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‘Flight Control’ Adds Online Multiplayer With Voice Chat

Let the games begin.

After Firemint announced the imminent release of online multiplayer for one of their most popular games, they have seen it through with the update finally releasing.  The multiplayer is handled through Apple’s new social gaming platform GameCenter, and the update should be available worldwide.

Along with online multiplayer, Firemint has added the option of voice chat alongside it, so you’ll be able to chat with whoever is across the line battling against you.  This feature is only available in a handful of games, and from my testing of the voice chat, the quality was pretty clear and easy to use.

And if you haven’t picked up Flight Control yet, I suggest you pick it up now at only $0.99.

Flight Control HD Soon to Have Online Multiplayer

Firemint is adding an update for Flight Control HD on the iPad that will add online multiplayer via GameCenter when iOS 4.2 is released. Previously, Apple only added GameCenter with the 4.1 update for the iPhone4, iPhone 3gs, 2nd-4th gen iPod Touch and this was one of the most missed features for gamers on the iPad. With the coming release of iOS 4.2., iPad owners can look forward to new leaderboards, achievements, and multiplayer additions to games.

Flight Control HD will allow for both Wifi and Bluetooth multiplayer for versus and cooperative gameplay. The update will also add an iPad exclusive versus map.

Players will be able to invite friends, or choose to be automatically matched to a random player, according to Firemint. Some other features that will be added are achievements, leaderboards, and Multitasking support — making it easy for players to drop in and out of games. Firemint hopes to release the update around the time iOS 4.2 iPad launch.

Flight Control HD currently is selling for $4.99 as compared to $0.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch version but has added features such as new large-sized maps. The game combined air traffic control and line drawing becoming a huge hit on the App Store.

‘Flight Control’ Downloaded 3 Million Times

Well this is quite amazing.

Firemint has announced that more than three million copies of their infamous line-drawing game have been sold over a period of 18 months; Flight Control stayed within the top 30 paid apps chart for most of the time.

Along with selling over three million copies, Flight Control has landed more than two billion planes, which is 5,000 times more than the landings in L.A.X.  While I don’t see this type of runaway success appear for many games on the App Store, Flight Control’s success is well-deserved and still my favorite line-drawing game.

If this is your first time hearing about Flight Control, be sure to check out our review of Flight Control HD.  You can also check it out on the App Store for $0.99 and the iPad version for $4.99.

Top 5 Games for the iPhone 4 Retina Display

I’m sure that if you’re holding a new iPhone 4, you would want some games that go along with it.  So I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 games made specifically for the display, with higher detail in terms of graphics and much slicker in terms of design.

So if you’ve been looking for the best games for the iPhone 4, look no further.  Here are the top 5 games, in my opinion, that have been designed and created for the display.  I’ve also added two bonuses on the bottom for anyone looking for some other or more games.


NOVA is one of the best first-person shooters on the iPhone, and it was recently updated to support the iPhone 4 Retina display.  If you’re a fan of action at all, this is definitely worthy of a pick up.

Zen Bound 2

Much like NOVA, it was recently updated to support iOS 4 and Apple’s new screen.  The graphics look absolutely amazing on the new device, and it’s definitely a game that’s good for the soul, not just the mind.  For $2.99, this is also one of the best deals on the App Store.

Flight Control

From the Australian developer Firemint, Flight Control is an App Store classic.  If you haven’t picked it up, then I suggest you go on right ahead and buy it.  It’s only $0.99, and content is enough to last you months.

Real Racing

The best, most realistic racing sim is also designed for the iPhone 4, making for quite a ride.  The graphics have been greatly improved, and it actually looks much better than any PSP racing game I’ve ever seen.

Bugdom 2

I think Pangea Software and their game Bugdom 2 is one of the most underrated developers and games in the App Store.  I do see their games rising to the top, but that’s only once they’ve hit $0.99.  Pangea Software delivers top-notch Mac games for the iPhone, and being a fan of Bugdom 2 for the computer, the iPhone counterpart has been perfectly ported.

Bonus: Carcassonne and Archetype

Carcassonne is a board game that’s been ported over to the iPhone, and it includes a competent AI along with online multiplayer with push notifications.  It caught the fancy of our reviewer Hope, and I’m definitely enjoying it.  It also supports the display, which makes the best even better.

As for Archetype, Archetype is an online multiplayer first-person shooter deathmatch.  While I would have liked to see some more stuff in there, as a whole, Archetype is fun for a few hours and is worth looking into.

If we missed any of your favorites, be sure to post them in the comments.

Jump on the Wagon: ‘Real Racing’ and ‘Flight Control’ Updated for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is only two days away from official release, and I’ll be standing in line starting 4 AM at a local mall.  Of course, the days just don’t seem to be able to run any faster, and things like these make me even more excited.

Firemint has updated both their games Real Racing and Flight Control to have improved graphics on the iPhone 4.  The Retina display boasts of 4 times more pixels (check out our post here about the iPhone 4), which makes the iPhone 4 possess the highest resolution screen of any smartphone or mobile device.

With that said, I obviously haven’t tested out any of them yet.  Real Racing also was updated with gyroscopic support, which should add a lot more precision to the accelerometer controls.  While I’m still a bit confused with how the gyroscope will work, I’m eager to try out all these new features.

The updates for Real Racing and Flight Control are also optimized for iOS 4, so if you’ve been having problems, they should be fixed by now.  I’ve had to delete and reinstall both of them, though, because they crashed upon launching them.  It’s not a big deal, but just a word of warning to those thinking about installing the updates.

Real Racing

  • Gorgeous new graphics perfect for showing off the Retina display with high resolution textures, more detailed car interiors, improved track graphics, beautifully updated menus and exceptionally smooth graphical performance on iPhone 4
  • Even more responsive and accurate controls on iPhone 4, with three-axis gyro support in addition to accelerometer
  • Smoother graphics on iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3 with iOS4 anti-aliasing
  • Support for iOS4 multitasking on compatible devices: switch effortlessly between your favourite apps
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

Flight Control

  • Flight Control looks better than ever before on iPhone 4, with crisp high resolution graphics optimised for the Retina display
  • Multitasking on compatible iOS 4 devices: switch effortlessly between your favourite apps
  • Multi-mode fast forward system is now better demonstrated in the game. Tap once for “safe fast forward”, or tap twice for “locked fast forward”.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

The update is available now for all devices.  If you haven’t purchased these yet, Flight Control costs $0.99 and Real Racing $4.99.