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‘Infinity Blade’ To Be Updated for iPad 2

The iPad 2 hype is starting to build if it hasn’t already, and I’m starting to get a little bit more excited for what it has in store.

Chair Entertainment, the creators of Infinity Blade for iOS, has announced that it will be updating Infinity Blade with iPad 2-specific optimizations, which could mean anything from Retina-like graphics (even though it doesn’t really sport a Retina display) and many more shades.  Whatever it is, it’s definitely exciting to hear.

One of the most popular gaming apps released to date, the ground-breaking Infinity Blade will be updated tomorrow with new optimizations specifically for iPad 2. Taking advantage of the processing power of iPad 2, Infinity Blade looks and plays better than ever and is the ultimate “show off your iPad 2’s graphics prowess” app!

We’ll have more information as the update is released.  So, who’s excited for that iPad 2?


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