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Uggles: Christmas Edition Review: They’re Back In… White

Uggles.  What can I say, I’m a big fan of Uggles.  Bouncing and juggling fluffy balls have never been better than Uggles, and it’s the best “juggling fluffy balls” experience you’ll ever receive.  It’s also interesting to see them return in style, with Santa Hats and reindeer antlers to name a few of their new accessories.  While collecting the Uggles seem to be as easy as the first, some difficulty improvements have been made, adding some more achievements along with all new Uggles.


Design: Design looks good in Uggles, and there’s really nothing more to say about it.  The layout is clean, there aren’t any font miscues, and the UI is easy to understand and access.  It’s simple, but it definitely looks clean and well organized.  I never had a problem with design in Uggles, and the Christmas edition is basically the same.

New and Improved: This isn’t Uggles with just a Christmas skin on it, frogameleon has gone to the extent of improving the original Uggles and updating it.  For example, the original Uggles was extremely easy in terms of collecting achievements, and you could collect all of them in a matter of minutes.  Uggles: CE takes this to a new level though, with achievements for those risking to venture into the hard difficulty along with some other nifty achievements.  I’m glad the developer didn’t just put a Christmas skin to the original, it would have been disappointing if they did.

Christmas Theme: I thought the Christmas theme was very well done, including achievements that can only be unlocked if you play the game on Christmas.  The achievements were creative, the snowflakes were a nice background, and I thought frogameleon did a good job with spreading the theme throughout the entire game.  It’s one of the best Christmas-themed games yet, and the theme was very creatively spread.


Difficulty: The game is still too easy, and while the hard difficulty does provide some challenge, the achievements aren’t all that hard to achieve.  You’ll receive around 100 points right off the bat for playing the game, and another 50 or so for getting a score of 50 or better (on easy difficulty, that’s a cinch).  Easy difficulty was made easier, and the achievements were again, too easy to achieve.

Bouncing: The physics when bouncing the Uggle from one arm to the other was pretty poor in the first one, and the Christmas edition seems to fair no better.  This isn’t a major issue, but I just wish they would have improved the bounce effect.  It just seems pretty unrealistic when the Uggle touches the other Uggle’s arm, and it would be better if there was some sort of response in the arm.

Uggles: Christmas Edition is everything an Uggles fan could wish for.  There are some pretty minor flaws in the game, but overall, it was a blast to play.  If you’re a fan of Uggles at all, I suggest you go and pick up the Christmas edition for: 1) more achievements; 2) increased difficulty; 3) for fun.  I’m impressed with the Christmas edition, and I’m pretty sure most of you will enjoy this fresh and fluffy title.


Uggles: Christmas Edition was developed by frogameleon, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.