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‘Eliminate’ Available Worldwide

If you were waiting for this title, don’t hesitate any longer.  Eliminate is now available worldwide for those who have been waiting and waiting for this highly anticipated first person shooter.  While I was quite disappointed with this title, it’s still pretty good for free.

While some may not entirely agree with the DLC system, you do receive 15 minutes of playtime everyday, and the game doesn’t look all that bad.  Controls work out very well, and the design has definitely been well thought out.  Eliminate is now available for free in all the App Stores worldwide, and there are power cells you can buy for $0.99 each if you run out.  I’m not a huge fan of this system, but Eliminate is still worth a download.

Check out our first hands-on video for the game also.

Editor’s Note: This hands on video marks the opening of our Youtube channel!  Thanks to Daniel for getting up our first video for the channel.  Watch for more of our timely hands on videos with new games.  For now, please take a moment and subscribe to the channel.

Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs Live in Canada

Both of Ngmoco‘s games: Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs, have just been approved by Apple.  The best news for gamers is that both of these games are coming free of cost.  If you really must give away your money, there are options to buy DLC in both of the games.

Ngmoco has decided to make these games available to download only in Canada at first.  Once server testing has been completed, they’ll set the games to be available worldwide.  I’d expect everyone to be able to get these games by the end of the weekend at the latest.  You can follow ngmoco’s Twitter channel to know immediately when the game has been released.

For the unfamiliar, Eliminate is an online multiplayer first person shooter.  Touch Pets Dogs has you taking care of your own puppy.  The game bears an immediate resemblance to the Nintendo DS hit Nintendogs.

Follow the links if you’re in Canada and start playing!  Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs.



New Hands-On Video of ‘Eliminate’

This highly-anticipated first-person shooter has been creating more and more hype as the days pass by, and with a new hands-on video available, iPhone gamers are bound to go crazy.  This new video shows much of the control scheme along with the graphics, and it seems to be a final build of the game.

According to ngmoco, the game is now awaiting approval and should be available anytime soon.  If you haven’t heard yet, the game will be released for the price of absolutely free along with DLC to recharge your battery, etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more DLC included that included new weapons, credits, or even new armor.

Fans of this first-person shooter shouldn’t be waiting much longer, and I hope to get my hands on this one this month.  Eliminate will include ngmoco’s Plus+ network also along with other little goodies.  Check out this new gameplay video for more information, and it definitely shows a lot more gameplay than all the other videos.

First Person Shooter ‘Eliminate’ Will Be Free

After the announcement of allowing free apps to include DLC, ngmoco:) has decided to set out their long-awaited first person shooter free.  No one can complain anymore about the DLC since you paid nothing for the game itself, and paying $0.99 for a battery charge doesn’t seem to be as shocking as it was.

The speculated price for the game was originally $9.99, but many complaints about adding DLC for recharging batteries only probably pushed ngmoco:) over the edge.  Maybe they were planning this all along, but it’s definitely good news for everyone who was looking forward to this game.

Now that Apple announced free apps to include DLC, I can only hope that Tap Tap Revenge 3 drops in price.  Yes, it’s only $0.99, but the amount of expensive DLC in the game turns many people off, including me.  Anyhow, expect Eliminate to arrive sometime this month as it has already been submitted to the App Store.

The Last Name Change (We Hope) to Ngmoco’s FPS: Eliminate

Ngmoco has been throwing around several different names for their upcoming first person shooter.  We first knew it as LiveFire, and the name was eventually replaced with KillTest.  Now, Ngmoco would like you to become familiar with the game as Eliminate.   This is the FPS that will be bringing online multiplayer in the familiar deathmatch mode.

The new name change comes with the first official trailer for the game, which dishes out some interesting information.  Each day as you play, you have a limited amount of energy.  While you still have energy, credits are earned for your performance in the game.  These should be able to be used to spend on upgrades for yourself.  However, once you are out of energy, you will not be able to earn any credits.  Eliminate will be supporting micro-transactions, so the idea is that if you really want to fill back up on energy, you can pay real world money to give yourself an advantage.  Watch the video for a full explanation.

There is no word on the final release date, but the official website contains a lot of locked content with individual timers.  Keep your eye on that website to slowly see new preview shots available.