League of Evil Review: Among the Best of iOS

The world’s best evil minds have banded together to produce a weapon of mass destruction capable of obliterating goodness everywhere. To combat this great threat, the GDF — Global Defense Force — enlists their most cyborginated agent to hunt down the evil scientists and to splatter their faces with his bionic fist of squish-making.

The League of Evil must be stopped!

League of Evil, by Ravenous Games is an action-platformer with an emphasis on speed-running stages. The stages themselves are short, many completable in under 15 seconds. At the end of each stage waits an evil scientist who must be pummeled into a puddle of guts. Standing between your agent and his target, however, are enemies, obstacles and defenses. Death comes fast and frequent, especially when trying to rush stages for completion times under par.

The Agent is incredibly nimble: light on his feet, able to jump and double-jump to great heights and distances, and able to slide down or rebound off of walls. Moreover, his punch attack doubles at a dashing maneuver, allowing him to quickly close the distance between his fist and his foes, or add greater breadth to his leaps.


Controls: League of Evil features some of the finest controls yet seen in an iOS platformer, being both precise and responsive. Agent be nimble, agent be quick, and with controls like these you will feel entirely confident in his footing as you rebound wall-to-wall, negotiate deadly spikes, tackle dastardly foes, dodge bullets and speed through level-after-level.

Content: The game’s stages may be brief, but they are plentiful and challenging. Players wanting to ace the game and win the corresponding Game Center achievements will find plenty of replay value attempting to finish each stage under par time for a three-star rating, and collecting the hidden briefcase in each stage. The original game includes 54 stages, and the recent 1.1 update has added an additional 30 The Blocks Cometh themed stages, plus 18 challenge stages. That’s a lot of game for your buck, especially if you’re shooting for perfect ratings on every stage.

Brand New, You’re Retro: League of Evil sports sweet pixel graphics and a rockin’ chiptune soundtrack for some of the finest retro action in the app store. The game feels old-school Mega Man, and it’s up there with other iOS retro greats, Hook Champ, The Blocks Cometh and Dark Void Zero in fun-factor. Retro for the win!

Decapitations: Fist to the head and the head goes flying in a spatter of gore. It’s morbid, but it’s totally awesome!! Don’t look at me like that; pixel blood is awesome!!


League of Evil is very to-the-point; it does what it does, and it does it very well, leaving very little room for complaints in the process. As iOS platforming is concerned, League of Evil is essentially perfect. That is to say, there’s nothing at all to dislike about solid action-platforming, brilliant controls, great tunes, ultra-rad pixel artwork and sweet character and stage designs.

Were I forced to nitpick, though, I might point out that the game has no options — not even to adjust the volume of BGM or sound-effects — nor does it include any way of accessing Game Center achievement lists from within the game, though it does allow you to access that information via OpenFeint; I just prefer Game Center. These are very minor gripes, though, and I mention them only because our review format encourages red paragraphs.

League of Evil is a rare find, a game that excels at short, quick bursts of gaming, but which also holds up in longer play sessions. Whether lounging about with time to spare, or trying to catch a quick game while on the toilet or between bus stops, League of Evil is a great fix, and probably the best dollar you will spend this year.

The. Best. iOS Platformer. Ever. Need I say more?

League of Evil [$0.99] is published by Ravenous Games. Reviewed at version 1.1 on an iPhone 4.

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  1. You can actually find LoE’s options in your iDevice’s Settings menu, but there are plans to add an in-game Settings menu according to Ravenous Games.

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