Carnivores Ice Age Review: Something Feels Different…

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter was one of the favorites, earning the Must Have award after its release, and since then, it’s been updated to support the Retina display along with going universal.

Given its success, Tatem Games decided to launch Carnivores Ice Age, which—you guessed it!—takes place during the Ice Age.  You’ll be fighting anything from wild boars to wolves, and the maps are all redone to reflect the snowy atmosphere during that time period.

But one of the major differences I found between the Dinosaur and Ice Age version was the fact that the Ice Age version excluded the mini-game that came with Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter, a huge oversight in my opinion as that’s a game mode I went to to keep the game varied.

Along with that, the beginner animals (starting from the wild boar, which is only the 2nd animal), can kill you.  Their diet consists of “plants”, but that seems to all go to naught once they start charging you.

With those two factors in place, Carnivores Ice Age is a much harder game to get into for beginners and people that haven’t played the first one.  And if you have played the first one—like me—the game is still significantly more difficult.  It doesn’t help that the pistol is way underpowered in that it takes 3-4 hits to take down even the easiest animal.

The price is low, it’s universal, and it supports GameCenter.  But heck, tone down the difficulty.


Graphics: This may be a problem for others, since the graphics aren’t exactly crisp, and the surrounding environment looks old.  For me personally, the graphics are quite fine especially on the iPad.

GameCenter: I’m glad that they decided to add some achievements to Carnivores, and GameCenter is always a welcome addition.  While I’ve come to expect GameCenter now in most games, it’s always a plus to actually see some achievements in there.

Universal: I doubt that there’s anyone out there that DOESN’T like universal.


Hard to get into: Like I mentioned before, Carnivores Ice Age is somewhat tough to get hooked on and begin playing.  Wild boars kill me from all angles, the walking is still extremely tedious, and the maps are filled with many more obstacles.  If you’re a beginner, Carnivores Ice Age is just way too difficult in a lot of areas to really get hooked on.  The pistol needs a lot more power than it has right now, movement needs to be faster or the maps need to get smaller, and there are just a lot of factors that need to be tweaked a bit.

Carnivores Ice Age does nothing to improve upon its previous; all it does is provide hunters with an entirely new theme.  While I don’t think this would classify as a sequel, I do think that there are some things that could have been improved on — faster moving speed, a lower difficulty, a higher-powered pistol, and more animals that aren’t able to kill you.  Still, the game offers quite a lot for extremely little.

Carnivores: Ice Age was developed by Tatem Games, and I played through version 1.01 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $0.99.

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