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AppleMagazine Launches on Apple Newsstand, Now Called TechLife News

A growing startup digital publication, AppleMagazine, has been available on Zinio since late 2011. However, just a few days ago the publication has finally hit the Apple Newsstand and is available to download form the App Store as TechLife News. Each issue will set you back $3.99/$4.99, but you can subscribe from within the app if you want additional cost savings.

What makes AppleMagazine or TechLife News stand out is it is really the only publication that focuses on Apple without specifying either iOS devices or Mac products. This means, you will be able to read technical articles explaining Mac or iOS functionality, industry news about Apple in general, and features based on particular products coming from Apple or Apple’s rivals (with comparisons). The other thing that makes it stand out is that it is a current magazine published weekly.

Most other publications only publish once per month, so the news may not be so current anymore by the time the edition hits print shelves or the digital landscape. However, there is a new issue of AppleMagazine every week with up-to-date news and behind-the-scenes info about Apple.

The digital publication started its life in Brazil, but now has a team of graphic designers and writers from all over the world. Each issue is packed with unique content and digital graphic design that is second to none. AppleMagazine/TechLife News is also a publication, like The Daily, that was designed with the iPad in mind as the future device of content consumption and journalism.

You can grab TechLife News here from the App Store for free.

Apple News Event Wrap Up

Yesterday’s event called “Let’s Rock” was an event that totally slapped my expectations in the face.  Like most of you, I was eagerly awaiting a camera on the third generation iPod Touch along with some other cool little features.  Here’s a run down of the new iPod Touch.

iPod Touch: Upgraded to 8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models $199, $299, and $399 respectively.  Along with the upgraded space, the new iPod Touch is said to be 50% faster than the old one and is said to support OpenGLES 2.0 just like the iPhone 3GS.  It’s a little disappointing that the new model does not support/include a camera, but for new users this should be a significant improvement.

The device that seemed to steal the spotlight in this event was the iPod nano.  This iPod didn’t really get much attention anywhere (including here) ever since the iPod Touch came out.  At the Apple event, it was announced that the new iPod nano now supports a camera along with FM radio with live pause.  A great improvement from the older model, but I’m not saying you should get it or anything.

As for games that were announced, Gameloft announced an upcoming FPS called Nova that seems to be very similar to Halo.  It also says to offer one of the best looking graphics on the App Store, a fact that’s not really surprising as Gameloft is known for their high-end graphics.  Tapulous announced an upcoming rhythm game called Riddim Ribbon that uses the accelerometer to hit the notes, etc.  EA Mobile released some screenshots of the upcoming game NFS Shift that acts more like a sim racer than an arcade racer.  And last but not least, Assassin’s Creed II was announced for the iPhone from Ubisoft and is said to be arriving this November.

That’s it for now folks, we’ll post up those NFS screenshots right after the jump.  Surprised?  Disappointed?  Why not leave a comment to express your feelings?

Expect New iPod Touch, Coming September 9th

Apple is holding yet another yearly fall media event, and this year it lands on September 9th. While there is no official word that new iPod Touches will be released, all signs point to yes and it’s almost a guarantee we will see a new version.

Lots of rumours have been flying around, speculating on what the new iPod Touches may have.  Common rumours include the addition of a camera, improved storage space, and an upgrade of the hardware.  iPod Touch 2Gs were more powerful in processing speed than iPhone 3G’s, so an upgrade to the iPod Touch that would place it faster than the 3GS is not unheard of.

We will be bringing you the details from the event as soon as they are announced.  In the meantime, what are you hoping to see included in the new iPod Touches?  Will you be buying one?

iPhone 3GS: Impressive Sales!

Apple Inc. released the initial sales figures, and I was shocked!  Apple has already sold one million iPhone 3GS devices in just the first weekend.  In addition, it is important to note that the iPhone 3GS was not even released in all of the markets on the first weekend (just under a third of the number of markets the iPhone 3G was released in).

In addition, the iPhone OS 3.0 software update has been downloaded 6 million times since its release (last week). I was not sure how quickly users would choose to update their devices, but it seems to be moving quickly.  This will most likely push developers to increase efforts to take advantage of the new hardware capabilities.  I can’t wait to see what Apple does with the next gen of the iPod Touch!

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