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New Video for Firemint’s ‘Spy Mouse’ Released, We Still Have no Clue what It Is

Firemint‘s newly announced casual game Spy Mouse, formerly known as Agent Squeak, has just received the teaser trailer treatment, although nothing else is really known about the game.

According to the description in the Youtube video:

Play as Agent Squeak, the dashing and debonair undercover mouse. Outsmart ferocious felines and crack fiendish challenges! Sneak, sprint and strategize in your quest to “reclaim” every precious piece of cheese.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show much other than silhouetted images of the mouse swimming within a cat’s innards, and it all ends with a “Coming Summer 2011” sign.  Other than that, we know absolutely nothing about the game and how it will work; hopefully there will be more information regarding the release soon.

But given Firemint’s past casual game Flight Control, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what this is all about.  For now, check out the teaser trailer and maybe even discover some hints we didn’t notice.

All of the Real Racing Games on Sale, Drive as Crazily as You Want for Less Money

The sheer sound of the name Real Racing gets me creating all types of images and words in my mind: awesome, realistic, graphically ground-breaking… the list can go on and on and on.

And if you haven’t been a part of this ground-breaking experience yet, Firemint has made it a little less of a pop to your wallet by putting its Real Racing games on a sale of up to 80%.

The original Real Racing is $0.99, the HD version is $1.99; Real Racing 2 is put at $4.99, and Real Racing 2 HD at $5.99.  In my personal opinion, if you have an iPad, I suggest just picking up Real Racing 2 HD, as it’s one of the most technologically-advanced game out so far, along with the fact that it will support the mirror display feature once iOS 5 is released.

And if you own an iPhone, you really cannot go wrong with Real Racing 2, although the original Real Racing is still quite a steal at $0.99.

And if you’re still not convinced, be sure to check out our reviews on the Real Racing titles.


‘Real Racing 2 HD’ Released onto the App Store

Firemint seems to have been hard at work and have finally released the HD version of its popular Real Racing 2.

But before you write it off as “just another HD version”, there seem to have been a lot of improvements from the iPhone version, mainly cosmetic along with iPad 2 optimizations such as full-screen anti-aliasing, fully-modeled vehicle interiors visible through translucent windows, high-detail objects and surfaces and enhanced reflections.

Along with that, Real Racing 2 HD supports the iPad 2’s gyroscope and precision steering, all making up to quite a tantalizing package.

Another cool feature is the ability to transfer game saves from your iPhone game to the iPad version, most likely using their Cloudcell technology.  It’s definitely a useful feature if you don’t want to go through the campaign again, although I’m quite looking forward to playing this all over on a bigger screen.

Real Racing 2 HD is available now for $9.99, and more details about the game can be found here.

‘Agent Squeak’: An Upcoming Casual from Firemint

Firemint hasn’t exactly been looked at as a casual games developer; what, with their recent release of the gorgeous Real Racing 2 along its predecessor Real Racing.

But let’s take a step back and go back to the beginning, when Firemint started on the App Store with a little game known as Flight Control.  It quickly became one of the most popular games on the App Store, and by now, there’s probably well over 2 million downloads.  So it only makes sense to develop yet another casual game, and this time, it’s been given the name Agent Squeek.

In Agent Squeek, you are an undercover mouse.  Your job is to outsmart felines and all that jazz and sneak, sprint, and strategize to save every bit of cheese.

While we don’t have many details, we do know that it is coming in 2011.  Stay tuned for more details.  And in the meantime, be sure to check out their Facebook page for any knew information.

‘Real Racing’ Titles On Sale

Firemint has put its flagship racing titles on sale, with Real Racing 2 leading the list at only $4.99.  Real Racing 1 is on sale for $1.99, while Real Racing HD is $4.99.

While all are very good games, I can’t help but suggest Real Racing 2 over any of the other ones.  It contains real, licensed cars, GameCenter achievements, and online multiplayer.  The graphics are by and far superb compared to its predecessor, and it’s a complete racing experience that just cannot be duplicated.  Real Racing 1 is a solid game as well, and for only $1.99—even though it’s over a year old now—is a great steal.

The sale will run until February 14th, so I suggest you get buying before it ends.