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Expect New iPod Touch, Coming September 9th

Apple is holding yet another yearly fall media event, and this year it lands on September 9th. While there is no official word that new iPod Touches will be released, all signs point to yes and it’s almost a guarantee we will see a new version.

Lots of rumours have been flying around, speculating on what the new iPod Touches may have.  Common rumours include the addition of a camera, improved storage space, and an upgrade of the hardware.  iPod Touch 2Gs were more powerful in processing speed than iPhone 3G’s, so an upgrade to the iPod Touch that would place it faster than the 3GS is not unheard of.

We will be bringing you the details from the event as soon as they are announced.  In the meantime, what are you hoping to see included in the new iPod Touches?  Will you be buying one?