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Upcoming ‘Bloody Bunnies’ Looks Quite Interesting

As I was scrolling through my email this morning, quite a curious looking game popped up called Bloody Bunnies, an online multiplayer game in which you try and jump on other bunnies’ heads, somewhat similar to an old-school Mario game.

And by the looks of it, it seems to be a universal app, along with being released as some sort of a freemium title.  You’ll be able to upgrade the features for free, though, by using Tapjoy as a means of earning the features not included in the initial download.

Bloody Bunnies will be released September 1st, and they’ve also released a gameplay video and a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Evan on Saturday 20, 2011

    Nice find, Daniel! You’re right on the dot with the Mario style here, but I think something even more similar than the old-school games is Super Mario War–

    I’m really excited for this title now, as I’ve enjoyed playing SMW for years.

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