‘Bug Heroes’ Improved in Huge Version 1.1 Update

Bug Heroes is a game that had already received a Must Have rating, which means there’s really no room for improvement.  One of the only gripes our writer Caleb had was the fact that it didn’t include GameCenter.  But fear not folks, as this huge 1.1 update fixes a lot of things along with adding universal iPad support and GameCenter.

Here’s a list of update details from the press release:

Universal iPad support, Game Center integration, lots of new content, and tons of fixes and balance tweaks, this update is massive — with even more content already in the works for the future. We are dedicated to making sure all of those enjoying Bug Heroes continue to get support and awesome new content!

Specific content additions include a brand new Pond level complete with lurking snapping turtles, a new turret to help defend your food stash, five brand new enemies — each with their own unique special abilities and attributes — and a new piece of equipment for each of the three heroes!

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our review of Bug Heroes.

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2 thoughts on “‘Bug Heroes’ Improved in Huge Version 1.1 Update

  1. Well, I’ve been enjoying the update, but to be honest there’s one minor glitch I’m a little annoyed with: After updating, it re-locked all the things I had unlocked in the game, like the additional levels, turrets, and the unlockable character abilities. I had to delete and then recreate my Game Center profile, and now I have to unlock everything again.

    It’s a great game and everything (and I still love it), but it’s more than a little annoying that I have to again go through the long process of earning XP to unlock all the character abilities that I’m used to having access to.

    Anyone else been having the same problem?

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