iStunt 2 Review: Greatly Improved Graphics, Same Enjoyable Gameplay

Thankfully, iStunt 2 is one of the easier games to review.

The hoe-down is this: iStunt 2 is fun and has better graphics than the last one.

While I can’t say that better graphics warrant for an entirely new sequel, GameCenter achievements and some more levels are definitely welcome.  The user interface has been entirely redone to look a lot less indie, and of course, it has now been taken under the wings of Miniclip.

There aren’t any nagging problems I can think of, although the difficulty could be toned down a bit.


Graphics: It feels like the more the App Store evolves, the more the artwork is never a problem.  That seems to be the case with iStunt 2, and the artwork is on par with a lot of Miniclip’s other offerings.

GameCenter: Some easier achievements would be nice (I also have this problem of logging into Sandbox GameCenter, whatever that means).  But hey, GameCenter achievements and leaderboards are always going to be embraced with open arms.


Difficulty: It’s not extremely difficult, but it could use some toning down.  There are some beginning levels that have to be played around three to four times just to beat, which does get annoying after a while.

This is probably one of the shortest reviews I have ever written, but then again, I did say iStunt 2 was an easy game to review.  There’s really not much to the game, and the features are pretty much the same as any other Miniclip game: $0.99, GameCenter, and Retina graphics.  And for those that downloaded iStunt, iStunt 2 is a welcome addition to the family.

iStunt 2 was developed by, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $0.99.

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