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New “Inside Infinity Blade II Visuals” Video, Original on Sale for $2.99

With nearly a week remaining until the release of Infinity Blade II on December 1st, Chair has released a new video of some in-game footage alongside describing the visuals.  While some parts of it are reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone introduction videos, it does show a lot of gameplay footage, highlighting the shades and lighting that take place within the game.

The first Infinity Blade was released back in 2010, wowing users by its breathtaking graphics using the Epic Unreal Engine 3.  We personally loved the game, and although it was a bit repetitive, the gameplay itself was action-packed, well-balanced, and a bit more difficult every time, leading me to keep coming back for more and more until I was able to buy all of the most expensive accessories in the store.

In short, we were mightily impressed with the first one and cannot wait to see what’s in store for the second one.

Infinity Blade II will be released on December 1st for $6.99, and it will be universal.  In celebration of Infinity Blade II’s upcoming release, the original has been put on sale for $2.99 (and even though it’s old, I suggest you pick it up).

  1. Harry Styles on Tuesday 22, 2011

    If you are looking for console quality graphics on your Smartphones or portable devices then you are going to be served with this game. Absolutely loved the various scenes in the video and really can’t wait anymore to get my hands on the application. Infinity Blade 2 rocks!

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