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‘Babylonian Twins’ Now Free, iPad Version on Sale for $1.99

Babylonian Twins is an Amiga puzzle platformer that I certainly enjoyed, and the iPhone version has been put on sale for 100% free.  This is definitely one of the best freebies I’ve come across so far, so all of you reading this should definitely take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime price deduction.

If you’re not familiar with Babylonian Twins, it’s a game in which you are two characters: a brother and a sister.  You have to work together to pass obstacles, walls, and Persian soldiers to get to the exit.  The whole theme, of course, is a Babylonian palace type of thing with your “Babylonian twins” acting as some sort of princess and prince.

It’s a good game that feels nothing less than complete, and again, it’s hard to pass this one up.  If you’re interested in picking up the game for the iPad, it’ll only cost you $1.99.

News Wrap-Up: Game Releases, Sales, and More

This week I was away to San Francisco without much time for writing, as I was driving around the town and touring the whole area.  So as a way to make-up for all that once-lost news, I’m compiling everything into this post: what happened this week from Monday to Friday.  There were some notable game releases including Pocket Legends MMO for the iPhone along with some other big news that hit the market this week.  Here’s the list:

Game Releases

  • Pocket Legends MMO for the iPhone: 3D, fantasy MMO for the iPhone, one that was first released on the iPad.  I haven’t exactly gotten a hang of the game yet, but it looks fantastic.
  • Hockey Nations 2010: The void for hockey on the iPhone hasn’t been filled at all, and Hockey Nations doesn’t exactly fill it either.  But still, it’s the first 3D hockey game on the iPhone, and it’s actually not that bad.  It could use some improvement though.
  • Babylonian Twins: It’s good to see retro reborn on the App Store, and that seems to be the case with Babylonian Twins.  First created in Iraq during the 90s for the Amiga, it has finally been brought over to the iPhone with redone visuals and more.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it definitely looks interesting.
  • Espgaluda II: Bullet-hell shooter that looks extremely interesting.  I didn’t try the Xbox 360 version, but this one can best be described by watching this gameplay video.  It also has OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements; a definite sign of awesomeness.


  • Blitz (Free):  Looks like an interesting card game implemented with ngmoco’s Plus+ system.  Haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but one that’s worth noting.
  • Pandorum ($0.99):  Scary third-person shooter that was ok, but the controls needed some work.  Still, it’s worth a look at $0.99.
  • Kim’s Adventure (Free): Interesting looking 3D platformer for the iPhone, although the controls are a bit difficult to master.  Still, it’s free, and you really have nothing to lose.


  • Knights Rush: Sequel to the very successful Quest of Knights Onrush, Knights Rush is the paid version of a free game that was downloaded many many times.  It’s coming soon filled with a campaign mode and 8 different environments.  For more information, check out the post on Toucharcade.
  • iPhone 4.0 announcement: iPhone OS 4.0 is coming in the summer with over 100 new features.  Included is Apple’s own social gaming platform Game Center and mobile advertising system iAd.  You can catch our wrap up of the event here.
  • Star Defense 2, NOVA 2, space MMO: Pocketgamer seems to have the inside scoop on the production of NOVA 2 (coming later this year), Star Defense 2 (freemium tower defense), and a space MMO that might just be made from the makers of Pocket Legends.