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‘Babylonian Twins’ Now Free, iPad Version on Sale for $1.99

Babylonian Twins is an Amiga puzzle platformer that I certainly enjoyed, and the iPhone version has been put on sale for 100% free.  This is definitely one of the best freebies I’ve come across so far, so all of you reading this should definitely take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime price deduction.

If you’re not familiar with Babylonian Twins, it’s a game in which you are two characters: a brother and a sister.  You have to work together to pass obstacles, walls, and Persian soldiers to get to the exit.  The whole theme, of course, is a Babylonian palace type of thing with your “Babylonian twins” acting as some sort of princess and prince.

It’s a good game that feels nothing less than complete, and again, it’s hard to pass this one up.  If you’re interested in picking up the game for the iPad, it’ll only cost you $1.99.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Review: Not Quite there yet

Soccer games on the iPhone and iPod touch have all but been lackluster and mediocre; X2 Soccer 2010 has its lag and animation problems, Real Soccer 2010 has its AI problems, and FIFA 10 has its control and other issues.  But let’s put in yet another soccer game into the confuzzled mix, in this case Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, and you get a solid soccer game that could have been better.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 includes all of the basic things you would expect from a soccer game: exhibition, league, and cup play, along with the inclusion of a UEFA League mode with licensed, European league teams.  Of course, that’s not enough to really balance out the fact that Pro Evolution Soccer doesn’t include much more than a standard soccer game.

Along with that, it’s failure to include multiplayer seems like a huge oversight to me.  Even WiFi and bluetooth multiplayer would have been great, and with the competition such as X2 Soccer including online multiplayer, Konami did something that was quite surprising.  Multiplayer is a standard now in most iPhone games, and it just seems like a huge misfire by Konami.

Other than that, Pro Evolution Soccer contains a lot for the $1.99 price tag, regardless of its lack of multiplayer.  Sure, it’s not the best game on the platform and it would have been nice to see more, but the single player mode is actually much improved from its predecessors.


Speed: In PES 2010, the speed of the players feel normal; they’re not going drastically slow such as the case with X2 Soccer 2010, and when they’re sprinting it actually looks like they’re sprinting.  Some people may have to adjust to the speed (although I highly doubt it), but PES 2010 adds much needed quickness to a should-be quick game.

Player models: If I said the graphics were good, I would be lying to myself.  The grass detail is lacking, and it looks just like a green rectangle angled a bit to “look” like grass.  But enough of that aside, PES 2010’s player models are probably the most detailed of all soccer games on the App Store.  They actually look like people, compared to other soccer games that have players with very pixelated arms and legs, with little or no eye or hair details.

AI: If you’re one of those people that love a challenge, this is definitely the soccer game for you.  In the regular difficulty (mind you, there’s two levels higher than that), I never lost, but I did tie three times with teams I just couldn’t score against.  But that’s a huge improvement from Real Soccer 2010 and X2 Soccer 2010; I was able to score 11-0 and 7-0 respectively pretty much every match.  The average scores for PES 2010 range anywhere from 1-3, as I haven’t scored four goals yet.  That’s much more realistic and akin to professional soccer matches; you won’t even find an 11-0 score in a kiddy game.

They actually block the ball: Wow, what a surprise!  The players can actually be used as blocks now, like they are in real soccer games!  If you kick the ball and happen to hit a player, the ball actually bounces back!  This is how it should be in any soccer game, but I first encountered it here in PES 2010; this shows that iPhone soccer games still have a ways to go.


Lack of multiplayer: This is a HUGE oversight by Konami.  With multiplayer, I believe the game would have easily achieved the Must Have award and proclaimed the best soccer game so far.  But without it, PES 2010 is somewhat crippled in terms of features, and without any new game modes other than the standard, I just don’t understand why they didn’t include it.

No commentary: Meh, I’ve never been a huge fan of commentary, as soccer players are on the field and not in the commentary box.  Games such as FIFA may be trying to achieve a more “TV” type of soccer game, and it just feels natural and not as quiet with commentary in there.

Nothing more: Like I mentioned before, there’s nothing more than the standard gameplay modes: League, Exhibition, and Cup.  X2 Soccer atleast has the Dream Team mode, FIFA the Be A Pro mode, and Real Soccer 2010 with something similar to the Be A Pro mode.  PES 2010 has nothing more, which in turn takes a huge hit on the amount of content it has.

Manual switch?: Is there a button to manually switch players?  I can’t seem to find it.  If it’s not there, then someone at Konami really needs to wake up, as it’s yet another huge oversight.

PES 2010 is, at best, a good soccer game.  There are a lot of feature and content problems that I know could have been nonexistent had Konami been more creative.  Along with that, it would have been very nice if they included some sort of multiplayer in here; a single player experience just isn’t enough anymore with App Store games.  Other than that, the gameplay experience is definitely one of the best out there, and the AI is probably the most intelligent of all.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 was developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, and I played with version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $1.99.

Superblox: Powers Unleashed Review: Spongebob Squarepants Approves

If you’ve ever seen Spongebob Squarepants, then you know that it’s silly, vulgar (well, the pants-ripping-off parts), and just plain ol’ goofy.  So when Spongebob Squarepants approves of a certain game, then it’s going to be silly, vulgar, or goofy; or all of the above.  And with that said, Superblox is exactly the type of stuff that Squarepants would definitely approve of, with its silly gameplay and goofy, square faces.  It’s not vulgar though, since no pants are involved in the making of this game.

The whole point of Superblox is to connect 4 squares of the same color together to form one big box.  Once you’ve formed one big box, it’ll explode and you’ll receive points.  There are a total of three gameplay modes: NY Minute, Sudden Death, and Beat the Clock.

In NY Minute, you have one minute to collect as many boxes as possible and achieve the ultimate score.  There are a variety of score multipliers to help you get going, and powerups include freeze, black hole (sucks in all squares), and some star collecter (collects all the multipliers on the screen).  There’s also a shield powerup to protect you from the evil enemies, along with a ninja star type of powerup used to destroy all the squares and enemies, racking you up with some big points.

Sudden Death is basically you collecting as many boxes and points as possible and dodging the enemies at the same time; if you hit one, then the game is over.  You have the same powerups as NY Minute, as these powerups are available across all three gameplay modes.

As for the last, Beat the Clock mode, you collect boxes and points along with green clocks to increase your time, and you just have to survive as long as possible before the clock runs out.  It’s quite a simple game really, and with the implementation of OpenFeint, the replay value is up the charts.  Sure, it does need a few more gameplay modes, but at it’s core it’s a unique idea that works.

It’s a casual gamer’s dream come true.


Controls: Easy calibration with more or less accurate accelerometer controls make this game quite easy to control, even if it doesn’t look that way.  Some more control options would be nice, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem for most people.

Addictive: This really gets addicting if you’re like me, who loves racking up OpenFeint achievement points.  Even if you don’t, the sheer want for increasing your high score makes this game one of the more captivating game experiences on the App Store, and it should appeal to many iPhone gamers.

Unique: I honestly don’t understand where people get these types of ideas, what, connecting squares to make them explode.  It’s a unique game that feels natural, meaning the developers didn’t try too hard to create a unique experience.


Coloring: The menu design colors are unappealing at best; the blue and yellow don’t mix too well.  The logos and buttons aren’t exactly high-quality images either; they look a bit fuzzy and bland.

More gameplay modes: Three gameplay modes does sound like enough, but in reality, it’ll last you for maybe one or two hours.  Of course, the whole deali-o of a casual game is that it hooks you with one gameplay mode, which it does, but it would be great to add some more.  The gameplay modes present don’t seem to be very original, as time attack, sudden death, and “highest score within a certain time” are all pretty established in many games.

Superblox may or may not be a game you’ve heard of, but now you know.  It’s a solid casual game that shouldn’t fail to capture your heart, and with a reasonable price tag of $1.99, it should be a no-brainer.  There weren’t any major problems with the gameplay, and the accelerometer controls are pretty accurate.

Superblox: Powers Unleashed was developed by Casual Friday Games, and I played through version 1.0.1 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $1.99.

‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2010’ Available in the US App Store… for $1.99

Woah there, can this price tag be for real?  It would appear so.  PES 2010 is available in the US App Store now, after being released for European countries and Australia/New Zealand.

From early impressions, it seems as if the game is being matched as equal to or even greater than X2 Soccer 2010, which I found to be okay but hampered with animation problems and lag.  It almost got it right though, making PES 2010 the next soccer experience for me on the iPhone.

Let’s just hope Konami got everything right in this one, as I’m in full soccer mode thanks to the World Cup.  I’m downloading this as I type, but if anyone out there has some impressions on the game, be sure to post them in the comments.

Like I said before, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is available in the US App Store for $1.99.

Pac Match Party Review: Bejeweled gets Pac-Man-ed

The first thing that made me smile about this game is the price.  Namco has finally (hopefully) woken up and smelled the coffee to realize what iPhone gamers want: a reasonable price and reasonable content.  But from there, it doesn’t seem to get much better.  Pac Match Party is definitely a competent match-3 game, but like I mentioned before, I’m tired of playing match-3.  And from the things I see here, it doesn’t seem to offer anything jaw-droppingly different from Bejeweled 2.


Pac-man implements: I thought the timer for Pac-man was pretty clever, and eating the cake was also quite the idea.  Yes, the ghosts and stuff are cool, but the timer for some reason had me interested and partly wowed with the sheer amount of cleverness.  It may not be that clever to some, but to me, it has fascinated.

Not bad: Pac Match Party is just for anyone who likes to play match-3s and isn’t tired of them.  It has all its basics right, and the game is not too bad at all.  It’s okay for anyone just wanting to play a little match-3 here and there, but for those who already own Bejeweled, it’s hard to recommend.

The price is right: I normally don’t put this as a like for any game, but this is probably one of Namco’s first times pricing a game right.  No DLC, no “buy the game for $4.99 for one map and track”, nothing like that.  It’s a straightforward $1.99 for average content and average gameplay.  I’m just so surprised by this that I can’t help but listing this as a like.


Originality: There’s nothing really new other than the ingenuous timer implemented into the game.  It’s a basic match-3 with some powerups here and there, but other than that, it’s the same thing as Bejeweled 2.  And it’s so simple that it’s hard to recommend for being original.

Polish: Namco is a large company, and they became a large company for a reason.  But for some reason, Pac Match Party is lacking a lot in the design department.  The menu buttons are somewhat small, the ghost models look horrible, and the backgrounds are sparse.  It looks as a one-man team created this game, and it’s definitely one that needs a lot more polish to it.  I hate to use the word “polish”, but it just seems to be so appropriate here.

Pac Match Party is an okay game, but it’s definitely far from being the best.  The match-3 mechanics, in my opinion, are quite simple and a bit too unoriginal for my tastes.  The design is also an area I would like to see improve, although I highly doubt Namco will update any of the graphics or artwork.  Still, Pac Match Party may be worth a look for those looking for a quick pick up and play game.

Pac Match Party was developed by Namco, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99.