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iPad RPG Bonanza: Chaos Rings & Heavy Mach. 2 go HD

RPG fans rejoice! At least, the ones who own iPads. Two excellent iPhone RPGs have received the HD treatment and have landed on the app store. Square Enix has released Chaos Rings HD, an iPad version of their epic mobile RPG and probably the finest RPG in the app store. This upgraded version features redrawn graphics taking full advantage of the iPad’s beautiful 1024x768px display. Chaos Rings was already one of the iPhone’s prettiest games, and now it’s one of the prettiest titles on the iPad. The iPhone version received our coveted Must Have rating when we reviewed it earlier in the year. Even at a steep $15.99, gamers would be fools to pass this one by.

As if Chaos Rings HD weren’t excitement enough, IndieAn has also released an HD version of their excellent mech-based Action RPG Heavy Mach. 2, which also received a Must Have rating when we reviewed it in January. Heavy Mach. 2 HD has been completely redesigned for the iPad, with an overhauled interface, new enemies, new abilities and more, making it the definitive version of the game. Lay hands on this gigantic mech epic for just $2.99!

And for what it’s worth — while we’re on the subject of iPad RPGs — we also loved The War of Eustrath HD, reviewed in June.