of Christmas log.

We’ll keep you posted throughout their 12 Days of Christmas promotion.