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Great Free Games To Download: Ocarina, Assault Squadron, and Stick Golf

We sort of missed out on these the day they became free, but the good news is that they’re still available for no cost (at the time of writing).

Ocarina–while technically not a game—should be free for 72 more hours, while we’re not sure how much longer Assault Squadron’s and Stick Golf’s promotion will last.  All three of the games listed are must downloads at free—Assault Squadron received a Buy and Stick Golf a Must Have—and we really don’t want you to miss out on such great titles.

With that said, you can find the iTunes links below.

iTunes links

Assault Squadron Review: A Spaceflight to Remember

Shooters have had a bit of a renaissance with the birth of the iPhone platform. Most of the attention has gone to dual-stick shooters like Minigore and Meteor Blitz.  But where are the more traditional style shooters like Ikaruga or R-type?  Sure there’s Espgaluda II, but what if you’re finished with it and want a new shooter? Fortunately The Binary Mill has produced a classic style shooter for all to enjoy.


Cinematics: I was surprised when I saw the cinematics.  There was clearly a great deal of effort put into them and it shows.  For a moment I forgot that I was playing on my iPod and not my PSP.  Quite possibly the best cut-scenes I have seen on the platform. Simply remarkable.

View Angle Changes: There are two basic views for shooters. Top down vertical climbs and horizontal side views.  Assault Squadron mixes it up by having both views interchanged throughout the game.  A very pleasant surprise that made me question why has this not been done in more shooters?  Marvelous idea.

Graphics: Most shooters now a days have great opportunities to dazzle us with amazing effects.  Assault Squadron is a fine example of just how pretty games in the genre can be. The weapons effects are not quite as awesome as I would hope for, but the rest of the art design makes up for it.

Sound: Laser sounds are sharp and explosions have a weight to them.  Quality effects.


Control: While there are 4 control schemes to choose from, with the exception of the tilt controls, they all feel about the same.  The controls themselves are adequate enough, however I prefer much more sensitive and twitchy controls for shooters.

Action: The intensity of the action is just not quite there.  Perhaps it’s the way everything seems to move just a little slowly.  This is probably related to my control preference. It’s possible I’m just used to the must faster console and arcade shooters.

Assault Squadron is a fantastic game.  While I personally prefer twitchier controls, most players will not find them to be an issue so this concern really should be considered more of a personal preference.  Overall Assault Squadron gives the player a full console experience from its cut scenes to it’s high quality visual and sound effects to its challenging boss battles.  The fact that all of this comes in a tiny iDevice app package makes it an incredible value and a buy for any shooter fan.

Assault Squadron was developed by The Binary Mill and published by Chillingo, and I played through version 1.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 3G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $2.99.

Chillingo Releases: ‘Assault Squadron’ and ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ Out Now

Both are games we’ve had hands-on previews for (Assault Squadron, Pirate’s Treasure), and both are games that we thought had promise.  Assault Squadron, in the beta build I played, showed huge promise as one of the best top-down shooters I’ve played in the App Store so far, although I haven’t tried too many.

The object of Pirate’s Treasure is to, of course, collect as many treasure as possible.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, as you always have odd-looking creatures guarding these valuable pieces of gold and jewels.

Ahoy mateys! As beautiful as Treasure Island is, you wouldn’t want to vacation there. It’s packed with all kinds of murderuous scallywags including the Grim Reaper himself! Combining elements of RPG, exploration and all-out blasting mayhem, Pirate’s Treasure takes you on an enjoyable quest to recover riches from creatures both natural and magical. Prepare to battle boss enemies that are too massive to fit on the screen!

Pirate’s Treasure was a little bit generic, with many similarities to Minigore and Guerrilla Bob, but the graphics were stunning and the gameplay isn’t too bad.  Dual-stick shooter junkies should be more than happy with this title, and at $1.99, it’s not too shabby.  It is on an introductory sale though, so be sure to pick it up before it goes back up in price.

Assault Squadron, on the other hand, is about how the earth is under attack, and you are part of the Elite Squadron sent out the combat these so-called “unknown aircraft”, although it’s quite obvious that they are some sort of alien race.  The graphics were very well made in the preview build I received, and action wasn’t short at all.

Assault Squadron is priced at $2.99, while Pirate’s Treasure is priced at $1.99 for a limited time introductory sale.

Assault Squadron

Pirate’s Treasure

Hands-On with Assault Squadron: Best Top-Down Shooter Out There?

Most top-down shooters on the iPhone have been defined by one word so far: suck.  They’re boring, bland, generic, etc. etc.  The only top-down shooter I’ve ever enjoyed on a mobile phone was on an old Sony Ericsson a couple of years ago, and I played that game until my battery died.  While I can’t remember the name of the game, it was one of the first and best top-down shooter I have ever played.

So why hasn’t it been successful on the iPhone?  I know there have been many such as iFighter, Sky Force Reloaded, and Siberian Strike; but I’ve never enjoyed any of them as much as I have Assault Squadron.  Wowza, this is one shooter that should definitely be on your wish list.

The build I received was still well into the beta stage, but still, I had a lot of fun with it.  The included controls were touch, and while I had some slight problems with them, I still enjoyed the game very much.  There weren’t tilt controls included in the options, but of course, the game is still a ways off from being submitted.

One of the most impressive features or things that I noticed about Assault Squadron were the voiceovers.  The voiceovers sounded professional, clean-cut, and extremely… intense.  You can hear some guy talking over a walkie talkie (or whatever they have in the future), and I was more than impressed with the professional voiceovers.

Along with that, Assault Squadron is extremely polished.  There are dozens of impressive cutscenes along with wonderful 2.5D graphics.  I couldn’t help but think to myself, “What a good looking, professional looking game.”

Only one word can describe Assault Squadron: impressive.  Of all the top-down shooters that I’ve played on the iPhone, this one seems to be one of the best.  I had a blast with it, and with tons of content, boss battles, and an interesting weapon upgrade system; I can see this becoming a home run.

But it’s not all about top-down shooting.  While I enjoyed the top-down aspect much more, there are levels in which you must take the side view of all ships, or in other words, a side-scrolling shooter.  At first, I thought the developers were trying a bit too hard to make the game different from the rest, then I realized that it’s not too bad after all.

Even with the beta build I played, I was more than impressed.  Look for this bomb to drop into the App Store late this month or early April.  And when I mean look, I mean it.  It can also be assumed that Assault Squadron will implement Chillingo’s Crystal social platform.

New Teaser Trailer for ‘Assault Squadron’

We reported on Assault Squadron just a few days ago, and they’ve already released a teaser trailer for the upcoming game.  Of course, I still need to feast my eyes upon some gameplay before laying down any judgement, but the game itself seems to be shaping up quite nicely.  The teaser trailer is also looking quite spiffy, I must say, and it may just be the next best top-down shooter.

Sadly, the teaser trailer doesn’t seem to show any gameplay.  But it does reveal the release date, which happens to be Spring 2010.  That could mean as late as May or as early as this month, but we’ll keep you posted as more details arrive.  For now, feast your eyes upon the newest piece to the puzzle.