The Blocks Cometh updated, second impressions and a whole lotta love

The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot [$1.99, review] recently received an update featuring improved controls and collision, as well as addition bug fixes and performance improvements. I thoroughly enjoyed the game when I reviewed it last month, and with the improvements made in 1.01, the game is even more enjoyable and easy to recommend. But that’s not where this story ends …

Having put The Blocks Cometh aside after completing my review and moved on to other releases, I came back to the game with the update and have hardly put it down since. In the last two weeks, The Blocks Cometh has become the most played game on my phone as I have gradually been working my way through the game’s 20 achievements — I have only a few more to go!

Of the unlockable characters, Halfbot and the Agent from League of Evil are my favorites. The agent is incredibly mobile and a lot of fun to play. Halfbot is fast on his feet — er, wheel — but one of the game’s weakest jumpers. The little guy has a wealth of personality, though, making him the game’s most likable character. When the other characters die, the game is over and it’s a shame; when Halfbot bites it, I feel really bad having let the little guy down. Being a humble conglomeration of blue pixels, it’s a fantastic feat of art direction for Halfbot to possess such incredible strength of character.

In all honestly, I would very much like to see Halfbot get his own spinoff title. I want to spend more time with the little guy.

Halfbot — the developer, not the robot — promises a content update coming soon including new gameplay modes, characters and achievements. Beyond that, however, I can only hope the game will continue to evolve. Following an all-too-brief spike on the app store charts, the game quickly fell off the radar. According to the developers’ blog, the game’s sales performance has been less than what was hoped for, perhaps due to the much publicized plagiarism of the game that hit the app store some months earlier.

Can weak sales be attributed to gamers having previously bought Edison Games’ rip-off, and not wanting to shell out for the real thing?

Whatever the case, let’s hope the next update isn’t last we see for The Blocks Cometh, because I still have a wish list of things I’d like to see added to this fantastic game: character-specific leaderboards and further control improvements (the attack button could be more responsive yet) top my list of realistic requests, while wishful thinking would also like to see a game mode with enemies to fight — maybe crossing over with League of Evil again to include some of that game’s baddies — as characters all have attacks anyway, why not give them someone to fight?

Of course, The Blocks Cometh is already wonderful as it is. I have a wish list not because the game still isn’t good enough, but because it’s so good that I just want more.

If you haven’t yet played The Blocks Cometh, get on it. When it comes to games of vertical ascension, games like Doodle Jump, Mega Jump and The Incident are all okay, but only The Blocks Cometh has really managed to grab my attention in any significant way. I can’t put it down, and I certainly hope more iOS gamers will pick it up.

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