‘Words With Friends’ (Finally) Receives an Update

Oh the joys of Words With Friends, bringing the Scrabble experience to a whole new level.

I’ve been a Words With Friends fanatic for about three months now (beating everyone in sight, by the way), but one of the largest problems I had was the crashing.  It would crash on my iPad and iPhone at least three times a day, along with its usual, long loading times.

Well fear not, Newtoy has not forgotten about its customers.  They’ve just released a 4.0 update that adds Facebook Connect to the app, allowing you to challenge your Facebook friends and more.  Along with that, some much needed speed optimizations have been added alongside bug fixes and crash fixes.

And if you haven’t downloaded Words With Friends yet, I really suggest you do if you’re into the whole Scrabble thing (or if you like to challenge your mind every once in a while).  There is a free version and an ad-free version for $2.99 available.

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3 thoughts on “‘Words With Friends’ (Finally) Receives an Update

  1. Just got it yesterday for iPhone. Won’t open today without crashing immediately. Apparently they need to go back to the drawing board.

  2. Got Words with Friends several weeks ago and it has worked fine. Now as soon as I click the launch icon, it processes for a few seconds and then shuts down. It will no longer launch. It does work in FB but I really would like to get it workingon my iPhone again. Can you help?

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