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Atari’s Greatest Hits for iPad Worth Downloading for One Game

I recently have discovered the amazing gameplay of Atari’s classic arcade game Tempest and you guys want to know how? Through Atari’s Greatest Hits on the iPad. Although I’ve owned this collection since it came out a few weeks ago, I’ve never gotten into any of the games due to just how clunky and archaic they are; and based on control issues with some of them.

However, once I pulled the trigger of a $.99 in-app purchase for Tempest, I never looked back. This game is so fun, addicting, and plays great in orientation mode (you can change various options in settings from the game screen). It is fun because the game looks like it could be made in any era. It really feels 3D and modern despite it’s age. This is the type of game I would like to play on the iPad 3 when it comes out with the rumored full-3D display.

the game made me realize how great the iPad really is for retro gaming. When I say retro, I am not talking about archaic and clunky like a lot of the other offerings of the app, I’m talking about simple but difficult and level-based games with high scores as the aim or level progression. Games like the recently released Enduro or retro-inspired titles like Gravonaut and League of Evil are what truly makes the platform shine.

Despite the many other retro offerings on the App Store, I would still say this one game, Tempest, is in the cream of the crop and really a timeless classic. So if you didn’t have interest in Atari’s Greatest Hits before, download it just for this game. The iPad app also runs different from the iPhone despite being universal, the iPad has both screen orientation options and the iPhone version may not. Either way, check Tempest out if you’ve never played it.


An Appealing Atari Sale

UPDATE: It seems like all of Atari’s games have disappeared from the App Store.  Please check back when they become available.  We have no details thus far on it’s disappearance.

Atari, a game giant since the 1970’s and creators of the defining game Pong, have had a few ventures onto the app store platform.  The prices have generally been static, so a price drop is something to take advantage of immediately.  There is no news of how long their quality games will be this cheap.   With new versions of old arcade games such as Super Breakout, Centipede, and Missile Command on sale for the cost of two plays in the arcade, you won’t be bargaining very much money.  In fact, there’s no risk at all as these upgraded ports have been very successful thus far.  Each game costs only $0.99.