Zenonia 3 Review: A great game that no one should play

As its name would imply, Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story is the third itineration of Gamevil’s smash-hit Zenonia franchise, and successor to one of the app store’s most prominent role-playing games.

The first Zenonia cemented itself into the hearts and minds of mobile gamers early on as one of the first iOS games to offer a complete RPG experience. The game was deeply flawed, but managed to rise above its many shortcomings. For one thing, it had virtually no competition within its genre; also, it was as close as iOS had to console classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, though it fails to live up to either.

Zenonia’s second outing made welcome improvements. The graphics were little better — still smudgy and out-of-focus looking, having been upscaled from mobile phones — but the redesigned interface, improved controls and sound design, new character classes and other refinements resulted in a vastly superior game.

In many ways, Zenonia 3 is more of the same; it doesn’t rewrite the rules, but it does adhere to the second game’s precedent of refining the formula. But given the app store’s present RPG landscape — in which we see Zenonia now completing with ports of Final Fantasy I, II and III, and Secret of Mana, original role-playing games such as Chaos Rings, Eternal Legacy, Aralon and Across Age, and a slew of KRPGs including three Inotia titles, Queen’s Crown, and the utterly brilliant Wild Frontier — does more of the same old Zenonia stand up to expectations?


Zenonia 3 follows the adventures of Chael and his fairy companion, Runa. Chael is the son of Regret, protagonist of the first Zenonia. The game’s overarching story is that of a conflict between Good and Evil — the Divine and the Damned — and humanity caught in between. The opening scenes depict a battle between the knights of divinity and the invading demonic forces, and … I’m already bored. It’s only the same scene I’ve seen opening nearly every Korean RPG I’ve ever played. But then, Zenonia has never been a narrative powerhouse. Fortunately, the game fairs better in other areas.

The most notable improvement is the graphical presentation. Gone are the blurry sprites of Zenonias past, which were awful even on pre-retina displays. Zenonia 3 is the first pretty Zenonia, crisp and colorful even on the iPhone 4 retina display, and a very welcome visual treat.

The game’s interface is also much improved over previous games, no longer the cumbersome beast it once was. The on-screen controls are responsive and as unobtrusive as might be hoped for, while the in-game menu — from which stats, skills, equipment, inventory and quests are monitored and managed — is slick, intuitive and easy to use. In addition to being functional, the interface enjoys quite a bit of visual flair, and the controls may be repositioned and the opacity adjusted to the user’s preference.

Gameplay-wise, Zenonia 3 remains a KRPG with the usual trappings: grinding and fetch quests. However, as far as I have played, the game has been much more judicious in its handling of these aspects than previous entries. You will still be required to revisit old territory maybe a little too often, but things are not as bad as they once were, and all of the other gameplay improvements make the backtracking more tolerable than before. Beginning a new game, players complete a brief tutorial quest and are then warped into a mysterious dungeon for some real adventuring. I was grateful not to have to complete a slew of menial chores before being allowed to venture forth.

Combat is similar to past entries — an attack button to mash, and various attack skills available at an MP cost — but feels better on account of more responsive controls and better combo animations.

The supremely annoying weight and hunger systems of past entries have been dropped in Zenonia 3, which is for the best. They were a buzzkill and will not be missed.

There are four character classes from which to choose: the strength-based, melee fighting Sword Knight; the agile Shadow Hunter, relying on criticals to deal heavy damage; the Mechanic Launcher, a gun-toting ranged battler; and the Nature Shaman, a magical ranged class.

Chael’s character sprite looks fantastic to begin with, with variations for each chosen class. And as you play through the game and don various new armaments, his appearance will evolve to reflect his gear.

Overall, Zenonia 3’s enemies are also a step up from previous efforts. The tribesmen faced early on are awesome looking, and boss battle are also more impressive than in previous games.

Zenonia 3 sports a number of social features, including Game Center support and achievements with Facebook and Twitter posting. There are two types of network play, asynchronous PvP and co-op play in the Execution Rooms, both accessible from towns. Also, messages and items may be exchanged with other players via the Network Gal in each town.

A number of smaller flourishes round out the experience, such as quest markers now appearing on doorways when important NPCs lurk inside of buildings, some Game Center achievements manifesting themselves as equipable “titles” in-game which grant bonuses to the player, and the ability to level-up and customize your fairy companion to realize advantages in combat.

Zenonia 3 is not without it’s shortcomings, however. There’s a bug to keeps the game clock running even when the game is inactive during multitasking; at time of writing my game clock shows 18 hours on account of my not killing the app overnight. While the narrative has its moments, the overall tale is dreadfully dull, having been done to death by so many games before. The script is also rife with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, typical of games translated from Korean. Gameplay-wise, Zenonia 3 offers nothing we haven’t already seen in the previous two games; it’s the same old song and dance, but delivered in a more palatable package, making the game more of an upgrade than a new experience. Level grinding and fetch quests make their triumphant return to artificially extend gameplay, but I expected no less; I’ve long begrudged KRPGs for their stubborn adherence to what is essentially junk gameplay. And combat does become repetitive, as there is really little to the mechanic beyond standing in place, mashing the attack button …

My final gripe is the in-app purchases (IAP), and this is a BIG GRIPE. The game will give you a handful of Examine scrolls, Origin of Life items, and other “Paid” items in the course of play, but insofar as I have seen, the only way to get more of these items is to pay out-of-pocket for IAP. Considering that such items were available for purchase from item merchants in previous games — using the in-game currency, rather than real-world currency — it’s bullshit they are only available as IAP this time around. Especially considering that Origin of Life items are nearly essential to completing the game, as you will otherwise be penalized with experience and equipment durability reductions for dying — and die you will a lot later into the game, and usually unfairly. Considering the game costs $4.99 to begin with, Gamevil is seriously screwing players with IAP and Zenonia fans should be outraged. I sincerely hope players will make themselves heard on the matter. Furthermore, many of the restorative items and equipment available via IAP could potentially give players an unfair advantage in network play, essentially making the IAP a major disincentive to engage in network play for those unwilling or unable to afford IAP. Much as I like Zenonia 3 otherwise, Gamevil ought to be changing their company name to GamEVIL for this one. I cry foul.

While I’ve felt that past Zenonias were mostly overhyped and under-realized, Zenonia 3 is the first game of the series I feel truly deserves whatever praise it may find. It looks great, plays well and holds a lengthy adventure in store for those willing to see it through. Removal of the weight and hunger systems from previous games has really helped to streamline the experience, leaving the kernel intact without the chaff, and the interface and control overhaul make playing the game better than ever.

Despite app store crowding, there’s always room for another RPG if it’s a good one, and Zenonia 3 is just that. Mind you, it’s still a Korean RPG with all that implies — the grinding, the fetch quests and the grandiose, hackney storytelling that may turn off some players — but fans of the genre should know by now to expect such things, that they’re just a part of the deal. Accepting that, I would gladly give Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story an effortless recommendation. And yet, I cannot effortlessly recommend Zenonia 3, because much as I feel the game has going for it, there is one major bugbear that derails every good thing I have to say about the game. And that’s the IAP.

It is ABSURD that a game costing $4.99 should be so bogged down by in-app purchase, and all but require you to spend yet more of your money on expendible items. I would expect this from a freemium title — it is the very nature of freemium games to nickel-and-dime gamers into poverty — but not from a premium RPG in a longstanding, well-regarded franchise. I am fully in favor of IAP being available for players wanting to enhance their gaming experience, but IAP is plain evil when a game all but requires that you spend real-world money to see it through to completion.

I genuinely like Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story, but cannot in good conscious recommend it to gamers. The IAP is a textbook perfect example of how to ruin an otherwise good game, and clear indication that Gamevil doesn’t really value its fans and supporters.

You have been warned.

If you really want a good KRPG and one that doesn’t attempt to fleece you, play Wild Frontier.

Zenonia 3 [$4.99 + bullshit IAP] is developed and published by Gamevil. Reviewed on an iPhone 4.

59 thoughts on “Zenonia 3 Review: A great game that no one should play

  1. Oddly enough you didn’t mention IAP at all in your wild frontier review, weren’t they available yet at that time or aren’t they necessary to play the game? (Unlike zenonia 3 as it appears)

  2. Actually, I did mention the IAP at the end of the review:

    “It includes items for in-app purchase, but these items are entirely optional and intended to enhance the game; they are not necessary to complete it.”

    Wild Frontier handles IAP in a way that is both fair and responsible, offering options to enhance the game — such as extra inventory slots, unlimited monster taming and improved equipment sets — but none of this is necessary to complete the game.

    Meanwhile, Zenonia 3 all but requires the use of Origin of Life items for resurrection, but only makes them available as IAP. And the game will flat-out steal them from you, such as in the Midgard Bridge quest where you have to raid the demon camp: your character should be roughly level 15-17 at this point in the game, and you’re without warning thrown up against level 47 demons who make short work of you. You’re supposed to find another way around, but the only way to realize you can’t win this fight is to walk into it and get killed, then being given the choice to use an Origin of Life or to resurrect at a penalty. Not cool.

  3. That is disappointing. I have not gotten so far as the final boss, and I’m not sure whether I will put in the time to do so.

    Zenonia is flawed at its core in regarding death as a necessary component to progress, rather than as a disincentive for playing poorly. This has always been a problem with the series, but was tolerable in previous games on account of being able to stock up on Origin of Life items. Now that you have to pay real money to do so, the game’s treatment of character death is no longer a nuisance, but a glaring failure of game design.

    It’s also irritating that the game pesters you every so often in the midst of playing to go to the app store to give it a five-star rating that is clearly does not deserve.

  4. I was going to buy this game because if the 99 cents sale but this review talked me out of it. I hate games with in-app purchases.

  5. You can definitely beat the game without spending real life cash.
    Plus, when I bought the game at 99 cents, I was given 5000 zen to start off.
    Also, there are treasure chests in various maps of the game where gamers may obtain cash shop items such as the origin of life/ two way portals / and examination scrolls.

    Anyways, I love the game, and don’t mind the zen system all that much.

  6. What Matt said about the demon camp, isnt true. Yes there are demon of high lvl, but you can go around them, set fire to their camp and they will be gone. You don’t have to fight a single one.
    Btw, on the android market the game is free and I’m around lvl 58 and nearing the end of the game without spending real money. Just use the execution rooms for fast experience and cool items.

    I like this game.

  7. I just picked up this game the other day on android, and it was free, minus the 5 dollar price from the iPod version and the game is a great grab. I’m not trying to advertise the android because it has a huge lack of games, the app store still has that beat, but if you happen to have an android phone, pick the game up, it won’t cost you anything

  8. First of all, i know its your opinion, but really man, go to hell.
    Have you at least let your stupid brain cross the thinking that, there’s no others games in android market like Zenonia series? Omg, you’re pratically comparing Zenonia 3 to A Final fantasy game, wich was made by a millionarie Corp. (not exactly, but doesnt matter.) The android market is full of shits, sorry for the language, but they’re all a shit and it can’t be helped :/ And to finish, i don’t know where you stopped, but have you at least finished the fame? The end is SUPER inovative, and the character runs from all that fucking ‘ok i saved the world it’s all done let’s return home and pretend we’re happy’ ;-; they fused a ‘what a normal person would do’ with a TRUE exciting ending, fused with the Hard mode, i have played a lot.of rpg games, but i have to say, Zenonia 3’s ending is the best ever. And i really recommend to those people who like RPG and are playing ‘abduction’ just because that fucking market don’t have a single interesting game. That’s what i have to say :/

  9. I’m currently a level 64 shadowhunter, Had no issues running through the game as I noticed the IAP items early on I saved what I collected for the end of the game, and yet still didn’t have to use them. Hardmode definitely provides more of a challenge than the first run through with the same story, can’t wait to reach hell mode. My advice is when you get stuck jump in the execution room and level up 5-10 levels then try again, or if you feel like grinding it, hit 60 and run through the game like a few of my friends have. Make good use of the Refining feature it can help a ton save the deluxe magic powders for your high level gear and use at +3 refining and over.

    Over all it was way better than I expected from a mobile game, though my library is fairly limited in the mobile department. The story starts off pretty slow but towards the end it gets better. For those with IAP item gripes, just save what your given and use them when you get into hard and hell mode.

  10. Well its not a paid app on the iphone, and it certainly is hackable for the “IAP” in fact almost everyone I’ve seen has used a hack to get unlimited zen, or to get increased XP and Gold gain, so your gripping is uneeded as of late.

  11. honestly i beat the game without using ipa didnt need it i played shadow hunter which is op my evade at like lvl 60 is 105 and and crit evade is 58 in hard more on the 1st run i barely died all game i used my origin of life in the beginning on a boss battle but after that i didnt need it the last boss i beat it in 1 try it was bad i just used like 5 skills and he was dead if ur having problems with the game go the execution room and train a few lvls but if u want to beat it easy go shadow hunter the guy later almost never gets hit so u cant die but he is fun to play by the time i am lvl 75 i might never even get hit so GG thats something i kinda find ridiculous but thats how it is only thing is when you get hit i go all dex it hurts in hard more so hell mode will be insane

  12. Zenonia 3 is a great game. I beat the game without dying. The final boss is not hard at all. But there’s a reason they call it a stragety game. (And moving boxes doesn’t count as being a good tactition) I am willing to give tips and/or help anyone who is stuck or just wants some advice.
    PLZ PUT FOR RE: ZENONIA HELP/ADVICE (caps not needed)
    this will help me get back to everyone and maybe have a pvp once in a while.

    😉 -Alec

  13. Personally i found the game a great time killer and tons of fun. Now i also am a sucker for this type of game so i might be bias. But thats besides the fact, i do agree that the ITEM STORE for zen is relitivley annoying seeing how origins of life make the game a lot easier… so that is annoying from time to time. But i used a sword knight class and for the final boss i found it to be too simple… all i did was dance around and avoid his attacks and watched my heath and sp as i was spamming the clone skill….. now this is cheap but hey i didnt want to find out where dieing was gonna make me start back off haha. but over all this game was great for the device you are playing it on.


  14. I downloaded this game for free from the market, played it thru without researching first, and i read everything so it was slow and i explored averything i could find, then i got stuck at level 60 and didnt know why so got online and looked it up. the easiest tips have already been listed like exploiting the execution room or the campfire quest and killing a level 47 monster way early in the game for lots more exp.

    for money i had been grinding in and out of one location over and over and mining all the ores, but i kept having to fight also. so i managed to find one ore that was real close to an exit/entrance and i noticed that the monster always appears on the other side of the ore. also you can run straightshot at it and not have to steer towards it when you enter the area. its location is in South Historic site in the upper right hand corner, if you enter and exit from there you can get all the ore you want without having to really fight, when the monster does charge you also he seems to miss mebecause im behind the stone and then he goes back the way he came most the time so even if he attacks, he probably wont hit you.

    also another tip, helped me alot.
    creating a sheath stone…..if you get your level and your equipment the way you want it, then the best way to get the strogest sheathe stones to attach to that equipment is to either buy it from the dark merchant or fight for it, but the tip is once you have it, to refine it to at least 2 levels for both items and make sure that the items you use to refine are similiar, if its the same item i found that the chance of it working is alot greater. but when you do this you get a majority of really strong hp or sp sheath stones than give you bookuu help. at level 60 my hp for my mech was close to 10000.

    also when you use a skill, each characters skills build different. if you choose strength everytime with a sword knight he gets really strong but if you do the same with another class then it goes different. i think my mech i used all his skills on his dexterity because it rose his attack higher, but for the knight strength rose his attack higher. all in all i was disappointed when i found out about the level cap at 60 and thought about the IAP and started wondering if i had to pay to beat the game, real money that is. im glad i didnt. oh and to all you hackers or people who call themselves hackers but are really just downloading hack programs that do all the work….. whats the effin point, theres no challenge for you at all, wheres the fun in winning all the time and cheating to do it. theres no satisfaction there is it? lol

    i did think the zen hack was funny though…

  15. @ Jason so how did u beat the boss in the end without the origin of life lol please tell me cuz i need help 🙁

  16. i kinda agree with u on some points but other than that u a fucking hater,,,,,,,,, the game is great and all for a mobile rpg… but its only unfair cuz u got to spend money to get stuff lol
    but the last boss has to be hard cuz ITS THE LAST BOSS LOL and and ya some times its unfair the way u die but its a fucking rpg its normal !!

  17. Hey guys this game is fun and its free on the android market and guest what? im giving you a guide on how to defeat antione w/o origin of life or wadsoever sets but its only for mechanics sry 🙁 becoz im only lvl 89 mech on hell mode which have no quest T_T 1st get to lvl 60 , pump your skill points on Gamma Coil , Elec Burier and Thunderstorm , in Passive i maxed potion plus , Concentration , Gun Master , Cri Master and Wind Movements (i dint add the rest) To defeat Antione , you will be in the basement after you fought with tariq for normal mode and its after temir send you back to town and give you lvl 2 in awakening skills in hard mode , but both is basement . 1st you need to dodge his bloody attacks while taking note of your health and the floor. after he attack 3 times he will pause and summon 3 spiders . Thats your chance go to antione face him and use Gamma coil this skills will damage him half of his health as he cant dodge your attack !! cool !! 😀 than use elec burier and he will left a little hp than use thunderstorm to finish him off. he he dint die just use normal attack he will RIP haha thats all for Antione sorry i cant make a vid coz i forget to record when i was playing . If you have any doubt search me in ZENONIA 3 i just registered my group as XiaOKeViNx3 . I will try to make a vid ASAP thanks and i hope you find the guide usefull 😀

  18. Ugh.. Origin of Life is not needed to beat the game. I’ve only died when looking away from my phone, which is.. reasonable. Put the game speed at a comfortable pace, and play with ur head and like me, you’ll beat the last boss without dying.

  19. Lvl 75 Sword kight here. Matt, seriously, if you’re gonna criticize a games story line then at least finish the damn game. The ending to Zenonia 3 not only IMMENSLY caught me off guard, it made me feel anger, sorrow, and disappointment all wrapped up into the most impressive ball of emotion I never felt toward a games story line (not angry sad and disappointed in the ending itself, but that’s how it made me feel having expected something totally different).. And you might hate the grinding, but personally, that’s what makes it fun to guys like me. It makes me want to work harder to reach that next level, and get that next armor and sword. It just gives me that sense of accomplishment, you know?

    And about the whole IAP issue, ya it’s a bother at first having gotten used to benig able to get this stuff in-game before, but after a while you realize that you really don’t need any of that stuff anyway. They give you all the stuff you really need in the beginning of the game if you know what you’re doing.

    And to the guy that complained about the final boss “requiring at least two origins of life to beat.. Stfu, noob. I got three words for you: “TRIAL AND ERROR.” be thankful that they even give you this opportunity unlike in the past games where if a boss beat you you had to try again without the items you spent in the last battle. Now it kindly sends you back to the main menu to start again, and retry your approach with all the same stuff you had before.

    You guys need to let up on this game and don’t let the little things get to you. Beating the game without origins of life is now fully possible. Stop whining about how your precious in-game purchasable items are gone. Welcome to the pro-tier Zenonia game. Either man up and accept the challenge or take your empty nutsac and gtfo.

  20. For the sake of context, bear in mind that the game was reviewed at time of release, and it released with a $4.99 price tag — ridiculous for a game having the IAP system that it does. The game is now free, and in that context I really don’t give a crap about the IAP system — I still think it’s lousy, but you cannot very well call it a rip-off when the download now costs you nothing.

    Regardless of buy-in price or IAP, I still think it’s a pretty abysmal game when compared to similar offerings on other systems. You’ll have to pry ClaDun X2 from my cold, dead fingers before you’ll catch me playing another subpar KRPG.

    Also, see my “cage fight” article. I think it better clarifies my feelings on Zenonia 3:

  21. Has anyone else had an issue with the directional pad? It seems like every time I’ve downloaded an update, the directional pad moves down and to the right a little further. It started off just covering 1 of my skill slots. Now it covers 3 skill slots and makes it impossible to move downward. 🙁 If anyone knows a fix for this, I would gladly appreciate being able to finish the game.

  22. Tommy, just go in UI customization in the sys menu and fix the D-Pad…

    This game is a blast! Love it to death. And I beat the last boss without origins of life, it’s super easy if you have sufficient items to heal/regen mana.

    Is it just me of was Devil Luxferre the EASIEST battle I’ve ever done in this game?? haha. Killed him with 1 skill attack 🙁

  23. I downloaded for free; it is a very nice game!! =]

    Its is fairly a simple game….not sure what does this topic was about….even it costed $4.99 before, the game itself is very easy; i.e. you don’t need to pay anything to play/complete the game…

    The only complain I have is the controller, it is hard to control sometime…esp towards the last boss, the controller was very important against a deadly trap….but I passed the trap after very few tries anyways…..

    The funny thing is even after I finish the game, I still don’t know how to use the fairy and all the customize-able equipment, scrolls, and stuff…. those are just not necessary to play the game I guess….or maybe it is just too easy to level up, so its too easy….

  24. actually i found the game very fun, the iAP are expensive but if you do offers and stuff u can get full lv 94-99 set easily but what makes me mad is that i cant get the emblems for some of the monsters you need to kill, and the bosses are easy and if its too hard, just lower the game speed

  25. I’m at level 52 and still haven’t been able to find the dark merchant or to figure out how to use zen, even if I do the IAP, to buy 2-way portals, origin of life, etc. Where do you do this???

  26. Last I checked the game is F2P so the IAP shouldn’t be that much of a surprise or burden. I have 2 level 99 characters and there is a way to get the IAP through downloading other apps. If you build your character correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about Origins of Life.

    As far as the Demon Camp part, it tells you to take the alternative route in the first place. Besides when you realize you’re going up against level 45 demons at level 20 it shouldn’t be that hard to run away outside of the area and re-enter.

  27. Hey all could anyone send me any gold or items for hunter or knight i would greatly appretiate it im lvl 60 for both and could use epics bad

  28. I am currently playing Z3 as a lvl 40 Shaman. I agree that the item system set up with essentials needing to be bought with only real money is offensive. You really can’t play this game without throwing down a bit of cash. I agree with the OP that a great example of ios RPG’s is Wild Frontier. Wild Frontier is hands down the best RPG on iOS. The way they set up the pet system, Armor sets, insanely numerous Crafting recipes, and downright gameplay is awesome. Also WF in app purchasing system is fair and exactly the way it should be in every other game. While I do like Zenonia and a lot of other RPGs on iOS I can only give a 10/10 to 2 so far.
    Wild Frontier and Galaxy On Fire.

  29. Funny but I cleared the game without origin of life.the only ones I required were in execution center and that too loads of then :d


  31. It’s a good game I managed or without any IAP it’s easy just stay one room outside of town beat the low lv monsters stock up on health potions and your fine I was max lv on the last boss and go in a dungeon to lv up quickly for a small price carry on killing just outside the town and sell all your stuf you get from them and go again at max lv I used a shadow hunter I stock up on mp potions and back the boss into a corner to use my attack where hands come out the ground because he’s at the edge it does great damage and the boss cannot escape evading the hits was easy as far as I remember but all classes are different but I had ONLY used 3 origin of life now I carry on in hell mode…..

  32. For all who finishes this Game on Hard Mode be Sure to finish every Sub Quest on it even if you will losing hope to fetch very scarce quest item.
    If you manage to remember the tombstone on Ruko mines, them you can Dicipher the Tombstone on Town of Delfoy,it will lead you to fight Ladon On Zenonia 3!!WTF.Ladom will drop a Item called, Pack of Misfortune,which if you use Chael will have a Dark Aura surrounding his body. coooool!!!!!.,Go to kanak canyon where you harvest strawberries for a child the left most corner is an entrance to Tiaris Tomb where you will fight through 20 floors like Execution Room last room will be Virulent.drop??? Warrior:The Late Hero’s Sword lvl99(Unique)stun+25%
    Shadow Hunter:Rex’s Frozen Claw lvl99(unique)slow+50%
    Mechanic Launcher:Acient Thunderblaster Launcher lvl99(unique) bleed+numb+30%
    Nature Shaman: Dark Emissary Of Death Mages lvl99(unique)Hp+Sp+30%absorb.

  33. I beat the game, yes, even the final boss without using origin of life, and no, I did not purchase any iap items. And once you reach the end, keep retrying. What do you need with exp and gold, and if you are smart, go back to the ruins you started in, gather repair hammers because they drop a lot, and then you are set. Its the final boss, its meant to be hard, not easy. You just have to put in the time and stop complaining.

  34. i beat the game wit lvl 60 shadow hunter and it was easy i just spaned sepcial skills won in like 2 sec and the IAP doesnt bother me cuz for sum reason i can click buy then the next item i pick up is the item i clicked buy on and also where i opened up the game one time i had 90000 zen randomly without me buying it.

  35. to me the game was super easy i didnt need origin of life i just used all my specials on boss at one time and beat him. i hated the ending cuz its bull how u just go back to the begining i want a real ending and wht about frey r u suposed to let her just worry about you i mean damn ur just an ass in that game.

  36. For those who’s saying that Matt is wrong, YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Though I finished the game, it was still so difficult to go through. Yes, you can get examine scrolls (which is important), Origin of Life (More important), 6-slot bags (also important), Restoration Scroll (very important in late game), and two-way portal (for emergency during long journeys), however, they are way too limited. Example: You only get 3pcs of 6-slot bags, a rough guess of 5 Restoration scrolls, less than 10 two-way portal, and free 2pcs. Origin of Life. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!It is true that you die often especially during the final area where there are too many traps that DEVOURS your life upon 2 hits. For the Midgard bridge which our friend here Oujou contradicts, you know you can go over the other way…only after dying. How about those who are first timer? I also fell for that the first time. 1-hit KO. THUS, the solution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVCEga14zyc. IT WORKED FOR ME! Caution, do not use this unless you are on hard mode to avoid the dullness of the game. Use only if you feel you are maltreated by Gamevil.

  37. I don’t see the need for origins of life at all in the game, I beat it pretty easily with the sword knight, including the last boss on hard mode without the need for origins of life, you just need to be more skilled in potion timing, using illusions and proper auras, also learn to dodge the blue plasma shells…. if anything I found all the boss battles way too easy on both modes

  38. Ok, good game but there is a BIG BUG. I started playing it last night on my htc sensation. put the game in pause and put the phone on charge. came back after sleeping and the game had used 450mb of my data plan (I use an app that tracks my data uses down to the indivdual apps. wtf is zen using this amount of data for? Don’t even play it free unless u want to pay huge data fee’s.

  39. For those of you saying Matt is right, YOU ARE ALL WRONG!
    See what I did there?:O

    This game is very easy to complete without spending real money, I can’t believe how terrible today’s players are at RPGs if they think it’s too hard. Final fantasy 1 and 2 are both on iOS too, and they are much much harder than Zenonia 3 and there aren’t any in-app purchases in them.

    Trust me, they are completely optional in this game. This game is actually easier than Zenonia 1 and 2. Yeah you lose 10% of your exp when you die, and the only way to revive without exp loss is by buying items for real cash. But did it ever occur to you that YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE?? If you have any skill at all as a player, you won’t die other than in boss battles where you haven’t mastered the tactics yet, but that’s intended.

  40. I’m with Good Player. I also completely disagree with the OP. This game isn’t hard. Considering I spent more than 500h completing 100% of Final Fantasy X European Version on the PS2 without cheats, guides, Zanmatos or whatsoever, – only pure grind in the Omega Dungeons and some player skill, – I will have to say people who complain here are all whining PUSSIES…
    And yes, I even finished FFVI, FFVII (man, was this hard…), FFVIII and FXII. But found FFX the most challenging because of the Arena and the Dark Aeons/Penance.

    If you still think it’s hard what about SAVING your game every 5 min? So when you die you won’t spend your precious Origins of Life and you’re prepared for what’s coming up ahead.


  41. Have you checked out zenonia 4? IT IS FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC!!!!


    Superior graphics-optimized for retina display and in full HD.
    Storyline-completely new.

    Review THAT zenonia.

  42. Kinda funny to read from someone who speaks english as a native languauge, and writes things like ‘the game fairs (sic) better in other areas’, who then complains about ‘grammatical errors and spelling mistakes’ from others.

  43. If you cannot complete it without Origin of life… you are shit at Zenonia. there are actual ways to get Origin of life for free. 2 words GROW UP.

  44. how can i used fairy and get up her skill?
    what i got when she got skill stone?
    she looks like useless, cause i don’t know for what she is

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