Hunters Episode One HD Review: A Quite Enjoyable TBS

Hunters Episode One.

I mean, how epic does that sound?  On top of that, the pre-release screenshots looked killer, and I was more than excited to get my hands on this title.  And boy oh boy, I can’t say enough praise for Hunters Episode One.

It’s not without its flaws: the visuals can still do with some improvement, and the speed/framerate of the game is a bit slow even on the iPad 2.  I wish I could skip all the enemy actions, along with changing up the UI a little bit to be a bit brighter.

But the gameplay itself is fun.  You can’t really ask for much more in a game, and this is probably one of the few games that have proved worthy of my precious hours.


Just Plain Fun: I love strategy games: anything that has to do with challenging your mind.  Hunters Episode One does just that with around five different unit types, each with their own set of weapons/armor, and completing each mission is just a blast.  I honestly don’t have any words to explain why it’s fun: it just is.

Variety: There are so many items and armors that I doubt anyone will be able to buy even a quarter of what the game’s store has.  There are just so many items all with their ups and downs, and the possibilities are endless.  All of the missions are quite varied too, from protecting the reactors to finding artifacts and returning them to the base.

Visuals: I almost didn’t put this here since they’re not perfect, but you have to admit the lighting effect looks cool.  I’m not sure if that’s part of the image and doesn’t change, but even if it is, the artist sure has some skill.  The characters could use some more decorations in their armor and such, and choosing your own team color would be nice.  But these are all extra features; the ones right now should suffice.


GameCenter: Achievements and/or leaderboards anyone?  From a lot of the developers I’ve heard from, GameCenter does seem to boost some sales.  And it makes me a happy camper.  Just saying.

UI: The UI is a little dim, nothing too major.  It just seems like the buttons are “off-limits” when they’re that dim.

Skip enemy turns: This is probably one of the biggest features I would love to see implemented into this game.  Instead of waiting and seeing what your enemy is doing, it would be awesome to just skip that and see the results of the enemy’s turn (if that makes any sense).  Also, fast forwarding through all those unit movement animations would make each game a lot faster.  Right now it feels like I’m wasting precious time on what could be used for other things.

Hunters Episode One HD is far from perfect when it comes to features, but the gameplay is nearly perfect.  I love turn-based strategy games, and I’ve never poured so many hours into one iPad game than I did with Hunters Episode One HD.  Sure, there are a lot of games on the iPad I haven’t played.  But Hunters Episode One has captured my heart and there’s no doubting that.

Hunters Episode One HD was developed by Rodeo Games, and I played through version 1.03 on my iPad 2.  The price is $4.99 for the full version of the game and can be downloaded for free.

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