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Robert Rodriguez presents Predators Review: Blood and Gore, but Nothing more

For Pete’s sake, in this review, we’re going to be using the name “Predators”.  Sound good?  Good.  Now moving on to the next important thing: the game itself.

Chillingo and Fox Entertainment held hands to produce and publish Predators for the iPhone and iPad, which is most likely based on the movie coming out quite soon actually.  The game involves you as the predator hunting down men of all shapes and sizes: snipers, machine gunners, knife-wielders, and bludgeon-wielders.

You also have a total of 25 missions to fight through and a variety of options such as invisibility, thermal vision, and some interesting combos to rip the head off your enemy or split an enemy’s body in half.  Each mission is based on a scoring system based on how many combos or trophy kills (rip the head off the enemy) you executed.

Along with that, Predators runs on both the iPhone and the iPad, making for quite a sweet deal at $2.99.  But giving Predators the benefit of the doubt, this review is based on the game running on Apple’s iPad.


Character Models: I was going to put graphics as a like here, but it’s basically more of the character models.  The predator (that’s you) was pretty detailed in its ways and looks, and the enemies weren’t too shabby looking either.  Angry Mob Games did a surprisingly solid job of making a game look like a professionally-done game.

Blood and gore: If you’re someone who loves gruesome action, then you’ll love the gruesome action that Predators offers.  The trophy kills will have you go, “Woah”, and the body splices will have you go, “Dang.”  Predators does a great job of capturing classic blood and gore on the iPad, and it’s definitely a title for those looking to sate their violent needs.

Value: I love universal apps.  And that’s final.


Tutorial: The game is technically around 14 missions, since the rest is basically the tutorial.  When half a game is a tutorial, yet they market the game as 25 missions, there’s something wrong with the picture.  I’m quite disappointed that they decided to sneak it in like that, and most people honestly don’t need an 11-mission tutorial to finally understand the game.  Put in a help section or an optional tutorial, but don’t make it part of the game as a mission.

Backgrounds: The reason I didn’t put graphics in as a like is for one reason: the backgrounds.  The backgrounds are much less the same in every single mission; moving that log 5 pixels to the right doesn’t count as a whole new background.

Invisibility: Sure the tutorials support invisibility and teach you how to stealth kill, but for some odd reason, half the missions don’t even support it.  They support thermal vision, sure, but stealth kills are nigh impossible if you’re only invisible for like two seconds.  It seems like a useless feature to me if it’s not going to even work in half of the missions.

Repetitive: Killing the same enemies over and over again will eventually get to you.  By the first 30 minutes of playing the game, I had to put it down because it was getting way too repetitive and slightly boring.  I picked it up a couple hours later, but the sheer repetitive nature of the game doesn’t allow for long periods of playing time.

Specialty moves: Trophy kills and body splices are nice and all, but it would be even better if enemies didn’t beat and shoot at you while you’re executing your specific moves.  I can note plenty of times when I was executing a body splice and the enemies would surround me and beat me to death while I’m helplessly trying to split some guy’s body in half.  It doesn’t make sense to me in any way, as it causes you to not want to trophy kill or body splice anyone anymore.  Even making the body splice last like a second rather than 5 seconds would be a nice improvement.

Predators could have been great.  The hands-on preview I received was only met with a certain amount of time, and I absolutely enjoyed my time with it.  But then I started playing it for a few days, a week even.  Then the negatives of the game started to come out and outweigh the positives; repetitive, bland backgrounds, useless special moves, useless invisibility… the list is quite long if you ask me.  But hey, if you’re into a few moments of awesome, then I guess it’s worth a look.  Otherwise, this is a pass.

Robert Rodriguez presents Predators was published by Chillingo, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPad.  The price is $2.99.

Hands-on Preview with ‘Predators’, Should be Releasing Today

Predators is an upcoming movie game in collaboration with Fox Entertainment and Chillingo, along with Angry Mob Games, who also have developed Guerrilla Bob.  With that said, I was able to get a hands-on preview of the game pretty close to the release date, and I’m pretty excited to say that this is one of the bloodiest, most action-packed games I’ve ever played.

If you’re like me and love movies such as Saving Private Ryan and 300, then this is definitely a game to look forward to.  It has a numerous amount of fighting combos, along with around 7 or 8 different weapons.  You also have the ability to upgrade the damage and stats of each weapon using the points you accrue from each mission.

There are a total of 23 missions included in the game, and it took me around 2 hours to reach mission 11.  While it doesn’t seem like a very long time, I think it will be enough to satisfy your inner beast.

Included in the final build was also Chillingo’s Crystal social platform, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  Achievements are included if that interests you, and online leaderboards are available for each mission.

It’s definitely one of the best-looking games I’ve seen in terms of player models, and it will be launched as a universal binary.  What does that mean?  That means that the game will run in full resolution with the iPad and the iPhone, so you won’t have to double the pixels to run Predators on your iPad.

Predators is slated to be released today, so stay tuned for our full review.

New Trailer for Upcoming ‘Predators’ from Chillingo

Predators is an upcoming game from Chillingo in partnership with Fox Entertainment to promote the upcoming movie.  Predators is being developed by Angry Mob Games, the same people who developed Guerrilla Bob, and from the trailer the game seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

You can see from the trailer that the game will pit you as the predator against the humans, and the humans will try and attack you.  Your job is to use your weapons and skills to kill all the humans in the round or level to move on to the next.  The action doesn’t seem to be short either, and I’m starting to get a bit excited for this one.

Immerse yourself in the action-packed sci-fi world of PREDATORS where you hunt humans, splice them in half and collect heads as trophies! Simply unbelievable!

The trailer also notes that the game will be shipping with 24 levels.  Hopefully, we’ll receive some more news soon.

‘Predators’: Movie Game coming from Chillingo and Fox Entertainment

Fresh off the press is a large piece of news that most people won’t be able to ignore.  Chillingo has announced that they’ve teamed up with Fox Entertainment to bring Predator, the movie game, into the App Store.  The game will be developed by Angry Mob Games, the same developers for Guerrilla Bob.

For now, they’ve released a teaser trailer showing off a small part of the gameplay, which consists of an alien going invisible and hunting down a man.  It seems like you will be the predator hunting down people and other entities, but other than that, I wish I had some more information regarding the title.

You can always check out the movie website for more information, and I’ve embedded the teaser trailer below.  We’ll be bringing you more information as they become available.

Exclusive Hands-On with ‘Guerilla Bob’ from Angry Mob Games

As the App Store progresses, it seems that dual-stick shooting games are becoming a dime a dozen. Many of them are the same in terms of gameplay, so I find myself playing less and less of the genre as time goes by. However, today I managed to get an exclusive hands-on with the upcoming dual-stick shooter ‘Guerilla Bob’ from Angry Mob Games, and this is the game that I’ve been waiting for. It has everything – mission based game play, multiple upgradeable weapons, great 3D graphics, insanely huge maps, many different enemies, multiple game modes, online leaderboards, achievements, and a survival mode. This game trumps any dual-stick shooter on the App Store, and once it’s released I believe going to be a big hit.

Since the game is still in the development stage, I haven’t been able to get any information on what the background story of the game is, but the gist of the game is mission based and you’ll be strolling through huge maps shooting enemies to death. Each mission takes around anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and there will be about 8 missions in game when it launches. That averages out to about three hours of gameplay, plus more if you want to achieve the highest rank on each level.

You start out with a machine gun, and as you progress you’ll find a rocket launcher and a flamethrower hidden around the maps if you look close enough. You can triple your weapons’ firepower, and this happens by collecting the upgrade icon for a specific weapon scattered around the map. An icon with rockets is a rocket launcher upgrade, an icon with bullets is a machine gun upgrade, and a fiery icon is a flamethrower upgrade. In total, you can upgrade each weapon three times, tripling theiroverall firepower and shooting speed. For example, the first level of machine gun is a slow shooting weapon that shoots one bullet every three seconds. The next upgrade will turn it into a rapid shooting weapon that shoots a bullet a second, and the one after that will make it an insanely fast shooting, double bullet firing weapon.

The developer will be updating the game with additional levels and enemies via expansion packs, and that sounds great. I’m sure that they expansions will be just as good as the game itself, which is an amazing one at that. As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics are nice eye candy. Guerilla Bob will be one of the only 3D dual-stick shooters on the App Store, and a great one at that. Everything from the weapons to the firing animations is very impressive. See the videos for the trailer and a gameplay video.

Look for Guerilla Bob sometime early next year – it’s a dual-stick shooter that definitely won’t disappoint. Pricing is yet to be determined.

Guerilla Bob Preview Pics 001

Guerilla Bob Preview Pics 002

Guerilla Bob Preview Pics 005

Guerilla Bob Preview Pics 006

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