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Derek Jeter Real Baseball Now On the App Store

We reported of Derek Jeter’s baseball game coming to the iPhone from Gameloft, and it arrived just in time for baseball season.  Seeing the Angels start out so well is a nice sign, and the arrival of Derek Jeter is an even better sign.  Baseball fans should be getting excited for this one, and while I’m not a huge baseball fan myself, this is definitely a well-needed game.

The graphics from the screenshots seem to be one of the strongest features in this game as it was in other Gameloft games like Dungeon Hunter and Gangstar.  There is also the ability to upload your best replays to Youtube, a feature that we’ve seen implemented in Firemint’s Cloudcell technology and Gameloft’s Real Soccer 2010.

Anywho, Derek Jeter Real Baseball is now available for $4.99 with no lite/free version available.

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (2)

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (3)

Derek Jeter Real Baseball Coming to iPhone

You and I have to admit that the App Store is lacking in baseball simulation games.  Most of the App Store is covered with arcade baseball games like Baseball Sluggers and Baseball Superstars.  Well fear or fret no more, Gameloft has just sent word that Derek Jeter Pro Baseball is coming to the App Store.  The indication is that the game will arrive very soon, so don’t be surprised when the game pops into the App Store next week.  For now, check out these screenshots of the game in action.  The release version will have audio commentary (very similar to Real Soccer) along with some of the best animations and graphics on the iPhone.

Gameloft also has a contest going on with the following rules:

  1. Print the official target of the contest
  2. Record a video showing a spectacular and accurate pitch at the target.
  3. Upload the video on the contest website
  4. Users can then vote for their favorite videos.

The contest will end on November 15th and is restricted to the US and Canada only.

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (2)

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (3)

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (4)

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot_EN (5)

First Look at Power Pros Touch

Konami Digital Entertainment released Power Pros Touch for the iPhone very recently, and it was a great title on the Wii.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be a perfect translation into the iPhone version, but one can try right?

Gameplay is what you would expect from a baseball game.  The game is composed of 6 teams, and each one is the same with no advantages in stats or players.  There is an exhibition and season mode to choose from, and the season mode can be customized so that your season can be composed of either 25, 50, or 162 games.  The number of innings in a game can also be chosen from 3, 6, or 9.  The customization for the season mode is adequate enough and provides enough option to feel content.  The major problems I had with the gameplay though was the uninspired batting mechanics and the extremely slow loading times.  Batting can be accomplished by tapping a circle that appears near the batter, and by swiping up, you go for a hard hit.  Double tap your batter for a bunt.  Loading times happen after every turn, so after 3 outs, you will be confronted with a loading screen that lasts around 20 seconds.  This gets quite annoying and an interruption to the gameplay.  I also found the gameplay itself to be very slow-paced, and unlike Baseball Superstars, the pitching and batting is very awkward looking.

Graphics and animations are okay at best.  The player models are nicely done, and the menus are nicely designed, but after that it’s total mediocrity.  The player’s movement looks like the movement of a football player in Madden ’98 found on the SEGA Genesis.  The field is clearly either pre-rendered or just a background, because it does not look realistic at all.  Although I do like the player models, the field and player movement is very mediocre.

All in all, Power Pros Touch does provide a nice experience, but not enough to justify the $3.99 price tag.  If you have $3.99, spend it on Baseball Superstars, or even 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2009.  Power Pros Touch lacks many other options like different fields, more teams, and a key feature: landscape mode.  The screen is scrunched together to make the experience a little uncomfortable, and like I mentioned before, awkward.  The game is also very easy, and the expert difficulty was probably the only difficulty level that was adequate enough for my average baseball skill.  The player models are good, and the design is great, but the gameplay fails by slow loading times, slow overall gameplay, and a lack of landscape mode.  Look for alternatives if you’re looking for a baseball game.


Power Pros Touch Is Up to Bat

Power Pros Touch, the popular baseball game on the Wii, has arrived on the App Store for a somewhat expensive price of $3.99.  The game seems to be only offered in portrait mode, and landscape mode is not supported.  It’s published by Konami.


  • Two Gameplay Modes:
  • Exhibition Mode
  • Choose from 6 unique baseball teams and play against the CPU. Play the game with customized settings.
  • Pennant Mode
  • Play like the Pros in pennant mode, complete with customized settings.
  • You can customize your season and select 25, 50, or 162 games. Innings can also be customized: choose 3, 6, or 9 innings per game.
  • Play through your baseball season anytime anywhere.
  • Difficulty settings range from Novice, Normal, and Expert.
  • Graphics – An exciting baseball experience is at your fingertips with rich and dynamic animations and intuitive controls.
  • Sound – This is Power Pros at its finest! Complete with commentary, crowd noise, background music and fight songs – just like the console games. Over 120 variations of play-by-play provide you with an exciting baseball game experience on your iPhone/iPod touch!

Note: This is a gameplay video of the Wii version.