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Squeenix Releases ‘Hills and Rivers Remain’ for iPhone

Square Enix has been relatively quiet on the App Store, and most of their titles like Sliding Heroes have been more disappointing than exciting.  We can only hope the opposite for their new release Hills and Rivers Remain, a real-time strategy game based during the medieval era.

Good news is that Square Enix has released a lite version alongside the full version, making for quite a deal.  At a price tag of $6.99, not many are willing to buy yet another Square Enix game on the iPhone with so many other titles that compete.  But again, releasing a lite version at launch is always helpful to the consumer to help them truly decide whether to purchase the game or not.

We should have a review for the game, but for now check out the lite version along with some of the screenshots reproduced below.  The full version is priced competitively at $6.99, and the lite version is free.  According to the product description, the game includes an epic story campaign along with a free mode, also known as a skirmish mode.  New maps will be released periodically also, but these being DLC or free update is unknown.