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Dodonpachi Resurrection Review: iPhone, Meet Bullet-Hell

Top-down shooters are usually not my type of game; I have fun with them but I am for sure no expert.  I can’t even remember the name of the last top-down shooter I’ve played, only remembering that it was fun and enjoyable.

So when Cave released Dodonpachi Resurrection for the iPhone, I was curious to find out how it played with no intentions of actually getting deep into the gameplay and playing for hours upon end.  But that’s exactly what happened… all without me knowing it.

And after playing for hours and hours, I can’t help but say that I’m satisfied.  And satisfied is an understatement.


Bullet-hell: This is my first introduction to the bullet-hell genre; I haven’t played Cave’s previous game Espgaluda II and I haven’t played anything close to this on any other platform.  With that said, I’ve finally been introduced to bullet-hell and I really like what I see.  The screen is absolutely chaotic and things are exploding from left to right; I can’t help but feel a bit giggly inside, the same feeling a pyromaniac gets when he or she starts burning something.

Controls: The bar on the bottom allows you to control your ship without having to obstruct the view of the screen.  Sure in terms of aesthetics it isn’t the prettiest, but it sure makes the controls a lot easier than any other top-down shooter I’ve played.  They’re accurate, feel natural, and allow sharp moves and turns that wouldn’t be possible with any other control option.  While their solution was simple, it works to perfection.

OpenFeint achievements: I usually don’t expect old or retro companies like Cave to implement OpenFeint into their games, just like I wouldn’t expect Gameloft or EA Mobile to implement it.  But Cave did, which comes as quite a surprise, and they implemented it with well over 40 achievements.  It’s a sign, to me atleast, that they’ve studied the market and took the time to see what iPhone gamers want, and I applaud them for that.

Variety: There are a lot of enemy types, a lot of different bosses, and just a lot of everything.


Repetitive: Each level is essentially the same, with one mini-boss towards the middle of the level and one towards the end.  The game does start to get repetitive after a certain amount of time, but it shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Short arcade mode: The arcade mode shouldn’t last anyone longer than 30 minutes, although you can go through that gameplay mode three different ways with three different ships.  Still, it is a bit short and would have been better with more levels.

Dodonpachi Resurrection is the best top-down shooter I’ve ever played, and being a newbie at bullet-hell shooters, I’ve had a ton of fun with it.  Even though it is a bit short, I’ve still poured in hours into the game by replaying the arcade and iPhone mode over and over again.  Achieving those achievements aren’t too bad either, and overall, I can’t NOT recommend this to everyone.

Dodonpachi Resurrection was developed by Cave, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $8.99.