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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review: The Best First-Person Shooter on the App Store

The first-person shooter genre has, for the most part, been solely owned by Gameloft on the App Store.  With their Halo-clone series NOVA and their Call of Duty-clone series, Gameloft has continually shown that even though they tend to rip off a lot of ideas, their games are enjoyable and have a lot of depth to them.

The trend continues with Modern Combat 3, a fully functional first-person shooter with online multiplayer and a pretty lengthy campaign mode.

Modern Combat 3 contains 12 total singe player missions, each taking around 20 minutes to complete.  The online multiplayer features a ton of different weapons, skills, attachments, accessories (grenades, sticky grenades, mines, etc.), and weapon kits, all alongside the new military support such as bomber, airstrike, radar, and nuke.

There are a total of seven different online multiplayer modes and six maps, and quite honestly, they’ve improved the multiplayer maps a lot from the maps in Modern Combat 2.  They’re a lot larger and have a lot more hiding spots, making it much more suspenseful than the previous game in the series.

All in all, Modern Combat 3 is one fantastic game.


Graphics: The graphics in Modern Combat 3 are insane.  I never knew my iPad 2 could handle this detail, let alone have that detail transfer into a 12-player online multiplayer mode.  The work they’ve done in the graphical department is absolutely fantastic, and even though I thought that Gameloft would not be able to improve the graphics of Modern Combat 2, they’ve proven me wrong yet again.

Online multiplayer: I love how they added new things into the online multiplayer such as military support and new weapons and such, making this the most addictive online multiplayer experience on the App Store.  It comes very close to console quality in terms of how much variety there is to the multiplayer, and I’m in utter awe at how well of a job Gameloft has done with the multiplayer.  It’s extremely fun, well-balanced, well-varied, and overall just a blast to play for hours at a time.  There are a few gripes I have with it though, but I’ll get to that later.

Universal: I love Gameloft’s decision to make all of their future games universal, and I’m really enjoying the online multiplayer on both my iPad and my iPhone.


Bugs, Disconnections, etc.: The thing about the online multiplayer is that it doesn’t work all the time, and there are some times when you’re sitting at your desk continually trying to connect to the server with no avail.  It does get frustrating sometimes, and while the multiplayer is brilliant for most of the time, there are those few times when it refuses to budge.

Lag: For some reason, the game lags heavily on my iPhone 4, both online and off.  I don’t think the iPhone 4 is THAT old of a device, and it should be running quite smoothly.  But alas, Modern Combat 3 seems to be just too much for my “old” device, and for those of you out there with an iPhone 4, here’s a word of warning for you.

File size: The game is slightly over 1 GB of memory, and it takes quite a long time to download.  Just keep in mind that you’ll need to clear up some space for an app this size, and be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes for it to fully download and install.

Modern Combat 3 is absolutely brilliant, and I find myself continually playing the online multiplayer everyday.  The single player is also quite robust and diverse, giving Modern Combat 3 a well-balanced gameplay between shooting bad guys and mini-games, such as shooting soldiers on an AC-130.  Anyhow, if you haven’t picked this game up yet, I suggest you to do so right away no matter the price.  This is one you shouldn’t miss.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2.  The price is $6.99.

‘Overkill’: A Great Way to Earn A Lot of GameCenter Achievements

If you haven’t noticed already, Overkill is sitting on the #1 free spot in the App Store so far.  So, the Curious George inside of me decided, “What the heck do I have to lose?”

And quite frankly, I did lose one thing: nearly five hours of my time.  Overkill has become this weekend’s most played game on my iPhone, and while it’s a shame that it doesn’t quite work on the iPad 2, they have claimed that an update is coming.

But that’s not the best part: Overkill contains 84 different achievements, all of which are fairly easy given you have enough time to unlock all of them.  As I type, I’ve unlocked 34 achievements and counting withint a five hour time span, which is a lot more achievements than any other game can really boast.

The game is a real doozy, and if you haven’t downloaded Overkill yet, I suggest you go on right away.  And of course, if you’re looking for some new GameCenter games with achievements, Overkill isn’t a bad place to start.

P.S. You can earn OM, currency used to buy highly-touted weaponry, by downloading various apps through the Tapjoy system they have employed.  While it does take some time, it’s totally worth it and an extremely easy way to earn OM rather than buying them.  Just a little shortcut for all those worried about having to buy OM.

New Interactive Trailer for ‘Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard’ Released

Gameloft has released some new goodies for its upcoming first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, one of the first squad-based FPSs I have seen on the App Store.

There will be five death match maps, including Brazil, Construction Site, Ship, Dam, and Embassy, and the game is slated for a March 17th release.  They’ve also uploaded an interactive trailer, if you wish to partake, in which you travel through a Rainbow Six level based on the decisions you make.  We’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this one, and we’ll post more information as they become available.

For now, why don’t you try out that interactive trailer?

Carnivores Ice Age Review: Something Feels Different…

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter was one of the favorites, earning the Must Have award after its release, and since then, it’s been updated to support the Retina display along with going universal.

Given its success, Tatem Games decided to launch Carnivores Ice Age, which—you guessed it!—takes place during the Ice Age.  You’ll be fighting anything from wild boars to wolves, and the maps are all redone to reflect the snowy atmosphere during that time period.

But one of the major differences I found between the Dinosaur and Ice Age version was the fact that the Ice Age version excluded the mini-game that came with Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter, a huge oversight in my opinion as that’s a game mode I went to to keep the game varied.

Along with that, the beginner animals (starting from the wild boar, which is only the 2nd animal), can kill you.  Their diet consists of “plants”, but that seems to all go to naught once they start charging you.

With those two factors in place, Carnivores Ice Age is a much harder game to get into for beginners and people that haven’t played the first one.  And if you have played the first one—like me—the game is still significantly more difficult.  It doesn’t help that the pistol is way underpowered in that it takes 3-4 hits to take down even the easiest animal.

The price is low, it’s universal, and it supports GameCenter.  But heck, tone down the difficulty.


Graphics: This may be a problem for others, since the graphics aren’t exactly crisp, and the surrounding environment looks old.  For me personally, the graphics are quite fine especially on the iPad.

GameCenter: I’m glad that they decided to add some achievements to Carnivores, and GameCenter is always a welcome addition.  While I’ve come to expect GameCenter now in most games, it’s always a plus to actually see some achievements in there.

Universal: I doubt that there’s anyone out there that DOESN’T like universal.


Hard to get into: Like I mentioned before, Carnivores Ice Age is somewhat tough to get hooked on and begin playing.  Wild boars kill me from all angles, the walking is still extremely tedious, and the maps are filled with many more obstacles.  If you’re a beginner, Carnivores Ice Age is just way too difficult in a lot of areas to really get hooked on.  The pistol needs a lot more power than it has right now, movement needs to be faster or the maps need to get smaller, and there are just a lot of factors that need to be tweaked a bit.

Carnivores Ice Age does nothing to improve upon its previous; all it does is provide hunters with an entirely new theme.  While I don’t think this would classify as a sequel, I do think that there are some things that could have been improved on — faster moving speed, a lower difficulty, a higher-powered pistol, and more animals that aren’t able to kill you.  Still, the game offers quite a lot for extremely little.

Carnivores: Ice Age was developed by Tatem Games, and I played through version 1.01 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $0.99.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review: Typical Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts isn’t exactly the greatest developer on the App Store.  Sure, their board games are pretty nice, and their Need for Speed racing games aren’t too shabby either.  But other than that, everything else seems to be quite a bore.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 included.

What tends to be a Call of Duty rival on consoles appears on the iPhone as nothing of the sorts, as in this case its closest rival would be Modern Combat 2.  The online multiplayer doesn’t work, the controls are terrible, and the voice-acting is on par with that of Gameloft.  Dare I use the words, “This game sucks”?


It’s a start: Couldn’t really think of anything to put in the Like section, but this is at least SOMETHING.  Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a start, with a solid—albeit short and not creative—single player campaign mode.  The online multiplayer is there, it just lags too much and takes way too long of a time to load.  The graphics need some improvement but aren’t that bad.


Everything else: Besides the fact that Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a start, it’s horrible.  The graphics leave a lot to desire, even though they aren’t too bad, and the multiplayer needs some serious fixing.  The price has gone up to $3.99, and the rating and entire review is really based on the price.  For a $0.99 shooter this really wouldn’t be that bad, but for $3.99?  Just spend three more to get Modern Combat 2.

The controls are also quite terrible, even after fiddling around with the options.  While I’m not too up in arms about gyroscopic controls—seriously, I don’t get the point of the whole gyroscope thing—the joystick itself is a little too… close together.  All the buttons seem to be placed in awkward spots, and the swipe-to-move-camera isn’t exactly smooth.

The game also crashes almost every other time I open it, which really shouldn’t be a problem two and a half years into the App Store.  On top of THAT, the frames per second seem to lower considerably if you’re under heavy fire, almost unable to move, zoom, and shoot down your opponent.

All in all, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is far from a complete package and even farther from being competition to Modern Combat and Gameloft’s whole franchise over there.  For right now, it’s nothing more than a bad first-person shooter.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was developed by EA Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $3.99.