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Corporate Fury Review: A Crude and Creative 3D Beat ’em Up!

Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun with an inventive game by Swinecrafters LLC, titled Corporate Fury.  In this game you are Mr. Crusher, a man whose father was murdered by his boss.  The workplace has come to a sad, Gladiator-like existence, where you must fight to survive… Sort of.  What you do is wander the world training to earn money, stats, and items, by fighting random employees.  Once you have reached a certain strength, you can continue with the story by defeating your bosses, then taking their spot on the chain of command- until you eventually get to the top and get the chance to fight your father’s killer.  You can take your time progressing through the storyline, though, and just have some free-roaming fun!

As you progress and get more money, you can visit the store and get some killer upgrades.  These can range from weapons like claws much like those found on Wolverine, to armor covered in spikes and different outfits.  You can even purchase items that allow you to adjust the third-person view to first-person while roaming through the giant environment, and change the distance of the camera to the player.  Another thing available for upgrade in the store are your fighting stats, but there is yet more to unlock- the moves.  In the battles you can do a slew of different combinations utilizing the punch and kick buttons on screen in conjunction with the virtual joystick.  The amount of moves is pretty incredible, you can go a whole battle and not use a quarter of them!


Brawler: The iDevice did not have a proper brawler that delivered until Corporate Fury came along.  With a funny (yet crude) premise, and a well deserved 17+ rating, this game is easy to recommend for those who love mindless violence.

Loading Times: I really dislike loading times in-game.  Thankfully, Corporate Fury loads the entire environment for you when you resume/start your game, with no lag when switching to battles in the arenas.  Once you start it won’t stop until you quit- the game flows right along.

Amount of Content: With a HUGE environment to explore, and many NPCs to interact with, the player can explore for a long time before discovering everything.  The fighting system also allows you to earn some big bucks, which you can put to use to purchase tons and tons of items/upgrades/moves from the store.  If you upgrade your luck stat you can get some pretty fun items by defeating random people around the workplace, such as a Pumpkin Mask and a Pig Mask.

Audio: Corporate Fury has a full soundtrack which really drives the game and enhances the atmosphere.

Graphics: While not the best graphics I’ve seen on the platform, these are certainly higher end.  The fighting animations for each move are superb!


Storyline Length: Unfortunately the storyline really doesn’t last too long, if you take your time there are maybe 4-5 hours of gameplay.  Maybe I’m really great at it, but I doubt it.  Once you beat the final boss, there are actually a few secret bosses to defeat, but they won’t take too much longer.  Thankfully, though, you can’t explore even close to the full environment in that amount of time!

Corporate Fury is a fun take on the brawling formula with a very silly and crude premise.  The atmosphere of the game is pretty dark, and quite amusing, as the player must kill their bosses to advance in rank.  The unique story could be longer, but the amount of unlockables is so high that this is easy to recommend with our highest rating.

Corporate Fury was developed by Swinecrafters LLC., and I played through version 1.1 on my iPod Touch 1G running OS 3.1.3.  It is available on the appstore for $1.99.