The Official ‘Minecraft’ Coming to the App Store

What a nice surprise.

By far the biggest piece of news in a while, indie developer Mojang has decided to bring an official Minecraft client to iPhone and iPad “later this year”.  If you’re not acquainted with Minecraft, it’s basically an open world in which you can build almost anything, along with fighting off baddies and the like.  While I personally haven’t been interested in playing Minecraft, my brother does seem to play it a little too much everyday (with the occasional geeky Minecraft fact).

The only downside seems to be that the iPhone version will not be receiving the same updates as the computer version; it will only receive updates that “make sense” for the touchscreen platform.

While we don’t have any other information than those tidbits from Gamasutra, we’re definitely excited to see how this develops.

[via Toucharcade, source: Gamasutra]

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5 thoughts on “The Official ‘Minecraft’ Coming to the App Store

  1. Can’t wait for this title to come out! After all those rip off Minecraft titles in the app store that too many people have tried and failed at making a clone! I just hope the devs make this proper.

  2. whe it comes out i am going to get an ipad2 and buy it that minute…. HURRY UPPP ALREADY AND RELEASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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