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GT Racing Review: Splutters Here, Splutters There

Racing isn’t an unknown sport in the App Store; we’ve seen the likes of Real Racing, Asphalt 5, and Need for Speed Shift all in a matter of months.  And while there’s still no Gran Turismo, we’ve received some rather awesome alternatives to the popular racing franchise.

Heck, we’ve even got Ridge Racer Accelerated on the iPhone, and while it’s sloppy, it shows that big names are slowly drifting into Apple’s kingdom.  So what makes the no-name, copy-cat racing game GT Racing so great?  What makes it so different from the rest?  The point of reviews is to save you some money, right?  Say what’s good and say what’s bad…

And while you may be tempted to buy GT Racing for its aesthetics, I must say that the gameplay is a bit broken compared to other racing games such as Real Racing or Need for Speed Shift.  It is a solid sim racer, but some flaws really keep GT Racing from finishing in first and receiving the gold.


Graphics: As with all Gameloft games, the graphics are outstanding.  And they started to add some blur effects into their recent racing games, so on my iPhone 3GS, the game looks even better.  The different environments are also well put together, and GT Racing delivered exactly what I was suspecting.

User Interface: This has to be the best part of the whole, entire game.  GT Racing sports some nice, large buttons for you to touch along with a shiny user interface to feast your eyes upon.  The large buttons were very appealing, and I must say that GT Racing has one of the best user interfaces in an iPhone game.  Gameloft did a great job with implementing the UI, and I am mightily impressed.

Content: All Gameloft racing games have a considerable amount of content, but they certainly went all out in GT Racing.  I bet you all that you will not be able to finish the game in 10 hours, as each race lasts around 4-5 minutes, and there are around 3 races in each championship, and around 4 championships in one division.  And to top that off, there are a total of 4 divisions, and I’ll bet you anything that there will be more laps in each division, meaning more time to complete it all.

In conclusion, GT Racing is jam-packed with content; the most I’ve ever seen in a racing game.  If you’re looking for content, look no further: this is the most content-filled game you will find on the App Store.

Cars: They weren’t kidding when they stated that there are over 100 different licensed cars in the game; GT Racing is filled with so many different cars.  If you’re a car type of guy just like me, then you would stand in awe at the amount of cars put into this game.  Of course, you’ll have to work to buy some of them, but it’s nice to see Gameloft licensing so many cars.


Touch Controls: The touch controls were way too insensitive, meaning that I had to push hard onto my iPhone screen to get atleast some sort of response.  There are accelerometer and wheel control methods, but neither one is my preferable method.  I usually love using the touch controls in any racing game, and the ones here just feel… unrealistic.

Difficulty: GT Racing doesn’t have a punishing difficulty, but the difficulty here is the fact that you’ll never achieve 1st place in a race; it’s impossible.  That’s right, I’ve tried more than 5 times to try and achieve first place in just ONE race, and my attempts were futile.  You make one mistake in a race and you’re basically done for, and achieving that first place trophy is far-fetched.  Maybe I need a better car, who knows, but the game right now is overly difficult.

AI: You have to be perfect or else this AI will pass you up; that’s the main problem I have with this game.  You have to be perfect, you can’t get off the track, and there is absolutely no room for error.  I guess you could say that that is frustrating, and for those looking for a 1st place trophy will have to invest large amounts of time into the game.

Guidelines: The green arrows directing you where to go and how to achieve the best results… they’re not very visible.  This is a small problem I had with this game, but it’s one worth mentioning.  The ones in Need for Speed Shift are very visible and very noticeable, but the ones in GT Racing almost look like it’s blended into the street.

So why should you get GT Racing?  You have Real Racing, Need for Speed Shift, and Asphalt 5, so what’s so different about GT Racing?  And to that question I would have a one-word answer: nothing.  There’s nothing that makes GT Racing stand out above the rest, and while it’s jam-packed with content along with tons of licensed cars, it’s basically just another sim racer.  The difficulty, touch controls, and other small issues also make this title fall short of the number one rankings.

But I must give credit where credit is due: if you’re dying for another racer, GT Racing is solid.  It will provide you with some moments of fun and enjoyment.  If you’re not dying for another racer though, then it would best be to skip this title.  And for first-time iPhone and iPod Touch users, I would have to say buy Real Racing and Need for Speed Shift first before buying any other sim racer.

GT Racing was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.3.7 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $6.99.

Realistic Racer GT Racing Ready for Revving

Gameloft‘s latest game, GT Racing, has just been released. It’s a simulation racer that will definitely appeal to fans of Real Racer or the Gran Turismo series. GT Racing is loaded with 24 licensed manufacturers, and over 100 real cars.

GT Racing comes with an expansive career mode that will keep you very busy. The graphics are also very impressive, and really give Real Racing a run for its money. Other notable features are uploading videos to Youtube, customizing your cars, and online play.  If you are a fan of sim racers, this is one game you should be checking out. Here’s the link on the app store for GT Racing, and watch for our review shortly.  Gameloft’s trailer and screenshots from the game are below.

Gameloft News: NOVA Receives Release Date, GT Racing Gameplay Trailer

NOVA is one of the best looking first-person shooters as seen in the screenshots, and it’s no wonder that it’s easily one of the most hyped.  Personally, I’m more than excited for this title, which has promised to ship with online multiplayer and many other missions and weapons.

NOVA is suppose to be somewhat of a knockoff of Halo on the consoles, and while Gameloft hasn’t been the most original, they definitely know what they’re doing.  NOVA looks absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait to play the game.  A new gameplay trailer has been embedded above.

GT Racing, on the other hand, strays far, far away from the first-person shooter genre to a more racing sim type of game, leaning towards the likes of Real Racing and Grand Turismo.  While it doesn’t look great, it looks good.  We’ll have more information on this title as they become available, and the release date is set for December.

Gameloft Teases Gamers, Releases Video for NOVA, GT Racing, and Tom Clancy’s HAWX

Gameloft is teasing iPhone gamers yet again, releasing a teaser video of NOVA along with a cinematic trailer for GT Racing and gameplay footage of HAWX.  NOVA is a futuristic first-person shooter set in an alien world, similar to Halo’s storyline and setting.  It was first demoed during an Apple event, and many iPhone gamers have become more than excited for its release.

GT Racing, on the other hand, is a racing game in the veins of Real Racing and Gran Turismo, taking on the sim racer genre rather than the arcade racer.  Little is known about this game so far, and screenshots are nonexistent at this moment.  In an attempt to interest gamers, Gameloft has released a cinematic trailer for the game, showing some licensed cars including the Audi R8 and different environments including snow.  GT Racing is expected for a December release.

The NOVA teaser video seems to show just cinematics in the beginning, but if you skip the end, you’ll start to notice some actual gameplay footage.  The video shows some very high-end graphics along with some gun action, similar to that of an Assault Rifle found in Halo.  Along with graphics, the teaser depicts the control scheme: a joystick along with action buttons on the right.  Enemies are also depicted in this trailer, showing some big, red aliens that seem to be similar to the Brutes found in Halo.

This video of Tom Clancy’s HAWX shows both cinematic and in-game footage, and it looks to be one of the premier dogfighting experiences on the iPhone.  We’ve seen many dogfighting attempts on the iPhone, including Metal Sun and F.A.S.T., and while HAWX won’t ship with online multiplayer, the campaign mode seems to be enough for an avid virtual dogfighter.  Tom Clancy’s HAWX will come with licensed planes including many of the planes you enjoy and love.

More information should become available, and we’ll keep you posted as the games develop.  All three games are expected to arrive December 2009; I expect before Christmas.