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Freebies for the Weekend: ‘Dark Nebula’ and ‘World of Tunes’

Nothing is ever free, which is a true statement, but no one really cares in this case.  Developers for Dark Nebula and World of Tunes have decreased the price of their games to free, both of which are extremely well made games.  For those just starting their journey in the App Store world, I suggest you pick these titles up while the deal lasts.

World of Tunes is a rhythm game that depends on you tapping the music note at the right time.  It will jump onto your screen, and you must tap the note once it gets flat onto the music board.  Of course, as I’m not a good explainer, it would be best to download the game and play for yourself.  Com2us has proven to be a solid iPhone developer, and World of Tunes does not seem to be exempt from their reputation.

Dark Nebula, on the other hand, is basically a ball roller in which you manipulate the marble through tight areas.  I found the game to be very well made, yet lacked in content and some variations, but for free it’s really worth a download.  Episode 2 has yet to arrive, and for now, it wouldn’t be far away from stating that Dark Nebula will turn freemium, free with DLC, once episode 2 has been released.

I suggest you download the freebies before they rise back in price, as I’ve missed some great, free opportunities.  These are definitely deals you shouldn’t miss, and it will only last until the weekend is over.

New Character Class Coming to ‘Inotia: Wanderer of Luone’

Now in all RPGs, there’s the three basic characters: the knight, the mage, and the elf.  The knight is usually associated with swordsmanship, the mage with magic, and the elf with bows and arrows.  Now Inotia features five character classes, but instead of the elf archer, a thief with daggers and other little gadgets.

And it only makes sense to add an archer right?  I guess Com2us decided upon that along with fans of the game, and according to our buddies over at Com2us, the archer will be included in the next update.  The archer, according to Com2us, will be able to attack from a long distance just like the mage, and have as much damage as the thief.

Along with the new ranger class, the new update will add some DLC for those looking for a little boost.  Along with larger backpacks and stronger mercenaries, the DLC will be more of a bonus or boost rather than content packs.  Com2us has been a little expensive with the DLC, but expect each one to cost around $0.99.

Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone Review: The Most Fleshed Out, Fun, and Polished RPG to Date

We all know that Com2uS’s games are getting better and better in terms of quality, but the one major category that they haven’t been able to succeed in is a traditional Eastern style RPG game. However, all that changes with the release of their new title, Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone. This RPG has it all; diverse active and passive skills, five classes, tons of items, a party system, and even an online arena battle function. As you can see, this game greatly improves upon Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor, which was Com2uS’s first attempt at an RPG.

Almost everything about this game is great. The animations are smooth, the weapons and armor all have different appearances, and the amount of content is unbelievable. I beta tested the game and previewed it some time ago, and I still haven’t finished it yet. Suffice to say, Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone nails down all the aspects of a good RPG, with a spectacular online mode to boot.


Party System: In the game you can control a party of up to three characters. Never before have I seen this done on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and I think Com2uS nailed it down on the first try. You can control any member in the party by tapping their icon once in the top left hand corner of the screen, and you can order party members to attack or retreat with you by double tapping the member that you are currently using.

If a party member dies, you switch to another member and can pick the fallen one up. I found that the transition from one party member to another was very fluid, and there were no jumpy frames whatsoever.

For the most part, the other members of the party follow your character seamlessly. However, they sometimes get trapped when you’re turning around corners, so it is a tad annoying having to go back so they can catch up again. This is my only fault with the party system – the party members aren’t smart enough to go around obstacles if they’re left behind.

Online Matchup: Another element that has never been implemented on an iPhone and iPod Touch RPG is an online function. Once again, Com2uS implements another new function almost perfectly. From the main menu if you select “Matchup Mode” you’ll enter into an area that’s the outside of the arena. In this area there is an inn where you can rest up, and a General Store where you can buy potions and other items for your party.

To enter into an online matchup battle you’ll have to walk to the gate, where you’ll receive a prompt for a fee to enter. If you confirm that you will pay the fee, you will almost be immediately matched up with another person’s party near your level. Many people are mistaking that they are fighting real people, but in reality they are in combat with another person’s party that’s AI-controlled – that’s how smart the AI is. It’s quite a challenge trying to defeat the opponents, and oftentimes you will not be able to get more than one victory unless you have lots of potions. Even a Priest in your party won’t cut it, as the strongest opposing party member will often target her first.

The matchup mode also has some nice rewards, as every battle you win will gain you Honor Points and possibly random items or random boxes. The Honor Points can be used to buy rare items such as alchemy ingredients that are very difficult or nigh impossible to find in-game. This is a great motivation for people mid-game to play the online mode, since they’ll want the best items and ingredients to create unpurchasable items that cannot be acquired through stores or monster drops.

Alchemy Feature: In the General Store there’s a globe that can be used to combine alchemy items such as scrolls and ethers with a recipe or piece of equipment to create useful things such as potions and unacquirable weapons and armor. This feature may motivate players to grind and find the alchemy items or recipes, which is nice for both the developer and player – the game boasts more play time and the player levels up more and gets good equipment and more potions.

Equipment Appearances: All armors and weapons are aesthetically different, and after I buy a ton of new equipment for my character and mercenaries it’s quite nice to see that they look more badass in their new gear. Armor, shields, and weapons look different, but your characters will not show helmets, gloves, boots, rings, or necklaces. Overall I think that only choosing to show these three items was for the better, as I don’t want my characters to seem like they’re wearing so much different stuff, but I still want them to look cool and able to dish out some serious damage.

Content and Replayability: The game has tons of content, and I estimate going through the single player mode once will take anywhere from 10 to 30 hours based on the player. In addition, there’s a huge replayability factor because you’ll want to mess around with other party possibilities and characters, and the online mode will have you competing for the number one spot on the leaderboards.


Lack of Auto-Save: Let’s face it, most of us have been spoiled and expect auto-saving to be in all of our games. Well, apparently this game is an exception as you have to manually save your progress. I, for one, don’t think this is a bad thing as I’m used to frequently saving and find that it’s useful to not have auto-save if I mess up somehow. However, the majority will not like having to manually save frequently to make sure they don’t lose their progress, so I think Com2uS should add an optional auto-save feature to the game.

Selling Items: The store merchants are misers, and will offer you outrageously low prices for pieces of good equipment, so the only way of earning gold is by killing monsters. Thankfully, the monsters drop an adequate amount, but I find it weird that my Level 29 weapon I acquired sells for less than what I get if I kill 20 Slimes. The store price for selling weapons should be tweaked, as there isn’t much motivation to pick up items if they’re only going to fetch 50 or 60 gold in the stores.

Mercenarary Management: There’s really no obvious way to dismiss mercenaries from the party, so one has to carefully consider if they want to hire one or not. Obviously on the first playthrough people won’t be aware of this, and will get annoyed that they finally have a Warrior Seal they want but can’t use it since they already have three party members.

Difficulty: In the game, some characters are really easy to fight with and some are really hard to keep alive. In reality, most parties should be able to balance out in the single player portion of the game and do somewhat well in a multiplayer function. In this game sometimes it’s very easy to battle through the single player mode with a specific party, but using the same party is almost impossible to win on online matchup, and vice versa. It’s not that big of a deal, but a little better balancing would be nice.

There aren’t enough words to describe how good this game is. If you’ve been searching over and over for a fleshed out, fun RPG that provides great features and an amazing experience, Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone is the game for you. Even at its $7.99 price tag, I have to say that it should be an instant buy for most iPhone and iPod Touch gamers.

Any RPG fan will love Com2uS’s new game Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone. The party system is easy to understand and easy to manage and there are no difficulties or problems interchanging between mercenaries. There is an online matchup mode that requires a small fee and will pit you against other people’s parties around your level, but will give you rewards that are rare or hard to find in game. An alchemy feature is included that allows you to use recipes to create new items and buff up equipment, and most major pieces of equipment will register aesthetically on your character. Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone is something all RPG or action game fans should have. The hefty $7.99 price tag is something that you should deliberate on, as the content, playtime, and replayability for the game is something you definitely don’t need to worry about.


Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone was developed by Com2uS, and I played through version 1.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $7.99.




Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone Released On App Store

Last night was somewhat of a big release night with both Modern Combat Sandstorm multiplayer and Chronicles of Inotia 2 being released.  CoI2 is a game we’ve had some hands-on time with, and found it to be one of the best RPGs ever to set foot onto the iPhone.

Com2us is arguably one of my favorite developers, bringing to us Baseball Sluggers, Chronicles of Inotia, and Sniper Vs. Sniper.  While all of them are quite sophisticated, our writer Jeff deems the second version of Chronicles of Inotia as something “we’ve never seen before”.

With an online match up mode and over 200 quests to complete, CoI 2 shouldn’t be short on content.  Along with that, you have the choice of 5 different classes: the priest, knight, magician, templar, and thief.

We should have a review up for this sooner or later, but for now, check out the screenshots and our hands-on preview.  $7.99 may be steep for a lot of people, and we’ll post up some quick impressions once we’ve had some thorough hands-on time.

CoI Preview Pics 002


Exclusive Hands-On Preview of Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone

Com2uS has an upcoming RPG game named Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone, which I’ve had the privilege to get my hands on early. Suffice to say, this game is the best RPG to date on the iPhone and iPod Touch, despite still being in the beta testing stage. The highlights of the game include five different character classes, a complex, customizable skill tree, a full-fledged party system, online battling, great controls, and lovely graphics.

First off, there are five character classes; the Knight, the Magician, the Thief, the Priest, and the Templar. All of five classes have their strengths and weaknesses, so the class you select will be completely based on your preference.  The Knight is more of a meat shield with high defence and health, the Magician has an average amount of health but does the most damage, the Thief is more focused on creating critical attacks, the Priest is a healing buff, and the Templar combines the attributes of the Knight and Magician into something in-between. I found myself using the Magician very frequently, as her fireball skill is one of the most powerful skills in the game, and it’s available from Level 1.

Each class has six active skills and six passive skills.  The active ones can be used while the passive ones make your characters stronger. However, only the main character, or the one you select when you start the game, will have a full skill tree available to them.  The other two members of your party will only be able to use the first two active skills on the skill tree. Skills noticeably get better as you level them up. For example, the Level 1 Summon skill for the Magician will produce a bat, but once it gets to Level 6 it will conjure up a skeletal, demon-like warrior.

The party system in this game is ingenious. To recruit a member, or “mercenary” into your party you must first get a Warrior Seal, which is a random drop from a monster or a rare item in the Wandering Merchant’s store. The Warrior Seal of the second member of your party will automatically be given to you; it’s part of the storyline. However, you will have to get the third member of your party via a monster drop or the Wandering Merchant. The members of your party will follow you closely, if you attack a monster you can order them to attack with you, and likewise you can order them to retreat with you. You can take control of any character in your party, but it would be recommended to use your main character as they have a wider range of skills.

As I mentioned before, Com2uS has also included an online battle feature that will match you up with the parties of people across the world. Though your opponents’ parties are AI controlled, there is no way that they’re easy to kill. I found the AI to be almost just as smart as a thinking human being, and oftentimes I was hard pressed in my battles. I love this feature, as competing with other people’s players and fighting to be on the top of their world leaderboards is a very appealing feature.

The online portion of the game currently consists of only arena battles, and you will have to pay gold to enter. The reason for this is that if you win online matchups, you will be rewarded with Honor Points and possibly random items. You can use Honor Points to buy items that you cannot find in-game, and random boxes have, as their name implies, random things in them. You may get a valuable item, or you may just get 1 gold. Later on Com2uS is thinking of adding guilds and more online features in an update, which make this quality game even better.

The controls are nothing special, but they do work well. You can have the classic touch screen controls like the ones in Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor, or D-Pad controls like the ones in Zenonia. In addition, the graphics of Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone are much better than any RPG game I’ve seen on the App Store, which you can see in the screen shots below.

Obviously, Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone boasts tons of content and playtime. I have probably been playing the game for over six hours and I’m still not even close to finishing it.  I’ve actually only barely scratched the surface. That feeling is something that more games should have. All in all, I believe Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone will be the biggest and most fun RPG on the App Store for some time. Look for the game near the end of 2009 or the very beginning of January 2010. Pricing is yet to be determined.


CoI Preview Pics 001

CoI Preview Pics 002

CoI Preview Pics 003